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Mon Sep 27 2021 05:37:04 UTC
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21 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
32051 xml Tools issues NEW --- XML-Java Integration Features Group 2007-09-25
222999 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- Upgrade to Xerces 2.11.0? 2015-05-21
187164 xml Tools issues NEW --- [69cat] XML: Use the most current version of Xalan. 2011-11-04
130023 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- There should be a way to tell the mapper to use entities other than elements names as their display names 2011-11-30
19335 xml Tools issues NEW --- Generate DTD dialog should have Help button 2007-09-25
32061 xml Tools issues NEW --- XML binding framework support (JAXB) 2007-09-25
68969 xml Tools issues NEW --- SAX Handler Wizard re-design 2007-09-25
72005 xml Tools issues NEW --- Improve generation of DTD from XML 2010-05-19
186914 xml Tools issues NEW --- [69cat] XML: Add "Generate an XML RelaxNG Schema" option 2011-11-04
186919 xml Tools issues NEW --- [69cat] XML: Tag Locking Mechanism 2012-12-06
186920 xml Tools issues NEW --- [69cat] XML: Validate complete set of XML-Related Files 2011-11-04
187097 xml Tools issues NEW --- [69cat] XML: Web Browser Icon in XML Editor's Toolbar 2012-07-19
236587 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- Check and validate more than one XML file 2013-10-01
239132 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- Formatting Large XML files 2014-01-14
257787 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- IllegalStateException: Too many$RunAction (3) in shared RequestProcessor; create your own 2016-01-31
17299 xml Tools issues NEW --- Doclet could generate html document with link to source DTD. 2007-09-25
19822 xml Tools issues NEW --- XHTML Support module 2007-09-25
21320 xml Tools issues NEW --- Separate Java generators to standalone sub-module. 2007-09-25
28602 xml Tools issues NEW --- Improve Reporting of Missing Required Content Model 2007-09-25
30096 xml Tools issues NEW --- SAX Document Handler Wizard should include DTDDoc comments in handler interface 2007-09-25
253911 xml Tools sdedic NEW --- DTD - Sax Document Handler Wizard uses deprecated API 2015-08-03
21 bugs found.