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Fri Sep 17 2021 20:47:39 UTC
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41 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
187072 ruby Rails issues NEW --- IllegalArgumentException: file:/c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8 is not a valid classpath entry; it must end with a slash. 2018-02-21
269288 ide UI issues NEW --- A context menu keyboard key is not working in Project, Files, Services, Navigator windows, though right clicking does work. And the key activates context menu in the editor. 2017-02-13
105916 platform Director ovrabec NEW --- Multi column and detail list view mode is missing 2010-10-07
161284 serverpl WebSpher phejl NEW --- [WSphere] WebSphere is not recognized by ide 2012-12-06
225597 xml Validati sdedic NEW --- Warn when using BOM in UTF-8 in XMLs 2015-04-07
255850 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Hint Javadoc button will only use first Javadoc URL in library list 2015-10-15
256455 java Editor dbalek NEW --- not possible to have "else if" on one line together with keeping braces in case of "else { if ... }" 2015-11-09
268452 java Compiler dbalek NEW --- “error: incompatible types” shown on compilable source code 2017-01-06
78419 uml Reverse issues NEW --- RE Operation: local to the loop Lifeline is destroyed outside the bounds of combined fragment 2009-05-25
104063 uml Reportin issues NEW --- Informational dialog about modified diagram shouldn't appears 2008-06-12
114940 uml General issues NEW --- missing icons in Filter dialog's Model Elements list 2009-05-25
142672 platform Text issues NEW --- [65cat] Hide file extensions 2011-02-23
188264 ruby Gems issues NEW --- Build-in JRuby update fails behind firewall requiring proxy authentication 2011-01-28
268344 ide UI issues NEW --- Editor does Not support the "edit-fold" feature 2016-10-05
268346 ide Code issues NEW --- Navigate to Declaration (CTRL/B) fails 2016-10-05
268684 ide Code issues NEW --- Editor= editing location inconsistent in .groovy file. 2016-10-26
271130 ide Code issues NEW --- Netbeans test runs have one or more Serious Problem(s) 2017-07-20
249383 platform Lookup jhavlin NEW --- in Studio IDE Pro*C templates are broken 2016-09-02
200978 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- Do not leave even disabled modules unupdated which are not compatible with other updates 2014-02-10
210327 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- Outline no longer refreshes column data after TreeModel.nodeChanged(TreeNode) 2014-06-13
270538 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Regression using code-complete in Watch Expression window 2017-05-13
262246 editor Actions/ mmetelka NEW --- Keyboard shortcuts are broken 2016-05-30
203136 versionc CVS ovrabec NEW --- Fetching from repository never ends 2011-10-11
255669 utilitie Diff ovrabec NEW --- java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid line index=17 >= lineCount=1 2015-10-15
235446 cnd Code Mod petrk NEW --- regression in inaccuracy tests 2016-10-31
248361 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Code completion does not offer items from child controller 2014-11-06
254448 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Bad preview for first occurence of refactoring 2015-10-12
254368 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Edit window/tab split screen Opposite 2015-08-14
269613 java Refactor sdedic NEW --- Refactoring inFiles view does no longer work 2017-01-20
270727 java Source sdedic NEW --- NetBeans produces incorrect type checking on streams without generic suppliers. 2017-05-24
253164 javaee Hibernat sj-nb NEW --- Hibernate HQL Query fails to run query if the xml mapping file defines a many-to-many relationship with the 'entity-name' property instead of the 'class' property, throwing MappingException: An association from the X refers to an unmapped class Y 2015-07-23
270260 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- version auto-complete generates invalid XML 2017-04-07
61996 platform Window S kaktus NEW --- --open <filename> may not bring the file to the front 2017-11-13
188420 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- ${cluster} not interpolated in ${*cp.extra} 2013-08-09
226471 javascri Editor ppisl STAR --- Expected an operand but found eof 2013-08-22
169635 obsolete Embedded saubrecht STAR --- Big regression on startup with opened Embedded Browser 2012-05-24
114824 serverpl Sun Apps raccah STAR --- CMP mapping not updated for events 2009-05-25
141246 apisuppo Project mkozeny REOP --- Quick Run does not work on NBM project unit tests 2013-02-14
267807 editor Key bind sdedic REOP --- Ctrl-PageUp/Down broken in Nimbus 2016-12-14
234976 java Editor dbalek REOP --- Formatting >> Java Comments: "Add Leading Star" without "Format Block Comment" 2014-07-30
176277 www Web Cont jpirek REOP --- Need nonav mode for wiki 2012-05-25
41 bugs found.