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apisupport (bug list)
1 170531 Module dependencies does not work reliably (Show Votes)
1 187071 Huge performance regression compiling java module suite (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

connecteddeveloper (bug list)
1 204668 NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/mylyn/commons/net/AuthenticationCredentials (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

editor (bug list)
1 99443 support emacs set-mark-command (C-Space, C-@) (Show Votes)
1 166236 NPE/AE from ErrorAnnotator.<clinit> (Show Votes)
1 206261 Code completion is unworkable slow (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

ide (bug list)
1 65959 [50cat] Missing settings in Modern view of Options dialog (Show Votes)
1 129658 Threading issue on startup (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

java (bug list)
1 96196 [65cat] Java node misses its sub nodes (Show Votes)
1 98134 Add context menu entries for Navigator nodes of a class (Show Votes)
1 188325 NoSuchMethodError:;Ljava/util/concurrent/Callable;)Lorg/netbeans/modules/java/source/JavadocHelper$TextStrea (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

javaee (bug list)
1 90804 JPA cannot be used in JSE module suite project (Show Votes)
1 120110 Group Java EE Module Projects Under Parent EAR Project (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

platform (bug list)
1 71501 Support an option to create a new tabset when cloning a document editor window (view). (Show Votes)
1 90590 IllegalStateException: Assertion failed. WindowsAPI is required to be (Show Votes)
1 120656 [NIMBUS] umbrella for issues related to Nimbus Look and Feel (Show Votes)
1 132334 [NIMBUS] Tabs for Nimbus L&F (Show Votes)
1 135712 [NIMBUS] --fontsize does not work (Show Votes)
1 135718 [NIMBUS] Cell renderer paints rectangle in tree which hides background for selected cell (Show Votes)
1 136293 [NIMBUS] Windows are missing vertical border (Show Votes)
1 137454 [NIMBUS] Text is not visible while rename (Show Votes)
1 147577 [Nimbus] Almost unreadable tabs of version controlled files (too dark) (Show Votes)
1 150720 [Nimbus] Missing border between tabs and editor toolbar (Show Votes)
1 158328 IllegalStateException: Some of a set of deleted nodes are not present in the original ones. See #15478; you may need to check that your Children.Keys keys are safely comparable. i: 1 j: 0 This: org.op (Show Votes)
1 160431 AssertionError: visnodes.size()=7 snapshot.size()=4 (Show Votes)
1 164847 Warnings which request reporting (Show Votes)
1 166026 AssertionError: Should be called from AWT thread (Show Votes)
1 166989 IllegalStateException: Known problem in JDK occurred. If you are interested, vote and report at:, Also se (Show Votes)
1 170031 Use of embedded browser crashes JVM on "older" linux distros (Show Votes)
1 170486 JVM crash caused by SIGSEGV in embedded browser (Show Votes)
1 174467 NullPointerException at javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthContext.getPainter (Show Votes)
1 177162 [68cat] ClassCastException:$UIResource cannot be cast to [I (Show Votes)
1 185479 Asynchronous CookieAction's performAction method is always called with an empty array of nodes (Show Votes)
1 187844 StackOverflowError at ChildrenArray.nodes (Show Votes)
1 197559 ExternalDropHandler instances registered at the global lookup are ignored. (Show Votes)
1 200991 ETable ignores customized TableColumnSelector (Show Votes)
1 205137 Two Toolbars menu in main menu View (Show Votes)
1 205178 EDT violation when using (Show Votes)
1 205835 Closing editor clone not handled correctly; editor TC out of sync with disk file (Show Votes)
1 213396 NoClassDefFoundError: org/openide/util/ImageUtilities$CompositeImageKey (Show Votes)
1 213404 ClassNotFoundException: org.openide.util.actions.ActionInvoker (Show Votes)
28 votes used out of 100 allowed.

projects (bug list)
1 163295 InterruptedException at java.lang.Object.wait (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

webservices (bug list)
1 211962 NoClassDefFoundError: org/openide/util/Enumerations$1RDupls due to use of WebServices (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

xml (bug list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per bug in this product.)
1 107858 [65cat] Stabilize xml/multiview (Show Votes)
1 130270 XML editor for own xml file type throws Exception/Assertion (Show Votes)
1 131040 DataObject.find() does not work for own xml file type (Show Votes)
1 172611 XML completion with schema says "no documentation ..." (Show Votes)
1 188593 schema enabled xml files attributes auto-completion is broken (Show Votes)
1 188941 regression in XML formatting (Show Votes)
1 190087 Unable to use local XSD schema for XML validation (Show Votes)
7 votes used out of 100 allowed.

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