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151 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
88002 soa Composit issues NEW --- need to have profiling capabilities for CAPS project 2007-12-07
131360 soa Composit tli NEW --- WS Transaction not configurable 2008-03-28
133034 soa Composit tli NEW --- Service-Oriented Component Model In NetBeans 6.5 2008-04-25
100401 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Fail to deploy a CompApp with EJB Module JAR added in it. 2007-06-15
124228 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Usage too difficult to create real world external binding for existing service 2008-03-14
137772 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- User should be able to mark transaction boundaries 2008-06-19
140495 soa Composit gmpatil NEW --- Web Service using Provider interface not correctly included in a service assembly 2008-09-22
149068 soa Composit gmpatil NEW --- Server resources are not deployed 2008-11-25
83965 soa Composit issues NEW --- cannot assign new service engine to a service assembly 2006-09-07
95635 soa Composit issues NEW --- Just one term: Composite Application 2007-02-20
96867 soa Composit issues NEW --- Can not add multiple JBI Modules at the same time 2007-02-28
129367 soa Composit issues NEW --- The Service Assembly (CASA) view is invalid 2008-03-12
104543 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Implement undo/redo support in CASA 2008-03-05
104708 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Merge two config files of CompApp project 2007-05-24
127160 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Property sheet based QoS UI is confusing 2008-03-05
164544 soa Composit jqian NEW --- CompApp should only package used WSDL/XSD files in generated BC SU 2009-05-07
173745 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Order specified in the file is not taken. 2009-10-12
104540 soa Composit jsandusky NEW --- Implement aspect editor support in CASA 2007-06-19
94887 soa Composit rcruz NEW --- RFE: Enable security features for Java 5 web service clients 2007-03-23
104541 soa Composit tli NEW --- Implement WSIT support in CASA 2007-05-22
117080 soa Composit tli NEW --- [60cat] making a web reference to a soa composite app 2008-05-06
135083 soa Composit tli NEW --- Maven based SOA projects in NetBeans 6.5 2008-10-03
137530 soa Composit tli NEW --- No mechanisum to configue QOS features for consuming SOAP EP 2008-10-21
103270 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Disable SU wsdl editing in CASA and enhance re-use 2007-05-03
104097 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- wsdl extension plug-in revision support 2007-05-16
104671 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- define new wsdl port using existing binding from SUs 2007-05-23
104672 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Support JBI endpoint reference 2007-05-23
109683 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Supporting use case "Sending an EPR to a partner" in "Dynamic Partner link invocation" feature 2007-07-13
117505 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Use uddi to populate wsdl endpoints at deployment time 2007-10-02
124217 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- EJB usage far too difficult in CASA 2008-03-28
124227 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- WSDL wizard binding generation and CASA port definition duplicates functionality in an inconsistent manner 2008-03-28
124229 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Ports generated in CASA of limited use and hard to change 2008-03-28
124231 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- CASA needs to understand whether invocation is one-way or request-reply 2008-03-28
126215 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Add WS Security Callback Handler (Java class) support in Composite Application Projects 2008-01-29
129399 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Should be able to D&D JBI projects to JBI Modules 2008-03-06
134335 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- support component dependent configuration extensions 2008-05-01
137125 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Handle SOA plug-in add/remvoe/update events 2008-06-12
137129 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- WSIT client-side config failed to handle nested imports in cloned wsdl 2008-06-25
141724 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- needs an "unload" action for wsdl ports in casa 2008-07-26
142975 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- CASA Editor supporting dummy endpoints + provide relational information between endpoints and messagetype(with operation) 2008-08-05
150908 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Selectively disable SU wsdls in service connection generation 2009-02-19
162316 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Make the Composite Application runnable from command line without paramaters 2009-04-09
183267 soa Composit alex02 NEW --- IllegalArgumentException: Called DataObject.find on null 2010-03-31
113568 soa Composit dararamesh NEW --- Navigator CASA additions cause inconsistent selections in the CASA Design view 2008-10-01
151849 soa Composit diff-issues NEW --- [65cat] NullPointerException at java.util.regex.Matcher.getTextLength 2009-03-27
124817 soa Composit gmpatil NEW --- FAST: No WSDL generated for JBIBridge project until added to comp app 2008-03-28
153537 soa Composit gmpatil NEW --- Removing a SU from a CA fails 2009-02-10
173215 soa Composit gmpatil NEW --- Java EE Engine Consumer and Provider endpoints with same name can't be linked in CASA 2009-10-16
89566 soa Composit issues NEW --- CASA editor graph view 2006-11-17
89567 soa Composit issues NEW --- CASA editor model 2006-11-17
95631 soa Composit issues NEW --- Runtime tab contents should indicate how an EJB or web module got deployed 2007-02-15
102569 soa Composit issues NEW --- Project build output is not useful 2008-02-29
118816 soa Composit issues NEW --- TRS Sample: Adding EJB into CompApp 2007-11-20
124686 soa Composit issues NEW --- FAST: Cannot test a BPEL project without a composite application 2008-05-22
158234 soa Composit issues NEW --- A subproject which is referenced by a project is incorrectly using the parent projects build properties 2009-03-06
103189 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Layer.xml requires specific format for SeeBeyondJbiComponents 2009-11-08
114171 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Invalid editing *.wsdl in compapp -> IllegalStateException in CASA 2007-11-01
115388 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Inconsistent look of empty external service unit 2009-01-14
122711 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Improper Enter behavior when adding a test case 2008-03-11
123018 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Deleting and relinking the port type dosen't work any more 2008-10-16
124601 soa Composit jqian NEW --- FAST: Cannot drag and drop EJB modules into CASA editor 2009-01-14
124605 soa Composit jqian NEW --- FAST: A build successful message results for service assembly deployment failure 2008-02-28
126946 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Adding JMS and validating shows an error in the generated *wsdl 2008-02-29
131467 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Composite application configuration editor 2008-10-14
132614 soa Composit jqian NEW --- ConfiguredTest - several useless exception catches etc. 2009-01-14
136968 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Multiple imports with same namespace in auto-generated compapp wsdl 2008-10-14
143867 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Cannot make new namespace in CASA editor 2009-01-14
151526 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Deleting a compapp project leaves some files behind 2009-09-24
152449 soa Composit jqian NEW --- CompApp does not recognize newly installed project type until after NB is restarted 2009-09-24
160487 soa Composit jqian NEW --- WSDL Exception when deploying Composite App to remote Glassfish server 2009-03-17
162876 soa Composit jqian NEW --- CASA Editor should refresh to pick up *.wsdls copied into its Process Files folder 2009-12-11
167566 soa Composit jqian NEW --- CompApp project doesn't build properly it is located on a network drive 2009-06-24
91104 soa Composit lbarnard NEW --- CASA Graphics and Icons 2007-01-09
124659 soa Composit slunegov NEW --- FAST: Project type hover text not displayed for comp app and bpel module projects 2009-03-02
100413 soa Composit tli NEW --- Hula 6.0 not supporting UI support for BC-to-BC communications 2008-05-06
100414 soa Composit tli NEW --- no support for tokens for configuring Basic Authentication using HTTPSOAP BC 2008-05-06
118283 soa Composit tli NEW --- design view for edit composite application configuration unusable 2008-01-11
118451 soa Composit tli NEW --- Identify endpoint w/o backing wsdl elements 2007-10-25
118598 soa Composit tli NEW --- DnD from palette doesn't work on Solaris SPARC 2009-01-14
131904 soa Composit tli NEW --- CASA editor is not 508 compliant. 2009-01-14
134961 soa Composit tli NEW --- NPE on building in Service assembly editor 2009-11-09
141232 soa Composit tli NEW --- Composite App project implements Sources incorrectly 2009-01-14
147772 soa Composit tli NEW --- CASA: default Service contract in HTTP URL needs to unique, 2008-09-24
151555 soa Composit tli NEW --- SOAP bindings in CASA default to rpc/encoded. Causes probs in BPEL SE 2009-01-13
152439 soa Composit tli NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.compapp.casaeditor.graph.CasaBindingBadges.<init> 2009-06-11
155067 soa Composit tli NEW --- changes made to the casa editor for wsit configuration are not reflecting in 6u1 2009-01-13
156434 soa Composit tli NEW --- WS-I basic profile validation Rule 2203/4) in Composite Application 2009-01-13
108558 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- EPR support in CompApp 2007-06-30
113438 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- easy way to add jbi module projects to compapp project 2007-08-22
124222 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- CASA can not reference WSDLs in other projects but needs to copy them 2007-12-19
124282 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- New Web Service Client wizard should allow selection of WSDLs in JBI projects 2007-12-19
124597 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- FAST: CASA does not visually differentiate between request/reply and in-only operations 2008-01-02
124598 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- FAST: Show transactional scope in a single view for comp apps 2008-01-02
124607 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- FAST: Allow deployment of CAs in "stopped" mode 2008-01-20
124661 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- FAST: Provide one-step deploy for BPEL modules 2008-03-28
124688 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- FAST: CASA has no visibility of message types flowing through system 2008-01-20
126226 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Service WSDL visibilty 2008-02-29
126244 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- CASA needs to disable option to select Delete and Error-endpoint on-failure configuration if the underlying ME for the connection is InOut 2008-03-13
126333 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Prompt to add to existing compapp when a new EJBModule project or JBI project is created 2008-01-30
127967 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Initial CASA should not be "dirty" 2008-02-29
128872 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Navigating to EJB module 2008-02-29
129400 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Dim the canvas while CASA is reloading 2008-03-06
130344 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Need custom editor to show "inifinite" for maxAttempts in Redelivery extension 2008-03-17
131124 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Add validation rule to check message type compatibility for redelivery configuration 2008-03-26
136663 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- consider replacing TreeTableView with OutlineView 2008-06-06
141740 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Enable DnD of WSDL ports directly into CASA Service Assembly 2008-07-26
152347 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- [65cat] IllegalStateException: The data object C:\Documents and Settings\DefaultUser\My Documents\NetbeansProjects\BluePrint3\BluePrint3Application\src\conf\ is invalid; you may not 2009-02-19
155675 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- casa generates database bc wsdl with error 2008-12-17
160229 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Mutiple WSDL files needed for user-created WSDL ports inside CASA 2009-03-13
161138 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Integrate a debugger with compapp project 2009-03-25
164990 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Ant target attribute 'unless' property value is set wrong 2009-05-23
165944 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- GUI does not show appropriate delivery mode for JMS BC WSDL port when set to Custom (sync) 2009-05-25
166440 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- cloning of external wsdl ports should be rejected 2009-09-18
174935 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- [68cat] StackOverflowError at sun.awt.X11.XErrorEvent.<init> 2010-05-07
175327 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Support non-project-based JBI module (.war) 2009-10-23
178550 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- NullPointerException at 2009-12-13
178822 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- TestCase under comapp able are not visible after creation 2009-12-18
179821 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- deployment failed in multi-module casa 2010-01-24
182351 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- IllegalArgumentException: C:/Users/user/Documents/NetBeansProjects/ejbDetermineRate/build/generated/wsgen/service/resources/DetermineRateBeanService.wsdl is not in target project source 2010-03-19
187340 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- NullPointerException at 2010-06-08
187424 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- NullPointerException at javax.swing.BufferStrategyPaintManager.flushAccumulatedRegion 2010-06-10
189815 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.compapp.casaeditor.graph.CasaGraphAbstractScene.setEdgeTarget 2011-09-26
108055 soa Composit dararamesh NEW --- minor graph display problem with external module name 2007-07-10
85395 soa Composit issues NEW --- should any build related configuration be exposed? 2006-09-21
138093 soa Composit jqian NEW --- Navigator for CASA collapses all expanded trees if other editor panes are clicked 2008-06-24
91238 soa Composit rcruz NEW --- Exception in NetBeans output when using JavaEE project inside Composite App 2007-10-26
99872 soa Composit tli NEW --- Load WSDL ports on JBI module - not enough info to choose 2007-04-09
105489 soa Composit tli NEW --- Can't edit Description property of External Module SU -- why are useless properties shown? 2007-06-25
131783 soa Composit tli NEW --- WSIT: when Secure Service is checked, Use Development Defaults checkbox looks active but cannot be changed. 2008-04-02
125896 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Prompt for test case creation if Test target selected but no test case is defined 2008-01-24
126189 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Update the short description for comp app projects to include CAPS / EJB Modules 2008-01-29
136198 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- JBI Modules folder in project should refresh after JBI module DnD 2008-05-30
163647 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- CASA name/tab does not reflect "*" if binding config is changed 2009-04-25
181775 soa Composit vchellasamy NEW --- Unnecessary FS usage from BuildServiceAssembly 2010-03-10
128427 soa Composit tli STAR --- CASA Editor - WSIT - Not able to modify the porttype 2008-02-29
131547 soa Composit tli STAR --- NB Hangs When Creating WebService Client 2012-08-30
136199 soa Composit tli STAR --- SQL module endpoints are not automatically wired in CASA 2008-10-01
155784 soa Composit jqian REOP --- support externally updated casa file 2009-04-24
150164 soa Composit ksorokin REOP --- GFESB: Build and eventually deploy of projects fail with "[Fatal Error] catalog.xml:1:1: Premature end of file." 2010-02-11
131757 soa Composit jqian REOP --- Alt-Shift-F9 doesn't do Validate XML 2008-11-12
131779 soa Composit jqian REOP --- Changes to WSIT server properties do not mark service assembly as edited (no asterisk) 2008-04-02
137135 soa Composit jqian REOP --- User-created connection needs to be deleted twice in order for the connection not to be generated. 2008-10-31
159080 soa Composit jqian REOP --- Compapp does not inform the user of the missing server problem 2009-04-09
164893 soa Composit tli REOP --- validation failed for wsdl files generated by cloning wsdl ports 2009-12-03
124220 soa Composit vchellasamy REOP --- Unintuitive that CASA editor display not up-to-date unless project (re-)built 2008-10-23
131097 soa Composit vchellasamy REOP --- SAML call back handler class cannot be added from WSIT configuration 2008-10-01
145654 soa Composit vchellasamy REOP --- CASA editor produce a blank (trivial) <throttling> entry in jbi.xml 2008-11-12
179445 soa Composit vchellasamy REOP --- Web Service from WSDL Wizard creates an Endpoint which does not implement the Web Service Port Type interface 2011-04-26
112802 soa Composit dararamesh REOP --- Palette label "Service Units" should be "Services" or "Service Engines" 2007-08-15
114248 soa Composit jqian REOP --- Connection added by Build Project after a BC-BC connection is deleted 2007-09-05
85051 soa Composit tfast REOP --- compapp project source folder is called "process Files" ??? 2006-10-03
151 bugs found.