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debugger (bug list)
1 57457 [41cat] Debugger steps strange after "Apply Code Changes" (Show Votes)
1 70930 Non-existing path provided (Show Votes)
1 77678 Debugger Sources list not updated after Java Platform change (Show Votes)
1 113892 Tooltip on byte[] variables to see their content as text (Show Votes)
1 129390 [65cat] com.sun.jdi.VMDisconnectedException: connection is closed (Show Votes)
1 136229 Support "Show As ..." for whole arrays too (Show Votes)
1 138496 100% cpu while debugging (Show Votes)
1 144796 Step Into does not work (Show Votes)
1 145034 [65cat] debug window always opens focused (Show Votes)
1 145410 Starting the debugger opens all debugging windows (nb 6.5 beta) (Show Votes)
1 148377 [65cat] 'Step Into' + 'Run to Cursor' fail on JUnit test class (Show Votes)
1 148963 [65cat] Detect/Repair invalid breakpoints by editor (Show Votes)
1 152220 [65cat] No Stop at breakpoint (Show Votes)
1 155070 New "Debug" item in editor's context menu (Show Votes)
1 156311 Debugger stops at 3rd line after Step In on 3rd expression (Show Votes)
1 165657 [67cat] Method return value not displayed by "normal" step through (Show Votes)
1 165742 [67cat] Wrong debug sources (Show Votes)
1 166801 [69cat] [67cat] order of items in debuggers source window not adjustable (Show Votes)
1 168511 Can't step through (F7/F8) Java 7 Platform sources with NB 6.7 (Show Votes)
1 177710 Provide alternative to "reusable editor tab" when stepping through multiple source files (Show Votes)
20 votes used out of 100 allowed.

editor (bug list)
1 21237 Redo should be possible after save (Show Votes)
1 22338 Need global settings (Show Votes)
1 35592 Improve editor toolbar (Show Votes)
1 40104 [65cat] code folding does not allow to collaps commented code (Show Votes)
1 46020 Drag and Drop of marked text (Show Votes)
1 47638 [41cat] Provide code folding for printer output (Show Votes)
1 55900 [50cat] Current method not displayed in editor (Show Votes)
1 57807 [41cat] Customize editor's window tool bar (Show Votes)
1 60560 Undoing Drag and Drop in editor is two step operation (Show Votes)
1 102288 [60cat] Code folding: After expand/collaps editor jumps to caret (Show Votes)
1 105746 [65cat] Default action in gutter (Show Votes)
1 113175 Error on deleting folded Javadoc (Show Votes)
1 122663 [60cat] remaining red underlining after syntax correction (Show Votes)
1 123423 Need option to move editor tool bar to main tool bar via options (Show Votes)
1 145204 [65cat] Breakpoint not settable / not visable (Show Votes)
1 146808 [67cat] Wrong scope for "Find" if 2 editor panes open (Show Votes)
1 146810 [65cat] "Find" action not recordable by macro recording (Show Votes)
1 146818 [65cat] Combine "Find", "Replace..." and "Find in Projects" in same dialogue (Show Votes)
1 148984 [65cat] Open searchbar after find actions (Show Votes)
1 148989 [65cat] Allow linebreaks, tabs for Find/Replace actions (Show Votes)
1 151672 find-next (f3) does not work after find (ctrl-f) (Show Votes)
1 152130 Rename [Find Usages] to [Find Uses] (Show Votes)
1 161367 [67cat] Scanning projects task never terminates (Show Votes)
1 166668 [68cat] First process collapsing code folds (Show Votes)
1 167153 [67cat] GoTo Source failed (Show Votes)
1 182187 [69cat] Code folds not triggered (Show Votes)
1 182323 [69cat] diff screen jumps back to cursor position (Show Votes)
1 182480 [69cat] Disable spellchecker (Show Votes)
1 185722 [69cat] Copy of editor file to different location, e.g. Favourites (Show Votes)
1 186816 [69cat] Provide a way to turn off automatic source formatting for code templates (Show Votes)
1 214986 Replace search checkboxes with icons and Add "Replace Last" action (Show Votes)
1 215062 Add Rename/Find Uses checkbox in editor search bar (Show Votes)
1 226469 Make option that enable search and replace on one line (Show Votes)
1 226491 Tooltip on search field (Show Votes)
34 votes used out of 100 allowed.

groovy (bug list)
1 175320 IDE keeps scanning & rescanning project dependencies w/o source changes (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

guibuilder (bug list)
1 245047 Wrong indentation in gernerated code blocks (Show Votes)
1 245881 GUI element not correctly marked/highlighted in Design view (Show Votes)
1 245886 First try to compile the missing components instead raising error message (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

ide (bug list)
1 42157 [65cat] Make IDE Settings movable without import (Show Votes)
1 51033 IDE settings are not imported automatically when starting qbuild first time (Show Votes)
1 94286 project libraries (Show Votes)
1 112771 Provide a way how to find exceptions reports reported by a user (Show Votes)
1 117143 [60cat]Bug/feature issue tool (Show Votes)
1 124047 Update IDE related paths in JDK platform descriptor (was: Bad imported data in .netbeans\6.0\config\Services\Platforms\org-netbeans-api-java-Platform) (Show Votes)
1 186906 [69cat] Make all applying actions consistently available from any arbitrary entry point (Show Votes)
1 201802 Cache the cache to RAM (Show Votes)
8 votes used out of 100 allowed.

installer (bug list)
1 58381 [41cat] Install-dir, change default -> 'Program Files\Java\netbeans-4.x' (Show Votes)
1 108948 More explicit start menu item (Show Votes)
1 118376 Provide download packages with no bundled app servers (Show Votes)
1 118415 [60cat] Add "OS independent ZIP" to the combo box on the download page (Show Votes)
1 118533 [60cat] Customizing install packs (Show Votes)
1 198739 JUnit plugins when installed in userdir are not available for NBM development (Show Votes)
1 203138 Should user be warned if JUnit installed in userdir as installdir is not writable? (Show Votes)
1 207506 Move .nbi to OS specific default location (Show Votes)
1 210988 Add advanced settings screen/button to NetBeans installer dialogue (Show Votes)
1 215529 More transparency about module's install location (Show Votes)
1 215534 Add combo box for plugin install location beside Install button (Show Votes)
1 233068 Fails to launch due to missing access bridge files (Show Votes)
1 244847 In case of missing permissions, log should provide more verbose information (Show Votes)
1 254024 A command line option to install plugins and define installation into a shared location (Show Votes)
14 votes used out of 100 allowed.

java (bug list)
1 46298 Allow to specify JVM parameters for running JUnit tests (Show Votes)
1 47507 [40cat] Transitively required libraries not automatically added to runtime classpath (Show Votes)
1 51972 No reasonable message when test generation is skipped (Show Votes)
1 52083 JUnit checks class attributes even if just a single class is selected (Show Votes)
1 52153 Do not skip package-private classes by default (Show Votes)
1 53402 Allow to import properties (Show Votes)
1 55291 Find usages only searches project classes, not JDK + libraries (Show Votes)
1 57703 [65cat][60cat][41cat] Add 'compile' to editor's context menu (Show Votes)
1 57799 Frames in Swing Html-Browser (Show Votes)
1 58123 [41cat] Don't enable JUnit in J2ME projects (Show Votes)
1 78887 Project properties and don't sync (Show Votes)
1 86828 [68cat] VM-Crash caused by static code (Show Votes)
1 107936 [60cat] JUnit-settings are imported badly (Show Votes)
1 108582 Request manifest header added to JAR noting JDK used for compilation (Show Votes)
1 108952 [65cat] Add JUnit sources to IDE to enhance debugging (Show Votes)
1 109297 Why forbidden package (Show Votes)
1 109737 [68cat] Inconsistency in project properties window (Show Votes)
1 111463 [60cat] Auto Comment tool missing in NB 6.0 (Show Votes)
1 113140 Wrong result on stack overflow (Show Votes)
1 122677 [60cat] Add run.test.jvmargs to (Show Votes)
1 123955 [68cat] Hint "Field hides another field" should distinguish between static and instance fields (Show Votes)
1 129619 Extend Javadoc for JUnit while upgrading to the latest version (Show Votes)
1 130352 [65cat] Tests don't compile on default java platform (Show Votes)
1 134008 Debugger continues to end on "Step Over" (Show Votes)
1 136428 Add javap support to IDE (Show Votes)
1 137352 Module Java Refactoring threw java.lang.AssertionError (Show Votes)
1 141894 [65cat] Build Main Project disabled (Show Votes)
1 142416 [65cat] JUnit test run fails (Show Votes)
1 144051 [65cat] erroneous properties overseen (platform independency violated) (Show Votes)
1 145154 [65cat] Add return value to refactor "change method parameters" (Show Votes)
1 145671 [65cat] after disabling, CoS is still in action (Show Votes)
1 147000 Dependent source roots are not re-scanned on modifications (Show Votes)
1 152789 [67cat] Error badges after Renames (Show Votes)
1 158218 [67cat] Clean and Build not picking up changes in final static variables (Show Votes)
1 172712 [68cat] CoS indicator (Show Votes)
1 177261 [68cat] Scanning projects blocks Code-Formating (Show Votes)
1 183836 [69cat] Inability to generate certain Javadoc member scenarios (Show Votes)
1 185539 [69cat] "Surround with try-catch" generates printStackTrace() (Show Votes)
1 185747 [69cat] Variant ${run.jvmargs} for use from <junit> (Show Votes)
1 186206 Change Method Parameters: Refactor method generic return type (Show Votes)
1 203121 Support rename refactoring on labels. (Show Votes)
1 207647 Format refactoring in JavaDoc (Show Votes)
1 215082 Extend "Find Usages" on language keywords (Show Votes)
1 224692 [73cat] Improved rename refactoring for class name changes (Show Votes)
1 230534 Add Find Usages scope for project(s) + dependencies (Show Votes)
1 240025 [80cat] rename of package does not affect test (Show Votes)
1 245048 Ignored classpath order (Show Votes)
1 245825 Missing error badge after externally replacing linked jar (Show Votes)
1 246071 Dependent jar not integrated in project manifest (Show Votes)
1 246171 Support to copy external files into the project (Show Votes)
1 246374 Classes in Test Package not compiling when referring to classes of other project's Test Package (Show Votes)
1 246439 Menu compile disabled after change of file reference (Show Votes)
1 246485 Do not disable Compile action (Show Votes)
1 246505 Missing continuation indentation (Show Votes)
1 246950 Project problem: "One or more project resources could not be found" every time I start IDE (Show Votes)
1 254176 Inconsistencies while adding library paths (Show Votes)
1 258924 Provide byte code view for all classes - plugin available (Show Votes)
57 votes used out of 100 allowed.

javame (bug list)
1 58122 [41cat] Badge, indicating excluded classes to permit "Run File" to work if that file and transitive static deps are compilable even if other classes in project are not (Show Votes)
1 65577 [50cat] Find button is gray (disabled) in VMD file (Show Votes)
1 72045 IAE: File URL pointing to JAR is not valid classpath entry. Use jar: URL. Was: file:/C:/Programme/Java/netbeans-5.0beta2/mobility7.2/src/ (Show Votes)
1 72423 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1; Url jar:file: .../package-summary.html has charset null (Show Votes)
1 75550 J2MEUNIT - test method signature should have capitalized words (Show Votes)
1 85263 WTK: make WTK installation optional (Show Votes)
1 101722 Bundle newer WTK with MP 6.0 (Show Votes)
1 129610 Wrong link to NB 6.0 in NB 6.0.1 (Show Votes)
8 votes used out of 100 allowed.

obsolete (bug list)
1 19398 my issues appear in my start page (Show Votes)
1 27338 Care for the User (Show Votes)
1 49829 Better VCS integration for packages in Projects tab (Show Votes)
1 51807 UI issues to be solved into promotion E (NetBeans 4.1) (Show Votes)
1 55579 help in using subversion or (better): wizard for beginners (Show Votes)
1 57803 [41cat] VCS settings in project's folder (Show Votes)
1 58124 [41cat] No 'Up-to-date' after Undo (Show Votes)
1 58134 [41cat] Provide Import... on existing CVS working directory (Show Votes)
1 59743 No docu for the "Subversion" profiles (Show Votes)
1 59877 [Subversion] Folder private shouldn't be imported to repository (Show Votes)
1 59878 [Subversion] No entry in Versioning menu (Show Votes)
1 59879 [Subversion] No SVN working dir node in Versioning tab (Show Votes)
1 119885 [60cat] Add fat bold headline to the issues/show_bug.cgi (Show Votes)
13 votes used out of 100 allowed.

php (bug list)
1 188774 Please do not auto-complete my quotes (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

platform (bug list)
1 57798 Permit userdir to be split into preferences vs. cache (Show Votes)
1 109548 Button for currently edited package in task list (Show Votes)
1 109549 Button for marked files/folder in task list (Show Votes)
1 141952 [65cat] Image for Replace button (Show Votes)
1 142672 [65cat] Hide file extensions (Show Votes)
1 144039 [65cat] Inconsistent paths for ext jars (Show Votes)
1 145109 [65cat] Better user name setup (Show Votes)
1 145207 [65cat] Quick search wastes space in toolbar (Show Votes)
1 151787 [65cat] Can't save + can't discard overwrite -> DATALOSS (Show Votes)
1 160806 [67cat] org.w3c.dom.DOMException: NAMESPACE_ERR: An attempt is made to create or change an object in a way which is incorrect with regard to namespaces. (Show Votes)
1 161966 [67cat] Can't re-move Favorites link (Show Votes)
1 168597 [67cat] Display deviations from defaults (Show Votes)
1 172512 Editor should allow multiple rows of tabs (Show Votes)
1 182495 [69cat] Avoid restart IDE where ever possible (Show Votes)
1 185733 [69cat] "Close right Documents" for editor tabs - plugin available (Show Votes)
1 188643 Can't copy text between Netbeans and external applications (Show Votes)
1 189440 [69cat] About info not properly copied to clipboard (Show Votes)
1 201745 Turn off update notifications in nightly builds (Show Votes)
1 203183 IDE launch aborts without notice (Show Votes)
1 204345 Quickly reopen last tab (Show Votes)
1 246438 Wrong error badges (Show Votes)
1 254206 Show non-default plugins in Plugins dialogue (Show Votes)
1 255342 Sorting plugins by date (Show Votes)
23 votes used out of 100 allowed.

projects (bug list)
1 44035 Create sharable library descriptor (Show Votes)
1 75084 Bad settings on upgrade from 5.0beta2 to 5.0 final (Show Votes)
1 76120 D&D into projects view and files view (Show Votes)
1 77680 [60cat] Missing context menu Items: Compile/Run/Debug File (Show Votes)
1 90801 Drop-down config combo in Run button (Show Votes)
1 108976 Broken Library (Show Votes)
1 117259 NB 6 freeform project icon is ugly and too big (Show Votes)
1 147180 [65cat] Enhance Library Manager to manage relative paths (Show Votes)
1 255740 Support dependency on Test Packages in java j2se projects (Show Votes)
9 votes used out of 100 allowed.

uml (bug list)
1 79814 [60cat] "Collapse Operations" in UML-Diagram (Show Votes)
1 79817 Endless redefines ... in loop (Show Votes)
1 122646 Template User Configuration Properties are not available (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

updatecenters (bug list)
1 162481 [67cat] Open Sourceless Java Classes plugin does nothing (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

usersguide (bug list)
1 59566 Wrong entry in Help "Project Configuration" (Show Votes)
1 59606 Help page headlines should clarify affiliations (Show Votes)
1 108957 [60cat] Wrong + missing help links on Options Subversion (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

utilities (bug list)
1 61949 No Diff command options accessible (Show Votes)
1 64694 Ulf wants icons for Search and Replace(was: [60cat] More space in toolbar) (Show Votes)
1 99059 Bad scrolling behavior in diff window (Show Votes)
1 119818 [60cat] search results sort buttons gone (Show Votes)
1 122803 [60cat] Make it clear whether Ctrl-F should fallback to Find in Projects... if editor is not active (Show Votes)
1 140174 [65cat] Combo-boxes in 'Find in Projects' do not work properly (Show Votes)
1 243824 Cant edit result section during "resolve conflict" (Show Votes)
1 245573 Make versioning diff operate panel more compact (Show Votes)
1 246290 Allow editing in "Resolve Conflicts" 3rd pane (Show Votes)
1 247043 Cannot apply patch (Show Votes)
10 votes used out of 100 allowed.

versioncontrol (bug list)
1 65188 error checking out from cvs (Show Votes)
1 66852 [65cat][50cat] Remove CVS labels from editor title (Show Votes)
1 73949 Export project ability (Show Votes)
1 79923 CVS -> Show Changes failed (Show Votes)
1 80890 [68cat][65cat][60cat] Hide Versioning Labels particularly in editor tabs (Show Votes)
1 108663 Tooltip/menu for svn version and log info (Show Votes)
1 109562 Also colouring of package item (Show Votes)
1 109629 Can't execute diff and commit on EOL disparity (Show Votes)
1 122669 [60cat] Disable svn items (Show Votes)
1 122670 [60cat] Disable cvs items (Show Votes)
1 124436 Support for Bazaar from Canonical LTD (Show Votes)
1 128569 [69cat] Support for Mercurial queues (Show Votes)
1 138090 commit items remain repeatively at 'Exclude from commit' (Show Votes)
1 141882 [65cat] SVN ignore removed by New -> Folder (Show Votes)
1 141885 [65cat] Subversion -> Show Changes displays nonsense (Show Votes)
1 143980 [65cat] Missing "Update to revision" (Show Votes)
1 155045 Project and file browsers not updated after using the command line and adding new files in NetBeans doesn't add them to the SubVersion working copy (Show Votes)
1 175899 gnome-keyring ask login password when use svn update (Show Votes)
1 177793 SVN : GNOME Keyring is locked and we are non-interactive (Show Votes)
1 180634 Files are getting forgotten when committing (Show Votes)
1 185111 [69cat] Support for Mercurial Queues Extension (Show Votes)
1 215486 Uninstall CVS module corrupted Local History module (Show Votes)
1 245046 Clarify title of versioning Update dialogue (Show Votes)
1 245050 Provide GUI access to hg "backup changesets" (Show Votes)
1 245172 Add "Branch" column to "Search History->Diff" view (Show Votes)
1 245340 Incorrect diff upon generated code (Show Votes)
1 245438 Provide "amend" option for commit (Show Votes)
1 245574 Show current revision and branch with "Show Changes" (Show Votes)
1 245575 Indicate current revision in history list (Show Votes)
1 246202 Wrong preselection after Diff to Revision (Show Votes)
1 246203 No field update of selected item in "Select Revisions to diff" dialogue (Show Votes)
1 246204 Display branch assignment in "Select Revisions to diff" dialogue (Show Votes)
1 246242 Allow multiple "Show Changes" tabs (Show Votes)
1 246289 Provide a button to switch between 1st and 2nd parent in diff view (Show Votes)
1 246372 Confusion about "Locally Copied" and "Locally Renamed" (Show Votes)
1 246499 Unable to tag arbitrary revision (Show Votes)
1 247042 Encoding error after patch export (Show Votes)
1 247049 Allow to open/update a project directly from a given repository (Show Votes)
38 votes used out of 100 allowed.

web (bug list)
1 121172 [60cat] Enable CSS Style Builder for embedded CSS (Show Votes)
1 122659 [60cat] No Undo because of editor focus lost (Show Votes)
1 122660 [60cat] Properties not catched by "html - Style Builder" (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

www (bug list)
1 176248 [68cat] Size of description field on add-attachment (Show Votes)
1 178016 Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed (Show Votes)
1 181761 [69cat] missing plain Java component in NetCAT simple bug form (Show Votes)
1 195839 Strange redirects between project homepages (Show Votes)
1 205099 Comment fields not stretched to browser width (Show Votes)
1 206296 Provide summary tool tip on bug links (Show Votes)
1 206315 Expired Certificate (Show Votes)
1 226034 Corrupted patch diff view in Firefox browser (Show Votes)
8 votes used out of 100 allowed.

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