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guibuilder (bug list)
1 8304 Cannot add glue or struts to component with BoxLayout (Show Votes)
1 14785 Designing menus - as visual components or as form base classes (Show Votes)
1 105136 GUI Editor allows generation of private local variables. (Show Votes)
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java (bug list)
1 47599 [40cat] functionalify lost from Import Management Tool (Show Votes)
1 55714 [41cat] @Override not created for overrided method (Show Votes)
1 59313 Navigator throws NullPointerException if right click and select "sort by source" (Show Votes)
1 64082 Navigator cannot correctly display method signature - void M(int a[]) (Show Votes)
1 91716 Override annotation when overriding a method (Show Votes)
1 106130 Classes created from templates have a package declaration missing (Show Votes)
1 106135 ``New Class'' wizard doesn't check on the fly for duplicate classes if 2+ source folders are specified (Show Votes)
1 109646 Navigator doesn't show a class outline for JDK/ext library classes (Show Votes)
1 109649 Properties view is inconsistent for library classes selected in different ways (Show Votes)
1 109652 "Navigate->Select in" doesn't work for library resources (Show Votes)
1 109705 Go to Source/Go to Declaration broken for methods (Show Votes)
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