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Thu May 23 2024 01:21:57 UTC
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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61014 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Rewrite/enhance current tests 2013-02-14
155751 qa Jellytoo issues NEW --- About This Mac dialog opened on HelpOperator.invoke() 2009-03-13
187719 python Testing Jenselme NEW --- NB can't run tests in packages 2015-11-27
87164 editor Lexer mmetelka NEW --- Provide unit testing framework for lexer 2006-12-15
103568 serverpl JBoss mmocnak NEW --- jboss tests fail to compile 2007-08-03
108274 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Time to open an existing diagram exceeds threshold 2009-05-25
133098 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Time to create class diagram from 30 nodes exceeds threshold 2009-05-25
133118 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Time to generate dependency diagram exceeds threshold 2009-05-25
180503 ruby Project issues NEW --- "testRubyApplicationPanel" in "org.netbeans.jellytools.NewRubyProjectNameLocationStepOperatorTest" class fails on any Windows XP platform (XP Pro or XP Home) with JDK 6u19 b02. 2011-11-16
182724 ide BlueJ issues NEW --- No Unit Tests For o.n.bluej 2010-07-30
191788 ruby Testing issues NEW --- Rails 3 Projects: test summary and test navigation tree not seeing tests 2011-01-28
238806 platform Graph issues NEW --- org.netbeans.modules.visual.apichanges.LabelOrientationTest testLabelOrientations fails on Mac OSX 2013-11-29
268518 ide Code issues NEW --- Jump to Source from Test Results window FAILS 2016-10-14
269837 php Debugger issues NEW --- problem with debugging php in xdebug, cannt step over or step in, stops on the first breakpoint. and after step over page gets blank 2017-02-15
271130 ide Code issues NEW --- Netbeans test runs have one or more Serious Problem(s) 2017-07-20
150124 javame Visual D jstola NEW --- design an API to replace J2MEDataLoader and J2MEDataObject 2012-04-16
214083 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- TreeTableView152857Test - all tests are fragile 2012-06-14
41356 apisuppo Harness pgebauer NEW --- Move ValidateLayer*Test to ide/test/qa-functional/ or to general build harness 2015-09-09
256226 java JUnit theofanis NEW --- Test Integration Test "Run Focused Test Method" support 2015-10-28
271262 javascri Testing theofanis NEW --- JavaScript Karma Code Coverage does not work in a PHP Application Project 2017-08-10
42889 java Platform tzezula NEW --- Migrate tests to use MasterFS 2011-08-31
271606 cnd Remote vkvashin NEW --- Try to connect to remote raspberry PI on local network, fails to connect 2017-10-09
26697 debugger Code lcincura NEW --- Testing 64bit solaris programs 2005-05-16
173095 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Don't load* classes at startup 2016-07-06
221321 www Builds & pgebauer NEW --- Commit validation should detect orphaned modules on a per-cluster basis 2013-01-08
154754 groovy Grails phejl NEW --- AccessControlException when test run finish 2009-02-19
194549 ide Performa thurka STAR --- BlacklistedClassesHandlerSingleton is noisy 2012-11-07
206540 ide Performa thurka STAR --- Incorrectly displayed error badges on performance/* 2012-06-11
234511 profiler Base issues REOP --- Make OQL engine work with Nashorn 2013-12-12
255555 java Compiler dbalek REOP --- Build fails, cache problem? 2015-10-01
149557 versionc Code ovrabec REOP --- DiffFileEncodingQueryImpl class is loaded twice during NetBeans startup with LimeWire project 2014-06-05
31 bugs found.