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Tue Jan 18 2022 02:01:04 UTC
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19 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
218421 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Please see JSBeautify project for formatting options and example(Javascript 2 formatter) 2017-08-20
243027 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- No formatting options for blank lines 2015-09-09
251662 javascri Formatti phejl NEW --- Excessive indentation with method calls on new lines 2016-05-25
267211 javascri Formatti phejl NEW --- gruntfile.js uses "All Languages" formatting rules instead of "Javascript" formatting rules 2016-07-19
268524 javascri Formatti phejl NEW --- Javascript: code indentation broken when I make a selection from the code completion window 2016-10-14
271116 javascri Formatti phejl NEW --- Syntax highlighting broken after comparison "i++ < x" 2017-07-18
224314 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Module pattern incorrectly indented. 2015-09-09
225990 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Enhance javascript array indentation options 2015-09-09
226942 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Do not pass JSF code from <script text="text/javascript"> into JS embedded source. [was:Formatting JS code with JSF tags breaks code] 2015-09-09
228715 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Multi-variable indentation 2015-09-09
231718 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Formatting category "alignment" is missing 2015-09-09
242028 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Wrapped function args not indenting as expected when running format 2015-09-09
250041 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Wrong indentation on a new line with "New Line Indented" settings 2015-09-09
252689 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Defect auto-format for javascript with multiple php value (<?= ... ?> - short tag) 2016-08-30
253282 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Add Options for Wrapping and New Lines 2015-09-09
257679 javascri Formatti rsvitanic NEW --- Incorrect indentation of braces inside <script> tag. 2016-01-22
237470 javascri Formatti ppisl NEW --- Formatting moves semicolon to a new line in for cycle declaration 2015-09-09
269417 javascri Formatti arusinha REOP --- Code-format makes package.json unreadable 2017-11-24
244916 javascri Formatti ppisl REOP --- angularjs project. jshint complains about the indentation provided by the editor, (for instance) Expected '}' to have an indentation at 3 instead of 9. 2015-09-09
19 bugs found.