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Generic XML support and infrastructure

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Component Default Assignee
API Svata Dedic
XML tools API.
Catalog Svata Dedic
Entity Catalogs.
Catalog Support Svata Dedic
cross-project xml file references
Code Svata Dedic
Unsorted code issues.
CSS Svata Dedic
Basic CSS support.
Document Model Svata Dedic
An API for providing structure models upon generic documents.
JAXB Svata Dedic
JAXB support
Lexer Svata Dedic
xml lexer support
Refactoring Svata Dedic
xml refactoring support
Retriever Svata Dedic
Schema Svata Dedic
XML Schema support.
Schema Model Svata Dedic
schema model submodule
Schema Tools Svata Dedic
schema tools submodule issues
TAX Svata Dedic
NetBeans module around TAX library - beans.
TAX/Lib Svata Dedic
Library modeling all aspects of XML document.
Text-Edit Svata Dedic
Text editor component and its integration to IDE.
Tools Svata Dedic
Code generators, wizards, ...
Tree-Edit Svata Dedic
Tree editor of XML and DTD structure.
Validation Svata Dedic
validation module issues
WSDL Model Shivanand Kini
wsdl model submodule
WSDL Tools Shivanand Kini
wsdl tools submodule issues
XAM Svata Dedic
xam submodule
XDM Svata Dedic
xdm submodule
XML Multiview Svata Dedic
XSL Svata Dedic
XSL[T] support.
XSLT Model Svata Dedic
XSLT object model