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Fri Jan 28 2022 21:05:37 UTC
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
187981 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Support merge key syntax 2010-06-23
150970 web YAML tor NEW --- [65cat] Format doesn't work on YML file editor 2012-05-04
157214 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Warning is shown against a valid YAML source 2012-11-08
232157 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Yaml should have a separate formatting section in Editor -> Formatting option tab 2013-07-02
212063 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Improve (replace) parser 2013-07-03
238100 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Better syntax highlighting for Yaml alias 2013-11-07
251408 web YAML ppisl NEW --- While scanning a flow node we had this expected the node content, but found org.jvyamlb.tokens.PositionedValueToken 2015-04-03
244095 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Enable .yml parsing for .raml files 2015-04-03
254923 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Navigator has messed character encoding with YAML scalar sequences 2015-09-03
251932 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Yaml snippet insertion is not relative 2015-09-09
255455 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Comments are not recognized as comments 2015-09-21
251407 web YAML ppisl NEW --- We had this mapping values are not allowed here 2016-01-30
257760 web YAML ppisl NEW --- YAML Surround selected text with quotation marks 2016-03-17
256166 web YAML ppisl NEW --- ClassNotFoundException: org.jcodings.Encoding 2016-07-13
271742 web YAML ppisl NEW --- Block indent uses tabs 2017-11-01
15 bugs found.