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apisupport (bug list)
1 64612 [50cat] Branding application: Icon (*.icn) of windows-launcher(*.exe) (Show Votes)
1 66422 Enable COMMAND_RUN_SINGLE for non-tests in NBM projects (Show Votes)
1 153635 Support the new "Compile on Save" feature in NetBeans Platform Modules (Show Votes)
1 221781 Maven NB RCP compile time annotation processing doesn't work correctly with compile on save turned on, and it is turned on by default; must perform a clean and build for annotations to be processed correctly (Show Votes)
1 225255 NbTestCase fails with Maven and JavaHelpSet (7.2) (Show Votes)
1 232669 Allow layer browsing even without a layer.xml (Show Votes)
1 234899 "Platform Modules" GUI in Project Properties for Maven-based platform projects (like for Ant) (Show Votes)
1 251047 Modules created with maven generate "No updater.jar specified, cannot validate Info.xml against DTD" warning (Show Votes)
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editor (bug list)
1 133943 Make the IDE usable during scanning (Show Votes)
1 196323 addPropertyChangeListener w/o matching removePropertyChangeListener (Show Votes)
1 208312 Editor scrolls back on Escape after partial match with Ctrl+F search (Show Votes)
1 213829 Hardcoded line wrap character (Show Votes)
1 215260 Opening search bar with Ctrl+F incorrectly initiates first search (Show Votes)
1 228822 IDE sometimes freezes for 4 seconds after editor save (Show Votes)
1 229029 Default editor font ugly on MacOS Java 7 (Show Votes)
1 237724 Poor editor performance with Java 7 and retina display on OS X (Show Votes)
1 240513 Checkmark next to "Show Editor Toolbar" menu item can get out of sync with actual setting (Show Votes)
1 241199 Font size does not adjust for HiDPI displays (Show Votes)
1 241652 Horizontal scrollbars stay put even after edited file no longer contains a long line (Show Votes)
1 241898 Viewport is scrolled to cursor before preferred size has been updated. (Show Votes)
1 241953 Visual cursor position not updated when editor resized under line wrap (Show Votes)
1 242113 Line wrap should avoid spaces at the beginning of break lines (Show Votes)
1 242115 With line wrap enabled, cursor at end of line is painted at beginning of next line instead (Show Votes)
1 248664 HighlightingManager does not track changes to HighlightsLayerExcludes correctly (Show Votes)
1 249052 Slow rendering of complex HTML markup (Show Votes)
1 269451 Scroll position flips back on scrolling with mouse wheel. (Show Votes)
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installer (bug list)
1 198739 JUnit plugins when installed in userdir are not available for NBM development (Show Votes)
1 225014 Create desktop and startmenu link using the branding icon (Show Votes)
2 votes used out of 100 allowed.

java (bug list)
1 55291 Find usages only searches project classes, not JDK + libraries (Show Votes)
1 112566 java.lang.AssertionError: Start offset must be before the end offset. startOffset = 617, endOffset = 608 (Show Votes)
1 181726 [74cat] Make hints configurable per project (Show Votes)
1 226299 Contains Main Class Badge does not show. (Show Votes)
1 233098 The following options were not recognized by any processor: '[eclipselink.canonicalmodel.use_static_factory]' (Show Votes)
1 235958 Compile error is not shown in editor nor editor icon (Show Votes)
1 236403 Javadoc popup is poorly rendered (Show Votes)
1 243024 Use FindBugs compatible with JDK 1.8 (Show Votes)
1 247282 Code completion does not offer initializing constructor for final fields (Show Votes)
1 258801 Editor not showing compilation errors (Show Votes)
1 269324 "Dereferencing possible null pointer" after doing instanceof on variable (false positive) (Show Votes)
1 269459 Type error not shown in Java editor when calling method with wrong argument type involving an inferred type (Show Votes)
12 votes used out of 100 allowed.

javaee (bug list)
1 193821 [70cat] index.xhtml shows errors in the editor (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 100 allowed.

platform (bug list)
1 38117 API to hide the title bar in a TopComponent (Show Votes)
1 61836 Chaeckboxes in TreeTableView should be centered or customized (Show Votes)
1 82086 [floating] Choice between JDialog and JFrame for floating window container (Show Votes)
1 105054 hints need to be placed in task list (and be more aggressive) (Show Votes)
1 177820 No logging in output window during execution (Show Votes)
1 208081 Node's Action Popup Menu does never show icon (Show Votes)
1 216655 Font anti aliasing broken when using Java SE 7 (Show Votes)
1 218305 4 copies of (Show Votes)
1 219853 when pressing "delete" key (not backspace, the other), it deletes 2 spaces instead of 1 (Show Votes)
1 225366 NetBeans quit unexpectedly while using the liblwawt.dylib plug-in (Show Votes)
1 225445 Mouse cursor wrong when swithing to IDE from another process using Command+Tab (Show Votes)
1 226192 Maximized window size wrong after screen resolution change (Show Votes)
1 230690 OutlineView drag-and-drop sometimes (Windows) or always (MacOS) selects spurious nodes (Show Votes)
1 231336 [JDK8] Editor steels focus from modal dialog (Show Votes)
1 233513 org.openide.actions.PasteAction$ActSubMenuModel.getPasteTypesOrActions: LowPerformance took 10099 ms. (Show Votes)
1 234245 DelegateAction.putValue() does not notify PropertyChangeListeners (Show Votes)
1 235202 IDE should support all functions in PAC files (Show Votes)
1 236349 NullPointerException during a drag&drop operation from/to Outline (Show Votes)
1 236718 In-place rename of OutlineView node should select existing text when editing starts (Show Votes)
1 236719 In-place rename of CheckableNode in OutlineView forgets to take checkbox width into account (Show Votes)
1 237469 Avoid "System network proxy reloading failed!" warning from NbTestCase in NB JUnit (Show Votes)
1 237926 Actions assigned to Meta+EQUALS fire twice when keyboard shortcut invoked (e.g. "Zoom Text In") (Show Votes)
1 238079 OutlineView cell renderers drawn improperly when row selected (Aqua L&F) (Show Votes)
1 238197 OutlineView forgets to set selection colors before FocusListener is invoked the first time (Show Votes)
1 238634 Windows do not stay in position with Dual Monitor using Mac OS X Mavericks (Show Votes)
1 239304 Splitpanel hangs sometimes.. (Show Votes)
1 239745 Retina display support (new icons etc.) (Show Votes)
1 241363 Font property editor should anti-alias its font example as appropriate (Show Votes)
1 241399 "Different Values" property editor checkbox misaligned on Aqua (Show Votes)
1 241562 OutOfMemoryError: can't create offscreen surface (Show Votes)
1 241916 Property sheet quick search selects first letter (Show Votes)
1 242722 "No Properties" text in empty property sheet window not anti-aliased (Show Votes)
1 242809 Floating window on secondary monitory pops back to primary monitor (MacOS) (Show Votes)
1 242917 Every node change calls potentially expensive NbClipboard.getContents() (Show Votes)
1 242979 Output window contents garbled when cleared by other thread (Show Votes)
1 243270 Actions.connect fails to update JMenuItem's enabled state in main menu (Show Votes)
1 243483 AWT thread hangs for several seconds after every editor save (Show Votes)
1 243787 Javadoc for ChildFactory.Detachable.removeNotify() needs warning about appropriate use cases (Show Votes)
1 243896 "Different Values" property editor checkbox misaligned/not properly disabled (Show Votes)
1 243922 When selecting multiple checkable Outline nodes, pressing space should check/uncheck all of them (Show Votes)
1 244003 Space to toggle CheckableNode does not work in OutlineView when node is programmatically selected (Show Votes)
1 245116 PAC file execution fails on JRE8 (Nashorn) (Show Votes)
1 245196 Support undo/redo (UndoRedo) from property sheet (Show Votes)
1 245200 No Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) (Show Votes)
1 247882 NullPointerException at Outline.editCellAt( (Show Votes)
1 248083 Node expansion arrows in "Projects" tab drawn on top of components underneath (Show Votes)
1 251441 On Aqua, sub-tabs in "Output" tab have vertically off-center text and close buttons (Show Votes)
1 252667 No maximize editor window anymore (Show Votes)
1 252884 OutlineView/ETable quick search should not scroll back on escape, mouse click, or mismatched character (Show Votes)
1 267962 30s delay upon first connecting to a localhost database (due to URLClassLoader trying to DNS-resolve nbinst URL in URL.hashCode) (Show Votes)
1 268681 Quickly clicking left/right button to switch through Output/Search Results/Usages tabs maximizes the TopComponent. (Show Votes)
51 votes used out of 100 allowed.

projects (bug list)
1 229353 "At most one resource per module" when layer.xml included in Maven NB Platform app with CoS enabled (Show Votes)
1 229354 "MNBMODULE-131: need to at least run package phase" warning when running pristine Maven-based platform application (Show Votes)
1 234897 Compile-on-Save for Maven-based platform projects not working (worked in previous dev. version) (Show Votes)
1 246176 When executing tests on Maven, Compile-on-Save does not catch changes in other modules (Show Votes)
1 257563 surefire 2.19.1 show no test results windows (Show Votes)
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