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Bug 45209

Summary: Setting project as main project not easily discoverable
Product: projects Reporter: Ana.von Klopp <avk>
Component: Generic Projects UIAssignee: jrojcek <jrojcek>
Severity: blocker    
Priority: P3    
Version: 4.x   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Issue Type: DEFECT Exception Reporter:
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Bug Blocks: 41535    

Description Ana.von Klopp 2004-06-18 20:19:35 UTC
I created a project and forgot to set it as my 
main project. 

Now I want to build it. The build menu doesn't 
offer a way to do it - it will just build the main 

And I can't easily figure out how to set my new 
project as my main project - I checked the project 
properties but it wasn't there. 

What do I do if I need to build two projects in 
tandem - one tag library and one web module for 
example? Am I really supposed to run build on the 
ANT target on the files tab? 

I would really like a comile action, at least on 
the sources folder, to verify that the stuff I'm 
working on is OK.
Comment 1 Jesse Glick 2004-06-18 23:02:19 UTC
1. There is a Set Main Project action in the File menu and it is also
available in the context menu of every project in the Projects tab.

2. All projects can be built from their context menus in the Projects
tab, main project or not. There is no need to go to the Ant script.

3. The default is for newly opened, and newly created, projects to be
set as main.

4. If you have no project set as main, and try to build the main
project, you will be prompted to choose one to set as main at that time.
Comment 2 Ana.von Klopp 2004-06-18 23:27:41 UTC
I didn't say that there was no way of doing it, the bug description 
says that it is not easily discoverable. So let's discuss this a 
little more before you close it as invalid (and preferrable involve 
the HIEs). 

I have several projects mounted (so I guess it wasn't the last one I 
mounted that I wanted to build, but that's immaterial). I want to 
build one of them. 

It does not strike me as natural to go to the "File" menu to set 
something at a project level. I would expect to find that in a 
"Project" menu, or somewhere on the project itself - I don't expect to 
see that action in a menu called "File". 

As for building - OK - there is apparently a build action. I missed it 
because for whatever reason, the IDE seems to come up with the files 
view and not the projects view selected, and seems to shift to the 
files view while I'm running it too (has this been filed). But that 
brings up the issue - why can't I initiate the build from the files 
view? Because I can initiate building the main project from there...

Comment 3 Jesse Glick 2004-06-19 01:17:36 UTC
"...and preferrable involve the HIEs" - AFAIK the HIEs *have* been
involved all along and the current behavior was settled on. I will
leave it open for Jano to comment on, but significant changes for D at
this point (after feature freeze) are unlikely. Minor changes like
menu labelling may be possible. No particular opinion re. "File" vs.
"Project" (vs. both).

(We did use to have Set Main Project in both the Build and Run menus,
since both contain main-proj-sensitive actions, but this was deemed
too confusing and so it was moved to the File menu where other generic
project-wide actions live.)

"the IDE seems to come up with the files view and not the projects
view selected, and seems to shift to the files view while I'm running
it too" - I'm not sure what you're talking about exactly, but such
things sound like fodder for separate bug reports (with details to

"why can't I initiate the build from the files view?" - you can, on
the build script that is. The Projects tab is the primary UI element
for working on projects according to the principal development-time
support features. The Files tab is explicitly discouraged for this
purpose and is there as a fallback for operations that are impractical
or impossible in the Projects tab. Among other things, there is not a
1-1 mapping between projects and top-level nodes in this tab. The two
tabs are intentionally differentiated both visually and behaviorally.

"I can initiate building the main project from there" - you can build
the main project regardless of what window(s) are open and where the
focus is; it is a global action.
Comment 4 jrojcek 2004-06-21 10:44:57 UTC
We did 2 usability studies and I don't remember participants having problems with 
building a project.

I agree with one portion of this bug report saying that if the user accidentally works in the 
Files window, she might have problems discovering the Build contextual actions. In the 
usability studies a few users worked the whole time "accidentally" in the Files window.

But as I said, there were no problems in the usability studies with building projects... 
closing as wont-fix.
Comment 5 Marian Mirilovic 2005-07-12 10:04:04 UTC