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Thu Sep 24 2020 06:25:31 UTC
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28 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
32049 xml Schema issues NEW --- XML Schema Support Features Group 2007-09-25
35600 xml Schema issues NEW --- Error highlighting in XML source editor based on schema 2010-05-04
125807 xml Schema issues NEW --- Schema aware Code completion enhancements 2010-05-04
185449 xml Schema issues NEW --- [69cat] XML: Add DTD to/from XML Schema Conversion 2011-11-04
118022 xml Schema samaresh NEW --- [60cat] XML schema Design view omits enumerated simple type definition 2007-10-08
229308 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- xml schema downloaded repeatedly 2013-05-10
26481 xml Schema issues NEW --- Support semantics editing of XML Schema 2007-09-25
84680 xml Schema issues NEW --- [cc] xsd editor code completion could offer unbounded for maxOccurs 2007-09-25
92270 xml Schema issues NEW --- Need an easier way to specify simple types 2007-09-25
96099 xml Schema issues NEW --- Please enable DnD in XSD editor 2007-09-25
96101 xml Schema issues NEW --- Please allow keyboard navigation in the XSD design view 2007-09-25
96102 xml Schema issues NEW --- Please enable Cut and Paste in the XSDDesign view 2007-09-25
96106 xml Schema issues NEW --- Please show xsd:documentation in the XSD design view 2007-09-25
96114 xml Schema issues NEW --- Please allow visual editing of XSchema constrained documents 2007-09-25
101062 xml Schema issues NEW --- Xml schema should be loaded automatically from schemaLocation. 2007-11-23
132652 xml Schema issues NEW --- Open several schema in editor at once 2008-04-14
173708 xml Schema issues NEW --- XML Schema creation wizard in Maven projects 2009-11-16
187743 xml Schema issues NEW --- Plugin for XML Schema browsing 2010-06-17
149612 xml Schema samaresh NEW --- in pom.xml completion create links 2008-10-09
152113 xml Schema samaresh NEW --- Generate Sample XML should allow user to specify namespace prefix 2008-11-01
159036 xml Schema samaresh NEW --- XSD Design View, does not show comments and required property 2009-02-24
204094 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- Support case-insensitivity/camel-case completion in Schema-Aware Code Completion 2011-10-22
206823 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- Function Validate XML over XML schema doesn't find all errors 2012-03-14
214486 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- Local User Xml schema not working neither code completion nor validation 2015-12-22
250513 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- No autocompletion on XML file with multiple namespaces 2015-02-19
253054 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- add relax ng RNG schema support for auto-completion and validation 2016-11-12
32559 xml Schema issues NEW --- XMLSchema Documetation Provider 2007-09-25
245561 xml Schema sdedic NEW --- XML Support 2014-07-15
28 bugs found.