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apisupport (bug list)
1 20851 Explorer views added to Component Palette (Show Votes)
1 152675 [67cat] Need a view of all services registered via annotations (Show Votes)
1 212656 Patch for: Add fixable hint: "Search and add library for unknown symbol" in a NBM project (Show Votes)
1 245456 NullPointerException for code completion at @MimeRegistration(mimeType - at org.netbeans.modules.apisupport.project.layers.LayerUtils.getEffectiveSystemFilesystem (Show Votes)
1 252868 Actions do not display their name in the layer-file. (Show Votes)
5 votes used out of 100 allowed.

cnd (bug list)
1 219894 Missing READ-LOCK when accessing TokenHierarchy from CndFormat.createFromTemplate (Show Votes)
1 221172 !!WARNING!! Missing READ-LOCK when accessing TokenHierarchy from CompletionSupport.isIncludeCompletionEnabled (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

connecteddeveloper (bug list)
1 221046 Github Issues Integration (Show Votes)
1 242632 IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

db (bug list)
1 105075 Provide an Entity/Relationship Diagram tool (Show Votes)
1 241490 Provide a way to display ASCII BLOB content (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

debugger (bug list)
1 57384 Enhancements to local variables view (Show Votes)
1 109831 Patch for: Show conditions in annotation tooltip of conditional breakpoint (Show Votes)
1 158082 Allow ordering of the sources used by debugger (Show Votes)
1 170622 Stack filter (Show Votes)
1 206990 Inherited fields together with non-inherited ones (Show Votes)
1 215301 Enable "go to type source" from Variables window (Show Votes)
1 216771 Move "Evaluate Expression..." to context menu (Show Votes)
1 226437 Delete Breakpoints when they lose Context (Show Votes)
1 228623 Don't block the Debugger until all watches/variables are evaluated (Show Votes)
1 249305 Slow evaluation of Watch variables during debug (Show Votes)
1 253248 Evaluation of lambdas and new classes fails: "Unsupported: can not create a new class" (Show Votes)
11 votes used out of 100 allowed.

editor (bug list)
1 22722 Cursor badging when mouse is over glyph gutter (Show Votes)
1 28294 Ability to sort method order (Show Votes)
1 67568 [50cat] Code completor pop-up should allow user to resize it (Show Votes)
1 72515 Allow to control line separators (line endings, eol) - plugin available (Show Votes)
1 100564 Indenting collapsed lines (Show Votes)
1 122507 [60cat] opened files are not in jump history (Show Votes)
1 157323 Allow font/color changes of syntax elements with a right click (Show Votes)
1 160523 Create code template from selected text in editor (Show Votes)
1 163683 A 'maximum number of open editor tabs' setting (Show Votes)
1 169660 Folded comments should show first line (esp. PHPDoc) (Show Votes)
1 181234 Add filter to Generate Override Methods dialog (Show Votes)
1 181703 Allow prioritizing parameters in a code-template (Show Votes)
1 182513 indentation guides (Show Votes)
1 184604 Patch for: Code completion for templates (Show Votes)
1 195007 Make multiple annotations easier to use (Show Votes)
1 195814 "Go to file" is really slow and does search files unless backspace is pressed (Show Votes)
1 197253 Extend behaviour of CamelCase to underscore entities as well (Show Votes)
1 197876 Need a way to import eclipse code formatter.xml file (Show Votes)
1 200027 Multiline / Multiselection / Multicursor Editing such as in Notepad++, Sublime, and IntelliJ. (Multiple Line / Cursor / Selection Editing) (Show Votes)
1 201346 Better javadoc support: autocompletion for # (Show Votes)
1 206940 Improve templates like psfs (Show Votes)
1 207285 Show Non-printable Characters uses same symbol for EOF and EOL (Show Votes)
1 209425 "Show method parameters" tooltip automatically on placing caret between brackets (Show Votes)
1 209531 Enable Alt+Drag for rectangular selection (Show Votes)
1 209776 Navigate ->Select open documents in Projects, Favorites, Files (Show Votes)
1 213944 Semantic highlight in Fonts & Colors preview (Show Votes)
1 214807 Enable opening search results in Search Results window (Show Votes)
1 216456 Patch for: Show number of collapsed lines when section is collapsed (Show Votes)
1 218381 Patch for: Editor horizontal scrollbar doesn't go away when enabling line wrap (Show Votes)
1 221603 Allow for search in completion popup (Show Votes)
1 221729 Vertical alignment of members and variables. (Show Votes)
1 229786 Editor errors are ugly when using Norway Today and Dark Metal theme (Show Votes)
1 231735 It's not possible to set different annotation highlight for different profile (Show Votes)
1 232073 It's difficult to work with combination {Dark Metal, Norway Today} (Show Votes)
1 233087 [Print to HTML] Improve usability in dialog (Show Votes)
1 233805 [Macro] Optionspanel should use splitpane (Show Votes)
1 237897 Code template applies also after code completion (Show Votes)
1 242481 Provide option to change line height (Show Votes)
1 242789 Expanding code template doesnt work inside another active code template (Show Votes)
1 250172 Surround selected text with quotation marks (Show Votes)
1 257867 Code completion colors in GsfCompletionItem and SQLCompletionItem (Show Votes)
41 votes used out of 100 allowed.

ide (bug list)
1 140540 Display description of actions in the UI (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

installer (bug list)
1 191931 Provide language options in installation wizard... (Show Votes)
1 250460 Option to uninstall or update a platform application (Show Votes)
1 251943 Cannot uninstall an application as a different user (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

java (bug list)
1 55291 Find usages only searches project classes, not JDK + libraries (Show Votes)
1 55841 [60cat] Enable filtering in Navigator (Show Votes)
1 71180 Allow to fold multiline non-javadoc comments (Show Votes)
1 82058 Open file dialog with "Go to project dir" support (Show Votes)
1 88461 Quick fix "implement interface" (Show Votes)
1 89036 Enable automatic fix-imports (Show Votes)
1 90496 JDK version of JDK API class in Go to class (Show Votes)
1 95691 javadoc as a mouse tooltip (Show Votes)
1 100368 smart positioning of '{' (Show Votes)
1 100841 Keyboard access problems w/ generate getter/setter dlg (Show Votes)
1 108049 Selecting the methods to override in the Generate Override Methods dialog impractical (Show Votes)
1 111442 Insert Code does not display the Generate popup when invoked by keyboard from the main menu (Show Votes)
1 118928 [68cat] @Override annotation warnings, hints and auto-generation (Show Votes)
1 123295 Generator for equals() and hashCode() allows to create invalid code (Show Votes)
1 125577 ranking of java hints output (Show Votes)
1 127439 The file badges should also reflect hints results (Show Votes)
1 128077 [65cat] Indent lines in groups to be easily read (Show Votes)
1 129468 Complete classes even outside @link tag (Show Votes)
1 131873 Add "change constructor" hint (Show Votes)
1 134429 Autocompletion in class-inside-method should include non-final matches in method scope (Show Votes)
1 139004 Hint to refactor on signature change (Show Votes)
1 139783 Add "quick hierarchy" for methods (Show Votes)
1 142112 [65cat] Introduce "Go to Implementation" or change "Go to Declaration" (Show Votes)
1 143745 Double click selecting a bracket/brace selects a block of code (Show Votes)
1 151075 find usage of a class/interface or any of it subtypes (Show Votes)
1 156994 Netbeans' equals() implementation is wrong (Show Votes)
1 158601 Call hierarchy for interface implementations (Show Votes)
1 160746 Java editor should not highlight errors for read-only files (Show Votes)
1 162471 Exclude projects, middleware and system libs in Go To Type (Show Votes)
1 163459 Code completion fails to list words separated by an underscore (Show Votes)
1 167312 Hyperlinking on identifier declaration could navigate to usages (Show Votes)
1 168306 Fiximports blocks while scanning is occuring (Show Votes)
1 168430 Patch for: toggle comment broken for multiline selection (Show Votes)
1 174150 [68cat] Restrict "go to type" by project (Show Votes)
1 180335 ProjectTree hints & EditorHints are out of sync with build results (Show Votes)
1 181087 Java Hint to assign parameter to (new) field (Show Votes)
1 181726 [74cat] Make hints configurable per project (Show Votes)
1 184673 Warning for redundant modifiers involving interfaces - plugin available (Show Votes)
1 192348 RFE: Navigate to super implementation on Ctrl+click on @Override (Show Votes)
1 198838 Code template for pre-creation of return type code (Show Votes)
1 203546 Improve refactoring rename method to offer renaming test methods that contain the old method name (Show Votes)
1 204461 Option need for truncating package names (Show Votes)
1 205195 Hint: Remove unused assignment (Show Votes)
1 206922 Add suggestion for a getter / setter if available (Show Votes)
1 212412 Patch for: Support subword completion (Show Votes)
1 212716 Code completion: Use parameter names, when no variable in context found (Show Votes)
1 212717 Add fixable hint: Create variable, parameter, field, constant from unknown symbol (Show Votes)
1 212738 Indentation of "Try-Catch" is wrong (Show Votes)
1 213023 Jackpot: ClassCastException: JCTree$JCMethodInvocation cannot be cast to BlockTree (Show Votes)
1 214246 Tests cannot be re-run in NM Modules (Show Votes)
1 215552 Patch for: Support selecting javadoc/lines when executing "Select next element"/"Expand selection" on a method or class (Show Votes)
1 218457 [73cat] Show change type hint when type is incompatible with Iterable / array return type (Show Votes)
1 218604 Chained code completion (Show Votes)
1 218861 Add hint: Extract constants from strings and numbers (Show Votes)
1 218868 Hint uneccesary duplicated (Show Votes)
1 220289 Create an inline member navigator (a-la eclipse Ctrl + O quick outline) (Show Votes)
1 221377 Do not provide final classes behind 'extends' keyword (Show Votes)
1 222334 Refactor -> extract interface missing check-all box (Show Votes)
1 223031 Wrong Warning - Dereferencing possible null pointer (Show Votes)
1 223202 Show JAR name in header of generated file (Show Votes)
1 223657 [Go to type] Highlighted part of class name is not visible (Show Votes)
1 223702 "Organize Members" should be available as "On Save" action (Show Votes)
1 224242 [73cat] rename property (Show Votes)
1 225049 Different icons for classes and interfaces (and possibly abstract classes, enums and annotations) (Show Votes)
1 225573 Highlighting annotations that applies to currently selected field (Show Votes)
1 227372 @Override as "On Save"-action (Show Votes)
1 227390 Select all and deselect all on code generation dialogs (Show Votes)
1 227566 Patch for: Code completion should propose singular variable names (Show Votes)
1 228113 Exception thrown when file is not compilable (syntax error should not interrupt developer's work!) (Show Votes)
1 228936 Provide support for 'Injected Languages' on any String literal (Show Votes)
1 231133 Change The Hint Order Of Unknown Variables (Show Votes)
1 233475 Integrate Inspect & Transform with OnSave (Show Votes)
1 234324 Can't set any arbitrary JDK as the default platform for projects, independent from the platform on which IDE runs (Show Votes)
1 235050 Compilation error not shown in the java editor (Show Votes)
1 235915 [Navigator] Opening Navigator sometimes gets stuck in 'Please wait...' (Show Votes)
1 236223 Escape <> when pasting xml code within <pre>-sections within javadoc (Show Votes)
1 236403 Javadoc popup is poorly rendered (Show Votes)
1 236447 [Inline] Inline looses all formatting and comments (Show Votes)
1 236877 [Move method] Imports are not added (Show Votes)
1 237830 Favorite static items for code completion (Show Votes)
1 237941 Copy actual result into clipboard (Show Votes)
1 239149 Enable key shortcut in go to type, file and symbol dialog (Show Votes)
1 239347 [Extract Interface] Shold add necessary imports to interface (Show Votes)
1 239872 Files are out of order in project tree (Show Votes)
1 240025 [80cat] rename of package does not affect test (Show Votes)
1 240151 Insert code for test files (Show Votes)
1 245637 Cannot download JUnit JAR (Show Votes)
1 245893 Subtypes tree: Add the containing class' simple name in front of "1" for annonymous inner classes (Show Votes)
1 247977 Have Junit tests show immediately, not after the whole test finished (Show Votes)
1 253009 Erroneous Error flags (Show Votes)
1 253996 [81cat] Add the possibility to choose the default java platform (different by the java platform used by netbeans) (Show Votes)
1 269229 Background scan of not so large project runs for 40 minutes !!! (Show Votes)
92 votes used out of 100 allowed.

javaee (bug list)
1 155314 An idea for quickfixing spring xml files to avoid verbosity (Show Votes)
1 157980 Refactor/move class in a Java Web Project doesn't change the class name in the Spring appcontext XML file. (Show Votes)
1 207069 Spring Imrovement: JSR330 support. (Show Votes)
1 219881 Check all button seriously needed in Spring configuration files detection (Show Votes)
1 221448 [73cat] goto declaration from JSF page (Show Votes)
1 221516 [73cat] improve find usages (Show Votes)
1 221726 Extend Spring Framework Support (Show Votes)
1 224255 SpringBeans-XML support: warning/error that the referenced bean/property/class cannot be found is missing (Show Votes)
1 224966 Allow a choice between composite key generation types when creating entities (Show Votes)
1 225614 NetBeans should offer to import files copied into WEB-INF/lib folder (Show Votes)
1 230730 False warning about missed beans.xml with gf3.1.2.2 (Show Votes)
1 251973 JSF affects background scan of non JSF projects (Show Votes)
12 votes used out of 100 allowed.

javafx (bug list)
1 245371 Netbeans 8.0 the compile on save option disabled and locked for JavaFX Project (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

platform (bug list)
1 57318 Generic fast search functionality in lists, trees... (Show Votes)
1 59954 Unable to organise favourites into folders and subfolders (Show Votes)
1 129558 Use MIME lookup to register navigator panels (Show Votes)
1 137287 [QuickSearch] Allow to use quicksearch for files (Show Votes)
1 159722 Full File Name Path shown in the Title Bar (Show Votes)
1 195924 Console coloring (Show Votes)
1 198253 "Show on Plugin Portal" button (Show Votes)
1 201162 Installed plugins don't show Homepage in Plugins dialog (Show Votes)
1 201626 Button to clear the output (Show Votes)
1 203556 No annotation for position of menus/toolbars (Show Votes)
1 225095 Allow detaching of output view (Show Votes)
1 228450 Improve UX allowing mouse click over blank area of Tree elements to select them (Show Votes)
1 228482 Position.scrollTo() suboptimal (Show Votes)
1 231336 [JDK8] Editor steels focus from modal dialog (Show Votes)
1 231953 [dark][nimbus] arrows to expand trees shouldn't be black (Show Votes)
1 234820 With dark theme, tabs are inconsistently colored (Show Votes)
1 236425 Error badge is missing in editor tab when erroneous file is opened (Show Votes)
1 236723 Unnecessary space below toolbar (Show Votes)
1 236965 Provide Bugreport information in clipboard from about dialog (Show Votes)
1 240371 Error mark/badge is shown incorrectly or not shown at all (Show Votes)
1 250670 Usability and consistency of quicksearch, filtering and jump-to (Show Votes)
1 257675 Hardcoded colors in OptionsPanel, SearchBar, GlyphGutter, AbstractSearchResultsPanel, ToolbarWithOverflow, LayoutPainter, DiffSplitPaneDivider (Show Votes)
1 257823 Bug 246199 - Notifications window link color is hardcoded has not been integrated into NB8.1 (Show Votes)
23 votes used out of 100 allowed.

projects (bug list)
1 178529 RFE: Recursive expand directory view (Show Votes)
1 178692 Dependency graph to draw parent and modules too (Show Votes)
1 189496 Support Maven toolchains and/or Animal Sniffer (Show Votes)
1 194773 Maven projects: Show version in Projects and Files views root nodes (Show Votes)
1 208416 Hyperlink suggestion to use -e for stack trace (Show Votes)
1 219402 Go to Source for Maven plugins (Show Votes)
1 222587 Classnames in stacktraces are not recognized as such --> no link to line in editor (Show Votes)
1 224536 Provide extension point to change the project node label - analog to ProjectIconAnnotator (Show Votes)
1 228560 'Find Usage' for closed modules in maven - ''All dependent projects" (Show Votes)
1 232706 Record test results during Maven project rebuild (Show Votes)
1 241471 Smarter "Attach Source" in Maven (Show Votes)
1 245453 Maven has to wait unless for CoS before it executes the project (Show Votes)
1 252602 Find Usages should be faster (Show Votes)
1 254716 Support project-specific jvm and command line options (Maven 3.3.1+) (Show Votes)
1 258985 RepositoryForBinaryQueryImpl.getJarMetaDataCoordinates() should cache its results (Show Votes)
15 votes used out of 100 allowed.

serverplugins (bug list)
1 234452 Support for JB Wildfly 8 (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

utilities (bug list)
1 99506 Optionally format before diff (to ignore different formatting configuration) (Show Votes)
1 124426 I18N : Use lowercase characters in unicode ascii at storing .properties file - plugin available (Show Votes)
1 141198 Merge Conflicts Resolver should have ability to use changes from both version (Show Votes)
1 157350 "Ignore white space" option for diff view (Show Votes)
1 157754 Move key nodes of the properties files to Navigator window (Show Votes)
1 175695 [68cat] [a11y] No keyboard shortcuts for actions in diff view (Show Votes)
1 197754 RFE: "Open file" to support download from URL (Show Votes)
1 200020 Patch for: Manipulate search results (delete items), better export options (Show Votes)
1 208431 Adding Merge Action(Accept Both) for Merge Conflicts Resolver Editor. (Show Votes)
1 211441 Show scm file status in Go to File dialog (Show Votes)
1 212811 3 way diff / merge (Show Votes)
1 222697 "Go to File" should be able to search directory names (along with file names). (Show Votes)
1 230128 Go To Type should include suggestions if camel-case matches partly (Show Votes)
1 231532 Slow go to type waits for all providers (Show Votes)
1 236247 Open "Search results" with results from "Go to file" (Show Votes)
1 243668 Offer to open Output instead of Test Result when no tests are run (Show Votes)
1 243824 Cant edit result section during "resolve conflict" (Show Votes)
1 246161 Go To File/Symbol/Type is refreshing the whole list. (Show Votes)
1 262591 Netbeans adds selenium to pom.xml (Show Votes)
19 votes used out of 100 allowed.

versioncontrol (bug list)
1 99539 Eclipse feature wanted: Project Set Files (.psf) (Show Votes)
1 136526 Check changes on the selected line of code (Show Votes)
1 161707 Quick diff should use local history if no VCS is in use (Show Votes)
1 182135 allow "ignore file" from the commit dialog (Show Votes)
1 201514 Changelist support for versioning providers (Show Votes)
1 204063 Integrate "Refactor > Inspect and Transform.." functionality into the svn/git/cvs/... screen (Show Votes)
1 207165 Diff between branches (Show Votes)
1 208930 Git plugin unable to diff working tree to HEAD of remote repository (Show Votes)
1 210307 show conflicts before update (Show Votes)
1 214190 "Load next 30 days" should jump to the next available change (Show Votes)
1 218918 Cannot push from NetBeans using ssh-agent (Show Votes)
1 221662 Graph visualization of repository history (log) (Show Votes)
1 225787 Show number of incoming/outgoing changes from/to upstream in the versioning label of the project (Show Votes)
1 227893 Add 'Compile Error' Warning before checkin (Show Votes)
1 246920 Version Control - Commit window resize message partition (Show Votes)
15 votes used out of 100 allowed.

webservices (bug list)
1 227177 NetBeans modifies web.xml and sun-jaxws.xml (in a Maven war project) (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

www (bug list)
1 245589 Automatically create hyper links for bug fix IDs (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

xml (bug list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per bug in this product.)
1 161370 Create folds for multiline comments (Show Votes)
2 166088 AssertionError: CloneableEditorSupport.getOpenedPanes() must be called from AWT thread only (Show Votes)
2 217489 Current xml-tag in editor should be selected in the navigation view (Show Votes)
2 224257 XML-Editor: Automatically remove end tags when creating self-closing tags (Show Votes)
2 228119 Select next element/select previous element doesn't work for XML editor but in HTML editor (Show Votes)
1 234933 pom code completion, wrong closing tag (Show Votes)
10 votes used out of 100 allowed.

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