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Sat Nov 27 2021 19:26:30 UTC
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374 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
64618 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] Module Suite Project: VM Options and Arguments in Project Properties Dialog 2013-02-14
26200 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Select LnF policy for platform in apisupport wizard (was: Way to select LnF from the GUI) 2013-02-14
61681 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [LWMP] multiple libraries -> use JList 2013-02-14
61751 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [Module Properties] removed dependency after change Platform 2013-02-14
63733 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Better display of information about modules in the platform 2013-02-14
65565 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Clarify friend dependency in UI 2013-02-14
65951 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] Move warning message for implementation dependency from build to UI 2013-02-14
70660 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- "Go to Source/Declaration" functionality for XML layer tree view and editor 2013-02-14
72273 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Use a split pane to Module: and Description: area in Add Module Dependency Dialog. 2013-02-14
72962 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- building - show dialog when platform was not located 2013-02-14
73741 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [65cat] Add fix module dependency to libraries 2013-02-14
76490 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- The New File wizard template should allow static contents 2013-02-14
91968 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- Excessive files opened after many templates 2013-02-14
117712 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Rename 'Install/Reload in Development IDE' menu item 2013-02-14
135247 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Visually distinguish compile-time from runtime module deps 2013-02-14
248341 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- GUI Registration Non-Working with NB 8, Maven Netbeans Module archetype 2015-05-22
66539 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- [50cat] module display mapping to code name base 2013-02-14
71054 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Module Dep - should show classpath extensions for "JAR" field 2013-02-14
72064 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- NBPM | Harness: "Other:" textfield is non editable 2013-02-14
196833 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Ability to add test dependencies using Properties dialog 2013-02-14
199824 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- "Resolve" button present but disabled 2013-08-09
17323 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- I/O component should use a different color when it allows input versus when it does not. 2008-10-22
19655 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Use colors to distingwish err, out, ide and in streams 2010-12-16
24760 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Eye candy for hyperlink navigation. 2008-10-22
122939 cnd executio ilia NEW --- After closing project output tabs are showing 2014-04-14
17312 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Hyperlinks in output window give no feedback when clicked 2012-08-13
17320 cnd Terminal ivan NEW --- Output window/view has inconsistent behavior when a new error is made "current" 2008-10-22
222076 cnd Terminal issues REOP --- Output Window Enhancements 2013-09-05
165835 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- There is no way to rename Hudson instance from the IDE 2012-06-14
181612 connecte Kenai jbecicka NEW --- kenai search block UI,it is not friendly 2012-10-18
160066 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- Show notifications only for builds in which logged-in user is a culprit 2012-06-14
162837 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- Wizard for sharing libraries hides the New Job wizard 2012-06-14
200448 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- Checkbox to watch jobs when adding new instance 2012-06-14
164830 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- UI message issues in Hudson integration 2012-06-14
175849 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- Allow "Open Console" of running job on job node 2013-05-21
66651 contrib Module M jrechtacek NEW --- [50cat] Ability to sort modules is not obvious from current UI 2007-05-21
45966 contrib Module M jrechtacek NEW --- Used By and Uses enhancements in Modules node 2007-05-21
50427 contrib Module M jrechtacek NEW --- Module categories icons could be improved 2007-05-21
201516 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Cannot connect as SYSDBA to Oracle DB 2016-07-28
201512 db PL SQL issues NEW --- Missing UI for granting required roles for using PL/SQL support 2014-04-01
152581 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Umbrella for "Create Table/View" dialog UI fixes 2013-08-01
153633 db SQL Edit lfischmeistr NEW --- SQL History: Make "SQL History" dialog a dockable window 2013-09-04
161418 db Derby lfischmeistr NEW --- 'Create database...' when DB does not use the default port 2015-06-22
211173 db Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Previous selection de-selected on right-click after connection has been chosen from drop down. 2015-08-04
81260 debugger Code issues NEW --- Visual representation of execution path in editor 2006-10-23
103756 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- [DEBUGGER] Do not share watches between different languages sessions 2007-06-28
35533 debugger Java issues NEW --- Display As item should be available for all variables even if it does nothing. 2005-12-22
35706 debugger Java issues NEW --- Can HIE give input on the "logical" display of variables in locals? 2008-10-29
79665 debugger Code issues NEW --- Change the "multi-breakpoint" glyph to the icon cycling 2008-04-25
123956 debugger Java issues NEW --- Removing line breakpoint on one mouse click is dangerous 2007-12-13
167302 debugger Code issues NEW --- Do not allow to sort table of the Call Stack view 2009-06-18
34336 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- replace lists in New Breakpoint Dialog by some tree choosers 2011-08-31
177602 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Make a JDK platform chooser for selection of the JDK of the debugged application 2009-11-25
200910 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Offer to pick a source location when stepping into a method 2016-07-27
217909 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Use "Expression evaluation" window for all debuggers. 2012-09-07
155238 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Do not show breakpoint if it was not set 2012-10-10
55345 debugger Java issues REOP --- Make the attach dialog more friendly when using SA connector 2011-09-20
27150 debugger Java issues REOP --- Use sound to help indicate when notable things like "breakpoint hit" have happened 2011-09-20
183423 debugger Code mentlicher REOP --- RFE -- create icon for toolbar -- for debug project -- not just debug main project 2012-06-09
210200 editor Parsing tzezula NEW --- ER complains about scanning UI 2017-11-16
270673 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Unicode surrogate pairs are not treated as a single character 2017-05-18
123343 editor Actions/ mmetelka NEW --- Global back/forward navigation 2010-09-23
227635 editor Navigati mmetelka NEW --- Update Navigate menu 2013-03-19
267709 editor Hints & mkristofic NEW --- Warning signal blackout; code no longer legible ... 2016-08-27
258549 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Reattachin remote desktop removes line numbers 2016-03-30
262725 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- End key does not move caret to end of line for wrapped line 2016-09-18
194764 editor Actions/ harish87 REOP --- Bigger Editor Toolbar icons 2017-01-29
201689 editor Actions/ mmetelka REOP --- "Toggle Rectangular Selection" invisible w/o editor toolbar 2016-07-10
91439 guibuild Code issues NEW --- Set Initial Focus feature for Swing form editing 2011-05-04
190504 guibuild App Fram issues NEW --- (Apache Pivot) RIA framework 2010-09-22
227638 guibuild Code jstola NEW --- Update Tools menu 2013-03-19
211167 ide UI issues NEW --- UMBRELLA: Review all keyboard shortcuts (hotkey, keymap, keybindings) 2015-02-24
268758 ide Code issues NEW --- When in rectangular selection mode and trying to select the next occurrence (command-J), the selection acts weird. 2016-10-31
270892 ide UI issues NEW --- A crash happens every time I click on the project creation browse button, with no message appearing on the screen 2017-06-16
24126 ide Internal asunhachawee NEW --- Missing UI spec 2006-12-07
95739 ide Code issues NEW --- highlighted shortcut keys for menus 2010-12-02
97456 ide UI issues NEW --- New brand walkthrough UMBRELLA issue 2008-09-17
123450 ide UI issues NEW --- Make editor menus consistent cross different file types 2011-01-28
205900 ide Internal issues NEW --- htaccess files are hidden on ftp sync 2012-07-17
267370 ide UI issues NEW --- Keyboard shortcut mappings using option-shifted characters should not be inserting these characters 2016-07-31
267931 ide Code issues NEW --- Not compatible with UHD displays 2017-02-10
268240 ide Code issues NEW --- Make the tab easier to identify. 2016-09-28
268286 ide UI issues NEW --- Erro de Tradução para o portugues em "Exibir > Barra de ferramentas > Personalizar". No diretório "Mercurial" o item "Motrar Alterações" está incorreto. 2016-09-30
268344 ide UI issues NEW --- Editor does Not support the "edit-fold" feature 2016-10-05
268346 ide Code issues NEW --- Navigate to Declaration (CTRL/B) fails 2016-10-05
268518 ide Code issues NEW --- Jump to Source from Test Results window FAILS 2016-10-14
268642 ide Code issues NEW --- Build,Clean,Run,Debug toolbar icons are grayed out when I reopen a project 2016-10-22
268684 ide Code issues NEW --- Editor= editing location inconsistent in .groovy file. 2016-10-26
268807 ide Code issues NEW --- bad grammar in Refactor-Rename dialog 2016-11-03
268985 ide UI issues NEW --- Horizontal scroll not working 2016-11-15
269118 ide UI issues NEW --- Unable to change Task Names when I create a New Task in the task repository 2016-12-12
269300 ide Code issues NEW --- There are some new request for better performance : 1- When you add a new file, create it without save in our project, may be i want to use it as temp file 2- Appear the attachments file in toolbar 2016-12-11
269410 ide UI issues NEW --- Certificate error on this version 2016-12-22
269874 ide Code issues NEW --- Wrong indication for incorrect CSS code 2017-02-20
270774 ide UI issues NEW --- Syntax checker for JSX shows error when setting the style attribute in a JSX file. 2017-05-31
270938 ide UI issues NEW --- browse for file hide folder names when large font size used 2017-06-23
270954 ide UI issues NEW --- Syncronize editor with views 2017-06-24
271199 ide Code issues NEW --- problem with view 2017-07-30
271573 ide Code issues NEW --- El IDE Netbeans version 8.2, en Windows 10, no permite crear nuevos proyectos, la ventana no abre, sin embargo si permite la opcion de abrir otros projectos. 2017-10-02
271758 ide UI issues NEW --- After installing NB SpringBoot plugin Menu key ain't opening a context menu in Projects, Files, Services panes 2017-11-05
32838 ide Extbrows jstola NEW --- warning dialg with instruction is modal thus block user to do those instruction 2015-01-28
204378 ide Logger mentlicher NEW --- Previous/Next/Cancel buttons are inconsistent in the Exception window 2014-08-20
210149 ide UI uireviews NEW --- Audiovisual notifications for major IDE events such as build finish 2013-09-05
257876 ide Features anebuzelsky NEW --- Remember folding state 2016-02-07
24027 ide Internal issues NEW --- Access permission dialog should show computer name 2006-12-07
30543 ide Internal issues NEW --- Runtime->HTTP Server node should show current server status 2006-12-07
225167 ide Exceptio thurka REOP --- Report Problem dialog resizes with summary 2015-07-10
203091 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Provide option to change the UI language 2014-02-10
233718 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Better user feedback in case of JUnit download failure 2014-02-10
225753 installe Code lfischmeistr STAR --- Move outside of java cluster 2014-02-10
228676 installe Code lfischmeistr REOP --- Installer does not advise of failure to install JUnit 2014-02-10
147480 java Freeform tzezula NEW --- Mark freeform project as misconfigured if no output is set 2010-01-11
60853 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Provide SPI for hooking into Fix Imports 2012-03-07
114017 java Editor dbalek NEW --- I18N - provide properties/options to change ide global font name and font size 2010-12-20
227633 java Source dbalek NEW --- Update Source menu 2017-12-17
138794 java Javadoc jbecicka NEW --- Redesign "Javadoc Index Search" GUI 2010-09-23
88714 java Source sdedic NEW --- Review the changes in java editor. 2014-11-24
227631 java Hints sdedic NEW --- Update Refactor menu 2013-09-02
38370 java Project tzezula NEW --- [50cat] Add UI for marking a Java template as preformatted 2010-01-11
46298 java Project tzezula NEW --- Allow to specify JVM parameters for running JUnit tests 2013-07-03
50039 java Project tzezula NEW --- Project's "Creating Javadoc" property page needs an option and a field for specifying the overview comment file. 2011-08-31
140344 java Project tzezula NEW --- [65cat] Projects w/existing sources original project link. 2011-08-31
23914 java I18N ralphbenjamin NEW --- Add more explanatory text to the property editors 2011-11-28
32182 java I18N ralphbenjamin NEW --- Unused Keys Detection Tool 2011-11-28
39306 java I18N ralphbenjamin NEW --- Combo-box in dialog "Internationalize" should have sorted items. 2011-11-28
256642 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- [java] [refractor] refractor gui thinks my java code is html and shows images in it 2016-02-25
96880 java Source sdedic NEW --- Go to Type dialog should put align packages and classes 2013-09-04
200589 java Hints sdedic NEW --- @Override annotation should have a quick hint to create the method to the interface 2013-09-02
84564 java JUnit theofanis NEW --- difference in testresults does not show 2011-11-04
139069 java JUnit theofanis NEW --- Ability to edit default method body for JUnit tests 2011-11-04
145543 java JUnit theofanis NEW --- Preserve state of nodes (expanded/collapsed) when filtering test results 2011-11-04
42182 java Project tzezula NEW --- [Study] [BS-10] Create JAR action was hidden 2013-09-04
43342 java Project tzezula NEW --- Paint icon in MainClassChooser 2011-08-31
45108 java Project tzezula NEW --- New Project wizard, whenever asking for an existing Java package root, should try to verify package structure 2011-08-31
47931 java Project tzezula NEW --- RFE for overlaid view of packages from multiple projects 2013-09-04
50393 java Project tzezula NEW --- Show file name in Compile File output tab 2011-08-31
51733 java Project tzezula NEW --- Split add JAR/folder into two separate buttons 2013-09-04
64590 java Project tzezula NEW --- [50cat] Project Properties Dialog Arguments, VM Options and JavaDoc Options 2013-09-04
70027 java Navigati tzezula NEW --- Inheritance view of navigator omits members from class itself 2011-08-31
72518 java Project tzezula NEW --- Main class setup made easier 2011-08-31
72842 java Project tzezula NEW --- Drag and drop of project folders on project properties window 2011-08-31
74728 java Project tzezula NEW --- [ED-1] New Source Folder is hard to find 2011-08-31
91036 java Project tzezula NEW --- "Missing Library" resolution is unfriendly 2012-10-26
94019 java Project tzezula NEW --- Allow multi-line input in Build/Run configuration dialog 2011-08-31
108217 java Navigati tzezula NEW --- Toolbar in navigator window hidden by default 2009-10-26
135073 java Project tzezula NEW --- Warning for improper src includes value in Java projects 2011-08-31
194630 java Project tzezula NEW --- Dialog for importing libraries should have a remove button. 2011-01-24
244765 java Navigati tzezula NEW --- Sort members in Navigator pane by access specifier (private, protected, public) 2014-05-29
44025 java Project tzezula NEW --- Allow to fix unresolved references in Project properties 2011-08-31
48504 java Project tzezula NEW --- Add assert() support to project settings 2011-08-31
123430 java Project tzezula NEW --- Merge "from Scratch" and "with Existing Sources" project wizards 2011-09-19
123464 java Project tzezula STAR --- Improve UI for resolving broken references 2012-07-09
27851 java I18N ralphbenjamin STAR --- Dock the Internationalization window into some "tools mode" 2013-05-01
50880 java I18N ralphbenjamin STAR --- Internationalization support needs major UI review 2011-11-28
27027 java I18N ralphbenjamin STAR --- Improve usability of I18N options 2011-11-28
52476 java JUnit theofanis STAR --- Remove TODO comment from generated test class 2011-11-04
42885 java Project tzezula STAR --- Add 'Set as Main class' item to Tools menu 2013-09-04
44065 java Project tzezula REOP --- Resolve or Check dependencies when project is opened 2013-09-04
189270 java Project tzezula REOP --- Allow selecting main class from different projects than the current one 2012-03-26
120991 java Freeform tzezula REOP --- creating free-form project with complicated source structure 2010-01-11
58545 javaee EJB Proj dkonecny NEW --- Allow you to add free-form projects to an enterprise app 2007-11-15
95135 javaee Code issues NEW --- undeploy action from project explorer 2008-01-05
92207 javaee Persiste jholy NEW --- The Entity Class wizards need to have options for configuring persistence providers 2007-02-01
90674 javaee Code pjiricka NEW --- Remove closed source components in the Java EE area from the standard distribution 2007-06-19
56994 javaee Web Proj tspiva NEW --- Customizer: Add static items into WAR content list 2008-10-24
88829 javaee Code martin_adamek STAR --- Make Java EE features work on top of Retouche 2007-06-19
207291 javaee Coherenc marfous STAR --- Unintuitive and non-standard UI for adding Coherence to the project 2012-05-15
201939 javaee JSF Edit marfous REOP --- JSF 2.0 intellisense doesnt work on managed beans<ui:include> 2016-11-21
212880 javafx Project rsvitanic NEW --- visual representation of changed fields in custom run configurations 2013-09-04
102040 javascri Editor pbuzek NEW --- Run in popup menu should be integrated with Run File action 2012-05-14
255303 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- Variadic variables are marked as uninitialized 2015-09-22
186490 javascri Editor ppisl REOP --- Code completion for external javascript libraries not working 2016-08-03
90450 obsolete visualwe markdey NEW --- Visual Web in NetBeans 6 2007-06-18
46576 obsolete vcscore issues NEW --- Improve VCS commands feedback 2008-10-24
55128 obsolete vcscore issues NEW --- No 'close tab' button for panes in VCS Output 2006-10-13
123459 obsolete cpplite issues NEW --- Move C/C++ options into Editor and Miscellaneous categories 2007-12-05
42365 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher NEW --- User home directory parameter is incorrect, confusing & arbitrary 2006-12-04
13557 obsolete vcscvs issues NEW --- Diff window caption should contain more information 2006-12-04
14886 obsolete vcsgener issues NEW --- Diff window caption should contain more information 2005-05-03
15128 obsolete vcscore issues NEW --- Add keyboard shortcuts to diff window 2006-12-04
18318 obsolete vcscvs issues NEW --- status display with source-control 2005-03-09
21340 obsolete vcscore issues NEW --- Make Versioning explorer integrated within the default Explorer view 2006-12-04
21682 obsolete sim issues NEW --- Provide bug searching API from within the IDE 2007-09-17
27495 obsolete vcsgener martine NEW --- Toolbars icons Commit / Add too similar 2005-05-01
27198 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher NEW --- CVS: Better support for users of "cvs edit" 2006-02-07
90461 obsolete visualwe wjprakash NEW --- JSF component authoring tool 2007-04-06
90462 obsolete visualwe wjprakash NEW --- Theme editor for web UI components 2007-12-19
8147 obsolete vcscvs issues NEW --- Command like "Add and Commit" would be good in CVS popup menu of files. 2006-12-04
10749 obsolete vcscvs issues NEW --- enable/disable menuitems according to state of selected item 2006-12-04
11588 obsolete vcscvs issues NEW --- better enabling and disabling commands 2006-12-04
14899 obsolete vcsgener issues NEW --- Fields in the command input dialog should be distinguished to important/optional 2005-05-03
137318 php Code ppisl NEW --- Update Editor category in Tools-Options according to the UI spec 2010-09-17
213609 php Editor obrejla NEW --- Overriding methods visibility in traits does not affects on CC hints 2016-09-22
35591 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Improve the appearance (icons and visual design) of the help window 2011-09-01
60142 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- Use java.awt.SplashScreen as of Mustang b40 2014-02-10
271770 platform Plugin I lfischmeistr NEW --- Warning message for untrusted plugins needs to be improved 2018-01-12
15920 platform Text issues NEW --- Shared "error" annotation 2010-01-12
21233 platform Text issues NEW --- MultiEditorSupport - editor support, which is not closely associated just with swing Document. 2010-01-12
35607 platform Window S issues NEW --- Allow placement of toolbar buttons in window title ala Eclipse 2009-01-06
40248 platform Window S issues NEW --- [40cat] one x button for closing tabs 2010-08-11
91614 platform Window S issues NEW --- Support Look And Feels 2010-08-11
141952 platform Graph issues NEW --- [65cat] Image for Replace button 2012-06-29
123429 platform Output W jhavlin NEW --- Merge various Output and Result windows 2012-03-28
198253 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- "Show on Plugin Portal" button 2014-02-10
222961 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Help -> Check for updates should check for new NetBeans versions as well 2016-05-26
48741 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- Merge Favorites view with Files view 2010-10-07
67042 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- Allow multiselection in Add to Favorites dialog 2010-10-07
150576 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Should be possible to move toolbar to right/left/bottom 2011-05-23
214770 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- UMBRELLA: Better utilize mouse wheel to improve navigation and overall usability 2012-06-26
223979 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Umbrella: TabControl enhancements 2013-08-19
17919 platform Text issues NEW --- Support for multiline annotations 2010-01-12
40825 platform Window S issues NEW --- Tooltip for undo/reco action should include UndoabelEdit's presentation name 2010-04-08
44354 platform Window S issues NEW --- Auto hide support for a group of windows 2010-08-11
50172 platform Window S issues NEW --- Let user define number of last visited windows to be kept open 2009-01-06
55955 platform Window S issues NEW --- Special sliding mode title API request 2010-08-11
57318 platform Window S issues NEW --- Generic fast search functionality in lists, trees... 2012-12-17
60739 platform Window S issues NEW --- Provide simpler way of creating directories 2009-02-19
60755 platform Window S issues NEW --- when docked buttons of windows stack fully on one edge, supply forwards and backwards buttons to navigate. 2009-01-06
66412 platform Text issues NEW --- [50cat] If mutliple files are open with the same name, tag with project name 2010-01-12
67455 platform Window S issues NEW --- [50cat] having Multiple layer of Tabs for Code editor 2009-01-06
69467 platform Window S issues NEW --- [50cat] Closing a tab should preserve Z-order 2009-01-06
69822 platform Window S issues NEW --- TC titles should be painted without dots if there is no place for them 2009-01-06
70469 platform Window S issues NEW --- Output window improvements 2010-08-11
99688 platform Window S issues NEW --- Please add "Minimize to the system tray" support. 2009-01-06
134670 platform Window S issues NEW --- Make NB Platform WinSys configurable 2011-10-20
151003 platform Window S issues NEW --- "Tab mix plus" for NetBeans 2009-01-06
151868 platform Window S issues NEW --- Remove steps pane from NetBeans wizards 2010-08-11
151870 platform Window S issues NEW --- Shorten New File wizards 2013-10-31
151871 platform Window S issues NEW --- Shorten New Project wizards 2013-10-31
170713 platform Window S issues NEW --- Provide an option to quickly hide the toolbar so save screen estate 2009-08-20
184235 platform Window S issues NEW --- Add ability to display text in toolbars under each icon 2012-05-12
188294 platform -- Other issues NEW --- opened document list as window 2013-05-10
35028 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Permanent help topics window, multiple topics per component, etc. 2011-09-01
39541 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Improve appearance of the splitter between left and right pane in JavaHelp window 2011-09-01
41411 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- The Help Window looks very ugly - let us makeup it 2011-09-01
219669 platform Data Sys jhavlin NEW --- Background scanning makes cut/copy and paste of files really slow 2014-12-11
37755 platform Action I JPESKA NEW --- Suggest removing toolbar from Suggestions window 2011-09-01
103504 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- Scrolling messages will help to avoid resize issues 2011-08-04
113744 platform Progress JPESKA NEW --- Ability to provide custom action for controlling task cancellation 2011-08-04
135278 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr NEW --- Support Missing Module Resolver feature 2014-02-10
211388 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Updates of core modules went to userdir 2014-02-10
213934 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- Cannot locate java installation in specified jdkhome C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0 2013-05-14
257682 platform Launcher lfischmeistr NEW --- Please change linux launcher icon 2016-07-02
69651 platform Window S lordy NEW --- [50cat] TitledBorder more Mac OS X like 2008-12-22
35020 platform Window S martine NEW --- Permit alpha blending of splash screen's progress bar 2008-12-22
24892 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- [TTV] number-columns aren't right-aligned 2013-01-17
35196 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- [TTV] "List Options" should perhaps be renamed 2010-10-07
43660 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- TTV uses the display name of the root node as the title for the first column 2010-10-07
61836 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- Chaeckboxes in TreeTableView should be centered or customized 2010-10-07
67618 platform Template mentlicher NEW --- [50cat] Template Manager remembers which folders are expanded when it is closed 2013-09-02
103851 platform Template mentlicher NEW --- Improve the usability of the template manager (Tools > Templates) 2013-09-02
145109 platform Template mentlicher NEW --- [65cat] Better user name setup 2013-09-05
33053 platform Director ovrabec NEW --- File chooser should refresh files automatically 2010-10-07
47614 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- the file dialog when in detailed mode should be sortable 2010-10-07
59954 platform Favorite ovrabec NEW --- Unable to organise favourites into folders and subfolders 2013-03-07
52299 platform Executio phejl NEW --- Add keyboard shortcuts to Terminate Process in Execution 2013-09-19
25899 platform Dialogs& richgunther NEW --- Enter key default action for wizards should be Finish not Next 2012-05-10
10188 platform Property saubrecht NEW --- property string editors should wrap text 2012-09-27
36823 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Resize Window Action isn't implemented 2013-09-04
36824 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Move Window Action isn't implemented 2013-09-04
38117 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- API to hide the title bar in a TopComponent 2011-08-24
42303 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [50cat] Tabbed document scroll arrows should be repositioned 2013-09-04
57496 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- Supprt Progress Page and Summary Page 2010-10-07
60192 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Consider visualizing a full tree hierarchy of items in palette categories 2008-12-22
62420 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Window titlebar tooltips should only display if truncated 2009-02-19
65096 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [50cat] New Toolbar Customize 2009-02-19
69678 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- ExitDialog needs a better way of informing the user if there are errors saving files on exit. 2010-10-07
70468 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- General DnD improvements 2013-04-16
80587 platform Dialogs& saubrecht NEW --- Add accelerator keys in "call edit command" dialog 2013-09-04
91105 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [65cat] API for extending "About" box 2012-10-23
215115 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Storing editor state 2013-11-07
241134 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- make IDE touch screen friendly IDE 2014-03-31
254368 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Edit window/tab split screen Opposite 2015-08-14
256555 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Fonts incorrectly displayed 2015-11-12
231666 platform Action I uireviews NEW --- Hints in Tasklist 2013-09-06
19696 platform Window S issues NEW --- Make popup menus configurable 2010-08-11
48622 platform Window S issues NEW --- Polishing file and dierctory selection 2010-08-11
48627 platform Window S issues NEW --- Polishing up file chosing 2010-08-11
50329 platform Window S issues NEW --- Output window tooltip should mention ESC functionality 2010-08-11
56009 platform -- Other issues NEW --- [41cat] Shutdown dialog appears after the main window closes. 2009-01-06
59102 platform Window S issues NEW --- scroll and resize of sliding windows 2010-08-11
62010 platform Window S issues NEW --- Implement Esc to interrupt drag of the splitter 2010-08-11
64713 platform Text issues NEW --- Support multicolumn editor (a la Emacs follow-mode) 2010-01-12
65639 platform Window S issues NEW --- [50cat] Add a button/drop down menu entry to output window to terminate process 2010-08-11
143671 platform Window S issues NEW --- inconsistent cursor , still exists!! 2010-08-11
208645 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Unnecessary scrollbars on NetBeans IDE Installer dialog 2014-02-10
22998 platform Outline& mentlicher NEW --- [TTV] A table with no contents should show a message 2010-10-07
6024 platform Property saubrecht NEW --- There ought to be a nice property editor for URLs. 2012-09-27
39032 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- difficult to reorganize editor windows when tabs can scroll 2013-09-04
138595 platform Options& theofanis NEW --- "Reset to Default Settings" function 2014-06-03
164614 platform Options& theofanis NEW --- [67cat] Options dialog tabs have wrong background in Windows LnF 2011-11-04
123114 platform Window S issues STAR --- Tabs - new tabs layout of view type windows 2010-08-11
45024 platform Window S dpavlica STAR --- Make auto-hide icons transparent 2008-12-23
125281 platform Window S issues STAR --- Allow to setup FX through preferences (was: in layer) 2010-08-11
175546 platform Text issues REOP --- [68cat] Revert default for modified & r/o display 2010-01-12
200765 platform Autoupda lfischmeistr REOP --- License agreement handling when updating completely unreasonable 2014-09-20
103033 platform Action I JPESKA REOP --- Can't navigate with Next Error (F12) 2013-12-27
102089 platform Window S saubrecht REOP --- emacs keymap - alt key doesn't activate menubar 2014-03-13
30209 platform Actions JPESKA REOP --- Automatically add generated mnemonics for large submenus without them 2013-08-31
2336 platform Window S saubrecht REOP --- Permit "follow mode" for document windows 2013-09-10
124511 profiler Ide issues REOP --- Connecting to target vm dialog blocks ui 2011-12-29
59244 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Warn user when adding folder with JAR files 2011-08-31
75521 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Improve 'Resolve Reference Problems' experience 2014-05-12
160932 projects Generic tstupka NEW --- Unify UI for running ad-hoc build actions 2014-05-12
133451 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- address upgrade path for libraries shipping with IDE 2010-07-30
194036 projects Maven tstupka REOP --- Convenient way to toggle maven --offline 2016-07-10
201060 projects Generic tstupka REOP --- Show options directly in Projects tab rather than just "<No Project Open>" 2016-07-10
227848 projects Generic tstupka REOP --- Add package to "other test sources" iadds package to "source packages" instead 2016-07-10
117176 ruby Project issues NEW --- Support needed for more execution/debug options 2011-01-28
99461 ruby Navigati issues NEW --- Provide option to switch between 'lexical' and 'dynamic' view wrt. self 2011-01-28
118425 ruby Project issues NEW --- Show the command string at the beginning of the output for each execution 2011-01-28
124095 ruby Rails issues NEW --- Possibility to select environment through UI 2011-01-28
127336 ruby Navigati issues NEW --- go to type should display project 2011-01-28
127710 ruby Editing issues NEW --- "Pallete like" rdoc for searching in the doc. and also rdoc follows your code 2011-01-28
146551 ruby Rails issues NEW --- Can't pass JVM options to JRuby in Rails projects 2011-01-28
140198 ruby Gems issues NEW --- [65cat] Ruby Gem form search bar should have clear option 2011-01-28
141154 ruby Gems issues NEW --- [65cat] Internet Downloads Should Have Timeout 2011-01-28
161719 ruby Gems issues NEW --- [67cat] [other] Tab order inconsistent between IDE and plugins 2011-01-28
45131 serverpl Infrastr issues NEW --- The context.xml file "edit" action is grayed out if you select open 2005-07-19
143257 serverpl Sun Apps nityad NEW --- Need to be able to accept a blank password value 2009-12-10
32539 serverpl Tomcat phejl NEW --- Tomcat startup progress should more accurately reflect completion time 2007-08-30
70291 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer NEW --- I18N - resize issues in sun-ejb-jar.xml editor 2009-09-17
202581 serverpl GlassFis vkraemer NEW --- GF icon not transparent 2013-07-24
98584 soa JBI Mana jqian NEW --- Add clustering support in JBI Manager for GF v2 2007-05-23
129122 soa BPEL Map alex02 NEW --- BPEL assignment query rules cannot be distinguished from one another in navigator 2009-03-02
84753 soa JBI Test jqian NEW --- Add correlation test support 2007-04-19
101677 soa JBI Mana jqian NEW --- Missing global view of all service assemblies at runtime 2007-05-23
101681 soa JBI Test jqian NEW --- Support multi input/output test cases. 2007-05-23
125848 soa BPEL lbarnard NEW --- Default entries required for PL role names and 2008-05-13
90665 soa BPEL slunegov NEW --- Need to allow user to remove Variable usage in WS Activities 2011-11-30
225872 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- Not visual editor qt resource file 2013-02-10
237784 third-pa -- Other issues NEW --- Can't notify the functions from user's one script to another for auto-completion 2013-10-30
123348 uml General issues NEW --- Merge "Find in UML Model" with "Find in Projects" 2008-08-13
133584 uml Project issues NEW --- avoid creating a special project for uml 2008-04-22
192290 uml Reverse issues STAR --- no reverse engineering output if uml project name contains :: or ( or ) 2010-11-29
157040 updatece Stable pjiricka NEW --- Revise and consolidate the list of kits (visible plugins) for NetBeans 6.7 2009-03-27
107619 utilitie Search jhavlin NEW --- cannot invoke replace on folder 2011-08-04
43283 utilitie Properti JPESKA NEW --- Add 'Nested Views' support to the Properties module 2011-09-01
24598 utilitie Image JPESKA NEW --- The Image module UI does not adhere to NB UI guidelines 2011-09-01
239877 utilitie Image JPESKA NEW --- Opening and Saving Image Files From Netbeans 2014-01-09
197063 utilitie Open Fil jhavlin STAR --- Option to restore 6.8 initial directory choice of File > Open 2011-09-01
28397 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Add option to allow automatic saving of changes to .properties in visual editor 2011-09-01
37944 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Replace "customizers" with full editing in the editor 2011-09-01
49050 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Strings in cell in table should be selected while clickiing to the cell 2011-09-01
65288 utilitie Image JPESKA STAR --- implement 'Select in' functionality 2011-09-01
8052 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Missing ability to mark more properties for deletion at once. 2011-09-01
32125 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Integration with Localization Databases 2011-09-01
49068 utilitie Properti JPESKA STAR --- Change the behaviour of Enter key in table view 2011-09-01
49046 utilitie Properti JPESKA REOP --- a property should be selected at all time 2011-09-01
63772 versionc CVS issues NEW --- 'Go to next/previous difference' should allow to cycle only in current diff view 2007-01-04
23129 versionc CVS issues NEW --- Find in Explorer functionality. 2007-01-04
69280 versionc CVS issues NEW --- Local/Remote switcher should be combo box 2007-01-04
96725 versionc CVS issues NEW --- cvs modal dialogs 2007-02-28
106936 versionc CVS issues NEW --- Please make CVS pop-ups appear on mouseover 2007-06-18
19502 versionc CVS libr ovrabec NEW --- -s VARIABLE=VALUE 2011-11-24
209544 versionc Mercuria ovrabec NEW --- Support qpush --move 2012-03-13
214190 versionc History ovrabec NEW --- "Load next 30 days" should jump to the next available change 2014-06-05
67601 versionc CVS issues NEW --- [50cat] [CVS] Mark Port field as "optional" in the checkout dialog 2008-09-16
171971 versionc Subversi ovrabec STAR --- [68cat] Commit message text area too big 2013-03-20
80707 webservi JAX-WS issues NEW --- Recognize Provider web services as web services 2007-05-14
75218 webservi JAX-WS rcruz NEW --- Jax-ws service on AS8.2 2008-01-07
84158 xml Schema T samaresh NEW --- Enable definition of complex types with base types in Design View 2007-01-10
21098 xml Text-Edi issues NEW --- Optional and mandatory elements in code completion. 2007-09-25
26481 xml Schema issues NEW --- Support semantics editing of XML Schema 2007-09-25
26482 xml Catalog issues NEW --- Support semantics editing of XML Catalog 2007-09-25
31709 xml XSL issues NEW --- Jump to XSL <template> 2007-09-25
15261 xml Code issues NEW --- Support for shared settings 2007-09-25
20119 xml Text-Edi issues NEW --- Add quotation marks automatically when typing tag attribute and press '=' 2007-09-25
21051 xml XSL issues NEW --- DnD xml document styling 2007-09-25
22955 xml XSL issues NEW --- Passing parameters to XSLT transformers 2007-09-25
26593 xml Code issues NEW --- Replace DTD template with a wizard 2007-09-25
27420 xml XSL issues NEW --- XSLT Scenarios UI correction 2010-06-17
27949 xml Catalog issues NEW --- Order of mounted catalogs 2007-09-25
84166 xml Schema T girixkumar REOP --- User expected “Go To Definition” in Element contextual menu in Design View 2006-10-16
374 bugs found.