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Bug 105075 - Provide an Entity/Relationship Diagram tool
Summary: Provide an Entity/Relationship Diagram tool
Status: NEW
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Product: db
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Version: 6.x
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Assignee: Libor Fischmeistr
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Reported: 2007-05-29 22:57 UTC by David Vancouvering
Modified: 2016-11-01 10:56 UTC (History)
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Description David Vancouvering 2007-05-29 22:57:57 UTC
Add a new tool to NetBeans that supports entity/relationship diagrams, including
the ability to import schemas from existing databases and to generate the DDL
from an E/R diagram to create tables that match the diagram.
Comment 1 tbrantb 2008-01-15 16:14:34 UTC
As the visual query tool supports adding tables to a diagram and the keys & relationships are properly identified. A
simple way to detach that from the "design a query" interface and save in some format which is exportable to an image or
pdf file would be an excellent start to this. Followed by auto-layout, then DDL generation. This would make for a very
useful tool. The MyEclipse database tool has a similar feature that I'm sorely missing after my switch to NetBeans.
Comment 2 David Vancouvering 2008-01-15 17:09:45 UTC
FYI, an E/R module is being worked on by a volunteer team from the American University in Cairo.  They have some working
code, and are planning to make this available to the community within the next few months.

Please vote for this if you think this is an important feature, as it will affect our prioritization as to when and if
we will integrate their work into NetBeans proper.
Comment 3 andrelewis 2008-04-23 07:15:20 UTC
Optionally it would make sense to add the capability to the UML diagramming code generation targets, as DDL.  Same 
thing with the reverse engineering, reverse engineer to class diagram or some such.
Comment 4 David Vancouvering 2008-04-23 18:55:50 UTC
Just want to let you all know we are very aware of the need for this feature.  We are having to carefully prioritize
features, and there are some other things we need to get to first (like basic improvements to our SQL Editor). 

It is encouraging that MySQL Workbench has solid E/R diagramming capabilities - have you looked at it?  We are in the
midst of discussions with the team that built this to figure out how to best integrate this functionality into NetBeans.

Regarding using UML, yes, that has come up before and is another approach.  We'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks
for the tip.
Comment 5 ray_cardillo 2008-06-16 17:14:23 UTC
We're working with a customer who is heavily invested in Oracle technology, and JDeveloper 10g handles this quite 
nicely.  However, I was trying to converge upon a single IDE for our developers and NetBeans satisfies most of our 
Java EE development needs quite nicely.  NetBeans has come a long way for Enterprise level devleopment, but not having 
good browsing and authoring support for something as fundamental as the ER diagram of a database is a big hole.  It's 
actually discouraging that the feature was available as a pluging previously and has been lost in the shuffle.  I 
suspect the low vote count is because people are looking to other tools, but please consider prioritizing this higher 
in the queue since it is a very highly requested feature for Enterprise Architects and Developers.
Comment 6 David Vancouvering 2008-06-16 17:35:10 UTC
Thanks for this request.  It has been on the middle tier of our priority list, based on the surveys and interview we
have done it is not a top priority for most developers, and it is a very large feature.  

Each time someone takes the time to put a request in for this, it moves up in priority, so you are definitely heard. 

We are focusing currently on features that are even more of a priority for users, in particular a better SQL editor. 
But this is definitely on our radar.
Comment 7 krahimpur 2008-07-31 10:01:11 UTC
We're using NetBeans since quite a long time and having this feature would definitely enrich it. I just stumbled upon
this issue looking for info on how to create the er diagrams for a rather large db (ofbiz). Seems we'll still have to
use eclipse for that in the meantime ...
Comment 8 David Vancouvering 2008-07-31 17:05:24 UTC
Yes, there are a lot of votes for this issue.  E/R diagram is not a small feature.  I'd like comments from watchers of
this issue: is a read-only diagram a good first step?  Or is it not worth it unless it's read/write?

Comment 9 _ ahimanikya 2008-07-31 17:15:47 UTC
I would like to see read/write capability, so that I can integrate these with Data Management product suite
(specifically ETL Editor), our MDM users are also very interested in this.
Comment 10 Jan Horvath 2008-07-31 17:20:48 UTC
David, I would be satisfied with read-only diagram. I think we have enough feature in the IDE to modify schema and data, but only schema visualization is 
Comment 11 ophers 2008-07-31 23:58:51 UTC
David, I concur with jhorvath that developing read-only capabilty would be a valued first step.

Comment 12 krahimpur 2008-08-13 08:59:26 UTC
IMO a read-only diagram would be a good first step, having schema visualization integrated would sure be a worthy feature.
Comment 13 mikfreeman 2008-09-12 10:32:29 UTC
Read only diagram would be great to start. 
Comment 14 petrus 2008-09-26 16:19:13 UTC
This is a prior feature from my point of view. So, +10 for the support of ERD diagram with Netbeans 6+.

Comment 15 dhoyt 2008-10-01 16:25:48 UTC
This would be a very important feature for me as well.  Previously I've been using Azzurri Clay in Eclipse, which does
most of what I need.  I recently switched to NetBeans for a new work site, and am sorely missing this capability.
Comment 16 rpr 2008-10-04 22:18:39 UTC
Many people (including myself) develop applications db driven; and so the very first tool they need is an ER designer.
So this would be a great enhancement especially when you want people to migrate to netbeans.Thanks a lot!
Comment 17 David Vancouvering 2008-10-16 22:57:10 UTC
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Comment 18 bukasov 2008-10-21 11:57:25 UTC
Like davidvc i use JDeveloper to build E/R-diagram. It will be nice have such tool in NetBeans. Thank you.
Comment 19 pedalshoe 2009-01-05 16:00:22 UTC
It would be a good thing to be able to reverse engineer a database and create an ERD for databases that we establish
connections to, like MySQL, Oracle, and others. (especially MySQL).
Comment 20 kunkurus 2009-07-12 04:14:07 UTC
I need supports entity/relationship diagrams!
Thank you.
Comment 21 kunkurus 2009-07-12 04:14:49 UTC
I'd like that Netbeans supports entity/relationship diagrams!
Thank you.
Comment 22 Jiri Rechtacek 2009-10-16 14:16:15 UTC
Reassigned to new owner.
Comment 23 dalcais10 2009-12-03 12:54:40 UTC
Just like to add a vote for this feature.  It's been very useful in the past.  Thank you.

John Hogan
Comment 24 Jiri Rechtacek 2009-12-04 00:58:04 UTC
dalcais10, please don't change version when this issue was filed. Thanks
Comment 25 Jiri Rechtacek 2010-01-20 07:44:58 UTC
please don't change version when this issue was filed. Thanks
Comment 26 funkalee 2010-02-12 01:12:26 UTC
We need that tools to make a really "Le seul IDE dont vous aurez besoin", an Entity relationship plugin interfaceable by jdbc with any database, and supporting the Merise analyse methode and able to convert it to a UML ERD. Defenetly you'll become the number one in france with that kind of tools.
Comment 27 jbsabmello 2011-01-19 05:36:57 UTC
We always must be on top of Eclipse. If they have and very nice job that they did, than we must have
Comment 28 compojoom 2011-04-05 15:39:31 UTC
Netbeans should have this out of the box .
Comment 29 matthias42 2014-08-24 19:56:21 UTC
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Comment 30 alex108 2015-05-26 12:06:02 UTC
It will be great feature of NB to support ERD designer with various RDMDS support!
Best Regards,
Alexey Makhov.
Comment 31 wiegleyj 2015-10-07 17:32:01 UTC
And... 7 years later...

It's not like ER diagrams or databases are necessary to most of business infrastructure so I guess it is reasonable that Netbeans ignore this sort of trivial functionality request.

But it's ok if you're one of the weird people designing databases. ERMaster is pretty damn great. You just have to put up with Eclipse for it.

I love netbeans for its excellent polish and integration. But frankly the shiniest car in the world is useless without wheels and this is where Eclipse is absolutely killing netbeans.
Comment 32 pedrohidalgo 2016-11-01 10:56:10 UTC
Probably for a lot of developers this plugin can solve their need:

It can generated class diagrams from database and sql code from class diagrams among other important features.