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Fri Jun 21 2024 14:28:10 UTC
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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
219944 platform Options& theofanis NEW --- [PATCH] General Options - 'No Proxy' label not shown completely on Linux 2012-10-31
207960 apisuppo Refactor mkozeny STAR --- Hint for @MIMEResolver.Registration 2013-02-14
155964 editor Options mkristofic NEW --- Patch for: Syntax coloring preview should be editable 2013-03-10
229350 platform Notifica JPESKA NEW --- Patch for: Show notification icon in table of Notification Center 2013-07-18
152675 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [67cat] Need a view of all services registered via annotations 2013-11-01
192020 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- add ability to cycle through SQL history 2014-10-04
154413 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Metadata API: column doesn't provide auto-increment info 2015-02-08
238079 platform Outline& mentlicher REOP --- OutlineView cell renderers drawn improperly when row selected (Aqua L&F) 2015-03-14
251519 java Hints sdedic NEW --- Patch for: Organize Members - ignore ordering of fields 2015-07-04
235202 platform Proxy lfischmeistr REOP --- IDE should support all functions in PAC files 2015-07-07
253970 installe NBI lfischmeistr REOP --- Cleaner process cannot handle files with read-only attrib set (Windows) 2015-07-30
254057 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- NBI Local Directory enhancements 2015-08-02
255839 platform Template mentlicher NEW --- generates @author annotations with invalid syntax 2015-10-13
256015 java Platform tzezula NEW --- NetBeans must always provide "Open in System" 2015-10-28
240852 java Hints sdedic NEW --- Improving compile-time support for "null checking" annotations 2015-11-24
255414 contrib Other issues NEW --- [Patch] Added focus on rename panel to improve usability. 2016-01-10
203245 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Patch for: Command to reset the zoom level - plugin available 2016-07-01
231968 editor Key bind sdedic REOP --- Patch for: Improve html output of keymap export 2016-07-10
237902 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Patch for: Open file from within string literals - plugin available 2016-07-16
104314 editor Code fol sdedic REOP --- Use hand cursor over code folding +/- 2016-07-16
262780 javaee JSP Pars issues STAR --- [82cat] [regression] Paths with %20 should be converted to spaces 2016-07-20
262787 javaee JSP Pars issues STAR --- IllegalStateException is being logged unnecessarily 2016-07-20
234603 java FindBugs phejl NEW --- Allow FindBugs to be skipped on test classes 2016-11-22
268835 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- mavenized platform testing classpath issue with a wrapped library that is part of the project 2017-01-27
269685 editor Hints & mkristofic NEW --- Massive memory leak perhaps caused by AnnotationHolder.file2Holder 2017-02-10
244023 editor Key bind sdedic NEW --- Can't search assign option key shortcut in Keymap Preferences section 2017-04-25
269797 utilitie Jump To tzezula NEW --- Memory leak in FileSearchAction.panel 2017-06-19
252959 java JUnit theofanis NEW --- Running or debugging of individual JUnit tests sometimes does not work 2017-07-18
269050 java Source bondolo STAR --- Improve java source reformatting of try and synchronized blocks with control structures 2018-02-20
270552 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Timestamped snapshots incorrectly resolved to project sources 2018-04-16
270005 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Sleep delay before resuming classpath indexing during pause in build can be too short 2018-04-16
31 bugs found.