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Fri May 24 2024 17:38:50 UTC
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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
234002 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- Enable "Add beans.xml" Wizard For JAR 2013-08-06
235902 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- a window that shows all CDI classes and where they are being injected 2016-03-15
244173 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- InjectionPoint parameters on @ApplicationScoped bean methods flagged as ERR_WrongQualifierInjectionPointMeta 2019-07-16
250722 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- org.openide.filesystems.JarFileSystem.getJar: LowPerformance took 43680 ms. 2015-10-08
251126 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- Do not show "No enabled eligible for injection beans are found" for some @Dependent beans. 2015-03-12
252123 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- CdiUtil.isEnabled reports false when server supports CDI 1.1 or higher 2015-04-27
254107 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- CDI inspector dialog UI broken 2015-08-07
257605 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- NullPointerException: The result parameter cannot be null 2017-03-10
257741 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- Decorator and CDI Bean are notified as unresolved ambiguous depedency 2016-02-15
262612 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- @Target is not required for @Qualifier 2016-06-29
270613 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- Error in migrating glassfish 3 to 4.1 2017-05-11
271458 javaee CDI sj-nb NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.web.beans.CdiUtil.isCdi11OrLater 2017-09-11
232305 javaee CDI sj-nb REOP --- [74cat] Introduce field should be made Java EE aware 2016-07-09
244182 javaee CDI sj-nb REOP --- NetBeans does not perform type-safe bean resolution when injecting into constructors. 2016-10-17
14 bugs found.