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Tue Sep 28 2021 02:59:15 UTC
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52 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
95543 uml Diagram issues NEW --- user requests automatic vertical align of lifelines 2008-05-20
135580 uml Diagram issues NEW --- no prompt to create new representing classifier in sequence diagram 2008-06-27
78685 uml Diagram issues NEW --- There is no 'Navigate to source' for lifeline 2008-11-05
92294 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Reducing width:height ratio of sequence diagram 2007-02-27
92840 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Wrong precedence for selecting objects in diagram editor 2008-05-14
93512 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Different procedures produce different sequence diagrams 2008-05-20
104182 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Need possibility to draw message to "environment" 2008-04-25
112583 uml Diagram issues NEW --- drag/drop classifier from project tree to sequence diagram does not show lifeline under interaction node 2009-05-25
114148 uml Diagram issues NEW --- modifying stereotype for sequence diagram elements results in duplicate stereotypes 2009-05-25
116433 uml Diagram issues NEW --- can't hide signature of methods in message 2008-01-15
116566 uml Diagram issues NEW --- difficult to add an operation to a lifeline when the list of operations overflows the window 2009-06-25
131682 uml Diagram issues NEW --- When using the track bar the car can be moved off the screen and the node does not follow 2009-05-25
131892 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Messages should be updated in model after repositioning 2009-05-25
131893 uml Diagram issues NEW --- update model with message move in-out interaction operands 2009-05-25
135008 uml Diagram issues NEW --- constraint expressions do not need to be in bold font style 2009-05-25
135233 uml Diagram issues NEW --- combined fragment's constraint expressions are better on the left than center 2009-05-25
137377 uml Diagram issues NEW --- fast moving of messages in the upward direction halts the moving 2009-05-25
137474 uml Diagram issues NEW --- option "Automatically Create Classifiers" does not function 2009-05-25
138537 uml Diagram issues NEW --- mesage edge end points has incorrect cursor 2009-05-25
143109 uml Diagram issues NEW --- support copy/past of lifelines with messages from one diagram to another 2008-08-06
147524 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Expression is not selected after showing for cf 2009-05-25
150297 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Create Message lifeline within combined fragment is moved to top 2009-05-25
153237 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Combined fragments should know what they contain 2008-11-14
153802 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Copy and Paste doesn't work in sequence diagram 2009-05-25
153803 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Need mechanism to size all lifelines same 2009-05-25
154536 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Cannot inline edit name for lifeline classifier 2009-05-25
154638 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Full lifeline names not shown in sequence header 2009-05-25
157631 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Offer inherited operations in sequence diagrams 2009-01-29
157664 uml Diagram issues NEW --- drag/drap of class node into lifeline 2009-01-30
157668 uml Diagram issues NEW --- create a diagram sequence from navigation session into the code 2009-01-30
160013 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Creating sequence diagram from operation gives uncontinous lifetime 2009-05-25
160016 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Creating sequence diagram from multiple operations 2009-03-10
160022 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Operation list on object lifeline should include operations from super-interfaces 2009-05-25
168315 uml Diagram issues NEW --- no message to self icon 2009-07-09
95682 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Synchronous message icon in palette has open arrowhead 2009-05-25
104170 uml Diagram issues NEW --- new text replace classifier name if cursor is placed just before/after of ':' 2009-05-25
115923 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Unable to drag sequence diagram to class element 2009-05-25
167934 uml Diagram issues NEW --- Some sequence diagrams became unusable 2009-07-01
80968 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Sequence Diagram: Can't call an operation with the concrete value of parameter 2008-05-14
87349 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Can't create slanting messages on sequence diagram 2007-01-03
83291 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Set Width to Message Width indicator bar disappears after moving one of elements 2009-05-25
85779 uml Diagram issues REOP --- incorrect namespaces list is suggested while creating Sequence diagram 2009-05-25
88551 uml Diagram issues REOP --- It's impossible to determine package of classifier from sequence diagram 2006-12-05
89376 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Inconsistent package specification in representing classifier property 2009-05-25
90581 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Derivation classifier/templates aren't recognized corectly on sequence diagram 2009-05-25
92250 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Operands are not listed in combined fragment properties 2009-05-25
103244 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Font change for combined fragment has no effect 2009-05-25
104173 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Classifier name is set to 'Unnamed' after change to wrong value 2009-05-25
83918 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Can't enter representing classifier with edit control if aliasing is on 2009-05-25
83925 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Aliasing: alias is not shown for LifeLine which is created from element 2009-05-25
91616 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Background color for combined fragment has no effect 2009-05-25
92126 uml Diagram issues REOP --- Alias isn't shown for lifeline name 2009-05-25
52 bugs found.