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Wed Oct 20 2021 17:31:10 UTC
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33 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
255520 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Please implement support for Groovy 2.4 - especially traits 2016-10-20
152226 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Exposing packages from groovy-all.jar as public packages 2013-09-04
167556 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Compile of groovy dependencies 2012-10-30
175013 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Improve Java->Groovy integration 2017-03-28
247195 groovy Code bruno.flavio NEW --- Editor does not open generated Groovy class 2016-09-28
268095 groovy Code bruno.flavio NEW --- groovy script not working in netbeans 2016-09-20
269687 groovy Code bruno.flavio NEW --- Error Specify an application name or use 2017-05-15
270786 groovy Code bruno.flavio NEW --- Groovy support as a first class language 2017-06-01
122863 groovy Code martin_adamek NEW --- Provide command line switches for Groovy/Grails homes 2008-10-30
129555 groovy Code martin_adamek NEW --- Groovy and Grails documentation in NetBeans IDE 2009-11-07
129812 groovy Code martin_adamek NEW --- Build support in Netbeans module projects 2010-01-12
160412 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Generic gant support. 2013-09-04
174957 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- [68cat] Show value referencd by groovy.lang.Reference 2013-09-04
174960 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- [68cat] Variable tooltip in debug mode 2013-09-04
187681 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- There is no Groovy Project type 2012-05-29
194825 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- [70cat] Deregistering a named Automatic Project does not close it and remove it from the Project tree 2012-11-19
212144 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- [cc] CC doesn't work on Map inside for cycle 2012-05-06
213296 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- 3.5s in 2014-02-04
219002 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Groovy script should have "Play" icon within Java project 2014-01-20
228786 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Groovy compiler errors and issues can not be clicked on in the output window to take you to the source file and line 2016-02-16
234707 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- [dark] black text on dark background in Groovy Options tab 2013-08-23
241985 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- A Maven Java project can't recognize a groovy class in the same package 2014-02-19
244211 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Lockup opening project group 2014-05-27
254408 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Groovy jUnit test fails to start 2015-08-16
254409 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- oeg/hamcrest/Matcher NoClassDefFoundError thrown when compiling a Groovy Unit Test class 2015-08-16
134197 groovy Code martin_adamek NEW --- make groovy-build.xml more ant-like for the ide 2009-02-19
156900 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- groovy-all.jar should not be added to the project if it's already present 2012-05-15
221719 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Running groovy test focuses Output window instead of Test Results 2012-11-08
226422 groovy Code mjanicek NEW --- Warning messages compiling Groovy project if JDK is not "JDK 1.7 (Default)". 2013-07-31
256367 groovy Code bruno.flavio STAR --- [81cat] Groovy/Maven: must build after every source modification 2016-02-10
225729 groovy Code mjanicek STAR --- Groovy for web applications: Allow groovy creation in Web Pages (sub)-directory 2013-04-24
215232 groovy Code mjanicek REOP --- groovy.transform leads to ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.ServletException 2013-08-22
241885 groovy Code mjanicek REOP --- Netbeans 7.4 is not recognising Groovy source folders in Maven projects 2015-03-26
33 bugs found.