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Sat Feb 22 2020 13:45:46 UTC
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36 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
205650 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Adding source root in Profiler 2011-11-30
244830 profiler Ide thurka NEW --- Improve the Discoverability of Profile Point Insertion 2014-06-18
231634 profiler Ide cyhelsky NEW --- go to source action is inefficient 2013-08-30
186041 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Compute GC roots task never killed 2016-09-01
196893 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Not able to select part of chart within VM Telemetry 2011-09-06
201251 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Ability to copy stack-trace 2011-08-23
205373 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Search result dialog (next/prev) is slightly misleading 2011-11-21
208810 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Java profiler plugin won't deactivate because not part of Java cluster 2015-04-22
212778 profiler Ide issues NEW --- [heapwalker] Enable cloning of References in instances view 2012-05-21
213948 profiler Ide issues NEW --- [72cat] It should be able to profile TestNG test suite (xml file) 2012-06-11
217889 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Search is not allowed in the summary tab 2012-09-05
221226 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Display jdk information in snapshot info tab 2012-11-01
222132 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Indicate unsaved snapshots by having tab name in bold 2012-11-14
230500 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Computing retained sizes should give estimated time to completion or progress percentage 2013-05-30
230542 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Can we prevent from slowness reports when ClassLoader.loadClass() is the culprit? 2013-05-30
233657 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Profile project only classes does not work for NetBeans platform Maven application 2013-07-30
240820 profiler Ide issues NEW --- [HeapWalker] Missing code completion in OQL query editor 2014-02-05
244099 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Cannot cancel the "saving snapshot" task. 2014-04-26
255032 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Analyze Performance - Live Results 2015-09-06
269448 profiler Ide issues NEW --- "Profile File" and "Profile Test File" are greyed out for maven web application 2016-12-29
271183 profiler Ide issues NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.profiler.nbimpl.providers.ProfilerStorageProviderImpl.getGlobalFolder 2017-07-28
268298 profiler Ide jis NEW --- Improve profiler popups - initial size & custom size persistence 2016-12-12
194403 profiler Ide kganfield NEW --- NetBeans 'help' documentation for disabling dynamic CPU frequency switching 2014-06-16
215277 profiler Ide thurka NEW --- [Heapwalker] add VM arguments to Summary tab 2012-07-10
216249 profiler Ide thurka NEW --- [Heapwalker]Allow searching for objects with same fields 2012-08-01
230066 profiler Ide thurka NEW --- UI freeze detaching from profiled app 2013-06-06
196769 profiler Ide issues NEW --- It would be more intuitive to disable "Save current view..." instead of showing message 2011-03-17
204277 profiler Ide issues NEW --- SHIFT-F9 shortcut for quick-inserting of profiling points doesn't work on mac 2011-10-26
224493 profiler Ide issues NEW --- New profiling point dialog doesn't detect project for apisupport projects 2013-06-10
233469 profiler Ide issues NEW --- WARNING [org.netbeans.core.startup.InstalledFileLocatorImpl]: no code name base 2014-01-21
246383 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Profiler emits errors on JavaFX project with jdk 1.8.0_20-ea-b23 (non-final) 2014-08-11
270248 profiler Ide issues NEW --- jmeter not executing 'external edit' option 2017-03-30
247251 profiler Ide Ryko STAR --- Got stuck @Connecting to target VM 2018-01-18
124511 profiler Ide issues REOP --- Connecting to target vm dialog blocks ui 2011-12-29
223291 profiler Ide issues REOP --- StackOverflowError at org.netbeans.lib.profiler.results.cpu.cct.nodes.TimedCPUCCTNode.clone 2017-10-15
232575 profiler Ide issues REOP --- Live Results: Hot Spots - Method, Self Time > Total Time 2014-04-27
36 bugs found.