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Bug 37119 - Updater.jar is included in autoupdate.nbm
Summary: Updater.jar is included in autoupdate.nbm
Alias: None
Product: platform
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Autoupdate (show other bugs)
Version: 3.x
Hardware: All All
: P1 blocker (vote)
Assignee: Petr Hrebejk
Depends on: 37133
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Reported: 2003-11-10 11:00 UTC by Antonin Nebuzelsky
Modified: 2007-04-01 03:27 UTC (History)
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Description Antonin Nebuzelsky 2003-11-10 11:00:33 UTC
According to the autoupdate module owner comments
at the bug #37010
updating updater.jar is not and will not be
supported. Because autoupdate.nbm contains
updater.jar, there is no safe way of updating
autoupdate module.

This must be corrected!
Comment 1 Petr Hrebejk 2003-11-10 11:14:03 UTC
Not AU problem, obviously.
Comment 2 rnovak 2003-11-10 11:45:32 UTC
I'm sorry, the module owner is responsible for the NBM content,
not an UC administrator. This is a problem in the NBM of autoupdate
Comment 3 Unknown 2003-11-10 23:46:01 UTC
There are two issues here:

1. Inability to update updater.jar.
I have created a bug to track this issue seperately 

2. Problems while updating autoupdate module.
Since autoupdate module includes updater.jar and updater.jar cannot be
reliably updated, it means autoupdate module cannot be reliably
updated!! This is a serious issue since fixes to autoupdate modules
cannot be made available to users via au center.

The issue needs to be resolved in one of two ways:
- Either the product will support updating updater.jar.
- Or updater.jar should be removed from autoupdate.nbm. This way, even
if fixes to updater cannot be made available, at least autoupdate
module fixes can be made available to users.
Comment 4 Unknown 2003-11-11 21:22:44 UTC
Correction: The new related bug created is 37133 (and not 37119,
though all three bugs are related).
Comment 5 Unknown 2003-11-11 21:30:07 UTC
The description says "Because autoupdate.nbm contains updater.jar,
there is no safe way of updating autoupdate module.". Is this true
only if there are any changes to updater.jar itself? Or does the
update of autoupdate module fail, even if updater.jar itself is not
Comment 6 Antonin Nebuzelsky 2003-11-13 15:16:48 UTC
> Is this true only if there are any changes to updater.jar
> itself? Or does the update of autoupdate module fail, even if
> updater.jar itself is not patched?

Karthik, it seems that the problem appears only if the updater.jar has
changed. I guess Hrebejk is kind of right that it is weird patching
updater.jar worked for us in the past. The problem can be related to
the fact that a jar which is loaded into memory is overwritten on disk
with a different version of class files.
Comment 7 Unknown 2003-11-14 05:34:50 UTC
If the problem is that updater.jar cannot update itself, is it
possible to support it by handling this file alone in a special way?
For instance, the updated jar file could be stored under a different
name and renamed backed when the IDE restarts. (If this is made
possible, then it probably wouldn't matter whether updater.jar is part
of autoupdate nbm or not).

I think the ability to update updater.jar is important as critical
issues could come up in the jar that can only be solved by an update.
Comment 8 Petr Hrebejk 2003-11-14 14:27:18 UTC
Hmm the only reasonable way how to do this (without large changes of
starter scripts and exe launcher) is to try to find iut wheteher the
updater.jar has to be updated and update it while the ide is still
running. This would cause all the modules to be updated with the new
updater.jar which may or may not be a good feature.

However I don't see thos to be criotical that much. Updater just
unpacks the files. I don't see ehat are the critical reasons for
updating it.

Currently I have no time for adding this feature. So don't expect it
to be implemented soon. 
Comment 9 Petr Hrebejk 2003-11-24 13:02:14 UTC
Fixed un main trunk
Comment 10 Unknown 2003-12-22 17:24:35 UTC
IMO, the issue 37133 and this issue are really about the same problem.
- Autoupdate fails while updating updater.jar.
- Since updater.jar is included in autoupdate.nbm, autoupdate hangs
while dealing with this nbm; but if and only if updater.jar itself has

The solution proposed in this issue record (removing updater.jar from
autoupdate.nbm) does not really solve the issue. If and when 37133 is
fixed, then updater.jar will need to be included in an nbm and
autoupdate.nbm is the logical choice. Therefore removing it now from
autoupdate may not be necessary.

The following is my suggestion:
- Undo the changes made to remove updater.jar from autoupdate.nbm.
- Reopen this bug and close it as 'not a bug'.
- Until 37133 is resolved, updater.jar should not be modified. 
Comment 11 Jan Chalupa 2004-01-07 16:22:13 UTC
Hmm, thinking about it, it seems safer to exclude updater.jar from
autoupdate.nbm until issue #37133 is fixed. There's a chance that
someone incidentally makes (possibly unnecessary) changes to
updater.jar that will cause problems when delivering autoupdate.nbm
patch. Having to remember not to touch updater.jar until #37133 is
implemented seems more prone to error.

Obviously, after #37133 is resolved, the implementor must remember to
modify the build scripts to include updater.jar in autoupdate.nbm.
I'll set a dependency between these two issues as a reminder.
Comment 12 Lukas Hasik 2004-02-26 14:47:25 UTC
Tondo, could you please verify ? Thanks advance.
Comment 13 Antonin Nebuzelsky 2004-02-26 15:56:33 UTC
Karthik, please, verify and set this issue to VERIFIED if ok. Thanks.
Comment 14 Unknown 2004-02-26 15:59:01 UTC
Verified that trunk build excludes updater.jar from autoupdate.nbm.