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Bug 22382

Summary: Properties panel should be updated for the selected XML element
Product: xml Reporter: Asgeir Asgeirsson <asgeir>
Component: Text-EditAssignee: _ pkuzel <pkuzel>
Severity: blocker    
Priority: P4    
Version: 3.x   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Windows ME/2000   
Issue Type: ENHANCEMENT Exception Reporter:
Bug Depends on: 17868    
Bug Blocks:    

Description Asgeir Asgeirsson 2002-04-12 17:16:25 UTC
Then the caret position of the XML text editor is located 
inside an XML element (or node), the properties for that 
element should be shown in the properties panel.  The 
properties panel should be consistent to the properties 
panel for the element in the tree view.  Properties and 
Customize actions should be available in the context menu 
and should have the same effect as the same actions in the 
context menu of the tree editor.

The properties window should be refreshed in the same way 
as done in the the java source editor.  In the java 
editor, the properties are shown for methods, but the XML 
editor should show them for Nodes.
Comment 1 _ pkuzel 2002-04-12 17:21:49 UTC
Implementation is not so trivial. It requires position information. It
in fact means that we must rewrite Xerces 2 XMLScanner to provide them
(no ouf-of-stock parser provides position info).

Once having those positions we need their mapping to XML document
model (beware text editor must stay independent on tree editor).
Comment 2 Asgeir Asgeirsson 2002-04-12 18:21:56 UTC
Isn't it possible to traverse up tree of Syntax elements 
in the XML editor, collect the path information and 
traverse down coresponding DOM tree to locate the node?
Comment 3 _ pkuzel 2002-04-12 18:30:27 UTC
It is a possibility. But:

 - it does not scale well
 - it does not work for any DTD (internal) related stuff

On the other hand it sounds pretty simple and therefore worthy to try
Comment 4 _ pkuzel 2002-06-03 12:26:17 UTC
Let these are considered while planning next release.
Comment 5 Marek Grummich 2002-07-19 16:58:18 UTC
Target milestone was changed from not determined to TBD
Comment 6 Asgeir Asgeirsson 2002-10-16 18:42:54 UTC
I have implemented this.  

I added getProperties() method to the 
org.netbeans.modules.xml.api.model.GrammarQuery interface, 
taking HintContext as parameter.  If the GrammarQuery 
being used by an XML document returns Node.Property array, 
it is displayed in the properties panel.  

To allow GrammarQuery implementations to update attribute 
values using the HintContext, I had to implement the 
setValue() method in 
org.netbeans.modules.xml.text.syntax.dom.AttrImpl and the 
setAttribute() method in 

If the GrammarQuery.getProperties() method returns null 
value, the Properties panel displays the attributes of the 
selected element in the text editor.
Comment 7 _ pkuzel 2002-10-17 10:27:51 UTC
Nice work.

I'm not sure if making syntax.dom mutable is correct approach because
it violates HintContext interface specification promising read-only
DOM. It may appear as problem in future. 

However extreme programing paradigm allows it :-).
Comment 8 _ pkuzel 2003-02-06 10:38:28 UTC
This functionality is targeted to  be a part of NetBeans 3.5 standard release.
At this moment it is necessary to stabilize it fully, pass I18N checks, pass
A11Y checks, pass UI checks and properly document it.