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Sun Nov 28 2021 04:06:59 UTC
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48 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
18494 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Add support for better working with Beans 2010-09-23
145921 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Use standard editors code validation in "Add Property" dialog 2010-09-23
13733 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- ArrayList/Vector and HashMap/Hashtable type bean properties will help 2010-09-23
20441 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- BeanEditor does not recognize old generated code 2010-09-23
24502 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- New property generates ugly comments 2010-09-23
26195 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- BeanInfo editor should allow click (e.g. checkbox) on properties to quickly include/not-include in beaninfo 2010-09-23
26196 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- I18N - BeanInfo editor is not internationalization/bundle-friendly 2010-09-23
30987 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- No Way to change method, field, or property generation templates 2010-09-23
32749 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Support for 1.4 archiver 2010-09-23
35858 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Intelligent javadoc comments for getter/setter methods 2010-09-23
36547 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Bad code is generated for BeanInfo 2010-09-23
36955 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- BeanInfo + PropertyEditor search path 2010-09-23
43229 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- generate rw properties should use imports 2010-09-23
59886 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- While creating read/write only indexed property some checkboxes should be disabled 2010-09-23
59893 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- The fire method in event source should be generated with throws statement 2010-09-23
68956 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- inner enumerations and bean properties -- combo box would be useful 2010-09-23
68957 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- beaninfo editor 2010-09-23
124703 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Preview should respect formatting settings 2010-09-23
127013 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Add help to Add property dialog 2010-09-23
128992 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Recognition of bound/constrained properties 2010-09-23
135609 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Quotation mark should be automatically to string properties 2010-09-23
160937 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Provide visual indication for non-public beans 2010-09-23
175914 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- BeanInfo editor: support separate folder 2010-10-11
179480 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Add Property windows should have an option of not generating getter and setter 2010-09-23
193357 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Add "//NOI18N" to lines with property names etc. 2010-12-14
270755 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- Can't Create a New Project 2017-05-29
270775 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- find usage not work properly 2017-05-31
271526 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- necesito ayuda para hacer un proyecto 2017-09-26
271537 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- I keep getting a parsing error when bringing projects from alice 3 to netbeans and i have the plug in., how can I fix this? I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and I am almost failing my class because this will not work for me 2017-09-27
271595 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- can't create a new project 2017-10-30
271596 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- when pressing new project or file, Netbeans does nothing 2017-10-06
271704 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- can't create a new project using MacBook 13inch os high Sierra bug number 236560 2017-11-09
271729 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- O netBens não cria e não importa nenhum projeto, simplismente não consigo fazer nada nele, eu clico em criar um projeto não aparece nada, mesmo acontece para importar o projeto 2017-10-30
271810 java Beans mkristofic NEW --- I have installed the Netbeans Java SE IDE and since I have installed it the new project dialogue in not opening 2017-11-15
236501 java Beans ralphbenjamin NEW --- Often Clean and Build almost impossible 2013-09-28
240665 java Beans ralphbenjamin NEW --- new property dialog should have name selected 2014-01-20
241416 java Beans ralphbenjamin NEW --- Have getters and setters, what about withs? 2015-12-22
5108 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Customizer template in Beans module is not very useful. 2010-09-23
5642 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Generate BeanInfo does not use super-class info as defaults. 2010-09-23
13316 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Changing mode of property from "read only" to "write only" should generate method's mody 2010-09-23
13554 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Firing of property changed event should be conditional. 2010-09-23
13566 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- add/removePropertyChangeListener (String, PCL) 2010-09-23
20885 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Allow comments to be entered and property to be protected 2011-01-18
48285 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Code Completition for new property pattern windows 2010-09-23
59888 java Beans jbecicka NEW --- Setter for bound constrained index property not ok 2011-01-13
222285 java Beans ralphbenjamin NEW --- BeanInfo editor enhancement: read default property/method descriptions from javadoc 2012-11-18
131693 java Beans jbecicka REOP --- Refactoring should rename BeanInfo class together with Bean class 2013-06-17
125192 java Beans jbecicka REOP --- Add PropertyChangeSupport support 2010-11-18
48 bugs found.