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Sun Jun 26 2022 15:54:52 UTC
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54 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
94632 soa XSLT alexeyyarmolenko NEW --- In some cases XSLT document doesn't save after editing 2007-12-07
134727 soa XSLT alexpetrov NEW --- Autocompletion should support xsl tags and attribute names 2010-09-08
92964 soa XSLT issues NEW --- Umbrella issue for Gavotte 2007-02-15
113529 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Contextual relative path support in the XSLT editor 2007-08-24
113732 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT mapper has issue of vertical mapping line overlapping that should be fixed 2007-08-27
94355 soa XSLT alexeyyarmolenko NEW --- Cannot add <choose> rule to the target tree 2007-12-07
95669 soa XSLT alexeyyarmolenko NEW --- Mapper doesn't take into accout the context when binds elements within xsl:for-each structure 2007-12-07
105805 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- IOException building old xslt project 2007-08-22
111753 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Deleting of an XSL file from XSLT Module doesn't remove it from transformmap.xml 2008-08-12
112117 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Creating new XSL file starts with error messages 2007-08-17
162175 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- XSLT Parser Failed to validate Stylesheet with 2.0 Features 2009-04-09
111813 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT service wizard for service-bridge option does not allow we-call interface with Input(InOnly ME) only message. 2007-08-08
112129 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- No tooling for XSL parameters 2007-08-06
112856 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Validation support for mapper 2011-11-30
113521 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Editor should accept xsl file with no default root node template 2007-08-22
113534 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT editor should validate location path expressions in xsl constructs 2007-08-22
113919 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT editor should have support for choosing xpath expressions with wildcards and axis options 2007-08-27
130110 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Add support for completion within namespace in XSL source editor 2008-03-14
135154 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Enhance the "Wrap with Service Reference" behavior 2009-03-02
162639 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT editor Does Not Allow Adding Fault Handler 2009-04-15
106537 soa XSLT alex02 NEW --- Unable to add more than one predicate expression using Expression Editor 2008-03-14
134728 soa XSLT alexpetrov NEW --- Autocompletion should support values of attributes 2011-09-19
95800 soa XSLT issues NEW --- Invoke refactoring on xsl file renaming 2007-09-17
136924 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Model gets getName() from WithParam incorrectly 2008-10-10
146855 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- XSL Source Editor toolbar height too short 2008-11-06
151383 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Missing Information Upon Code Completion 2008-10-27
152232 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Usability: User not Allowed to Name the Service While Creating 2008-11-03
152556 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- User should allow to select XSL file outside of working project 2008-11-07
153081 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Unique prefix message remains even after a unqiue value entered 2008-11-13
153083 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- deleted WSDL not removed from transformmap attributes 2008-11-13
162870 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Namespace Not Cleaned In Source As Deleted Under Tree View 2009-05-13
175240 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Empty Information Screen Displayed with No Text 2009-11-08
111818 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT project should have mechanism to import artifacts from other projects. 2007-08-02
113524 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Creation of another XSLT service updates the transformmap.xml file in a incorrect manner 2007-08-22
130105 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Pick smarter default file chooser location for XSL Transformation dialog 2008-03-14
150396 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XSLT references validation rule doesn't support imported xslts 2009-11-09
152710 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- [65cat] AssertionError: Nulls in [null] from org.netbeans.modules.xslt.project.XsltProjectOperations@53266b 2009-02-19
153587 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- XslFile1 used by default for a new service even if it exists 2008-11-20
175825 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Regression: Encountered ‘Cannot find null’ while building XSLT project with Reference 2009-10-30
95642 soa XSLT alexeyyarmolenko NEW --- Would be great to have the XSLT editor outside the JBI concept 2011-09-19
112113 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- Sample transformmap is misleading 2008-09-11
144908 soa XSLT lativ NEW --- documentation portion of properties pane not showing useful info 2008-08-23
100798 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Sequence of 'Concat' items changes after binding function with target element 2007-04-12
112508 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Generated apostrophes show up escaped in Source view 2008-09-11
130108 soa XSLT slunegov NEW --- Baseline of label and combobox not aligned in XSL Transformation dialog 2008-03-14
97269 soa XSLT alexeyyarmolenko REOP --- XSLT Editor leaves out of account the values of minOccurs and maxOccurs attributes of the elements of the target schema 2007-08-22
143352 soa XSLT alexpetrov REOP --- documentation pane is not appearing with selected code completion option 2008-10-15
101675 soa XSLT lativ REOP --- CompApp project does not generate jbi descriptor entries 2007-08-22
112118 soa XSLT lativ REOP --- Cannot choose input/output schemas for XSL file 2007-08-22
100146 soa XSLT slunegov REOP --- Expression Builder accepts an invalid XPath expression as valid 2011-11-30
111395 soa XSLT lativ REOP --- Service Assembly build fails 2009-05-23
151317 soa XSLT lativ REOP --- Unable to Read XSL File from a Valid File Path 2009-11-08
143349 soa XSLT alexpetrov REOP --- code completion ctrl+space toggle issue 2008-11-20
143351 soa XSLT alexpetrov REOP --- "no suggestions" persists longer than necessary 2008-11-20
54 bugs found.