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db (bug list)
1 137787 SQL History: Provide sortable columns (Show Votes)
1 144112 [65cat] Support a alias for database connection (Show Votes)
1 144504 [65cat] Display # of records displayed in SQL History window (Show Votes)
1 144505 [65cat] Make columns in SQL History window sortable (Show Votes)
1 144509 [65cat] Better Display of Tabs in SQL Results window (Show Votes)
5 votes used out of 100 allowed.

editor (bug list)
1 143759 java.lang.AssertionError: ModCount already updated (Show Votes)
1 152534 Slow java refactoring (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

java (bug list)
1 25377 Batch "fix imports" and "format" for entire project (Show Votes)
1 100758 [65cat] Implement beans refactoring (and improve encapsulate fields) (Show Votes)
1 111463 [60cat] Auto Comment tool missing in NB 6.0 (Show Votes)
1 113822 multiple code formatting, import/export (Show Votes)
1 122109 Implement Optimize Imports (Show Votes)
1 123464 Improve UI for resolving broken references (Show Votes)
1 130738 ide can not find the jar files when these jars in project directory (Show Votes)
1 134990 Source path modification initiated from build script starts scanning. (Show Votes)
1 157576 copylibstask should be deleted and standard ant tasks used instead (Show Votes)
1 183703 Import Statement Organizer (Show Votes)
1 190242 Create project from existing sources could have more defaults (Show Votes)
1 194533 Project with existing sources gives no ability to reference original directory from IDE (Show Votes)
12 votes used out of 100 allowed.

javaee (bug list)
1 142054 Inline rename does not work for JSPs (Show Votes)
1 142504 IDE Freezes using the JSP Editor (Show Votes)
1 142833 Scalability issue with jsp file opening comparing to Eclipse (Show Votes)
3 votes used out of 100 allowed.

profiler (bug list)
1 70211 Add "Notes" tab to profiler snapshot (Show Votes)
1 105819 Provide ability to use Stopwatch Profiling Points without any instrumentation (Show Votes)
1 116765 Add Profiling Points Wizard - Stopwatch Enhancement (Show Votes)
1 116770 Export Profiling Point Report to File (Show Votes)
1 116776 Consistency in Naming of Profiler Point Actions/Menus (Show Votes)
5 votes used out of 100 allowed.

versioncontrol (bug list)
1 80890 [68cat][65cat][60cat] Hide Versioning Labels particularly in editor tabs (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

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