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Bug 41163 - [SDI] windows mode get iconified incorrectly when using virtual desktops
Summary: [SDI] windows mode get iconified incorrectly when using virtual desktops
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Classification: Unclassified
Component: Window System (show other bugs)
Version: 3.x
Hardware: All Linux
: P3 blocker (vote)
Assignee: Milos Kleint
Keywords: RELNOTE
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Reported: 2004-03-19 23:58 UTC by lsanders
Modified: 2008-12-23 00:31 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: DEFECT
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some of my KDE config options - screenshot. (37.01 KB, image/png)
2004-03-25 13:45 UTC, Milos Kleint

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Description lsanders 2004-03-19 23:58:53 UTC
Hi all - not sure if this falls in DEFECT or
ENHANCEMENT land.  It's my first netbeans issue,
so please be gentle :)

The KDE window manager seems to iconify all
windows when you leave a virtual desktop, and then
restores them when you return.  This is causing an
issue with NetBean's SDI windows.

If KDE iconifies the main window first, then
Netbeans will hide all other windows and things
move on happily.  Unfortunately, sometimes
(randomly) KDE will iconify some or all of the
sub-windows first.  When the main window is
iconified, it will hide the (now iconified) sub
windows, and KDE will not be able to restore them
when you return to the virtual desktop.  Thus, the
sub-windows remain iconified, which has been
frustrating me :)

I found the logic controlling this behaviour in, in
the method changeStateOfSeparateViews.  I played
around with a few changes (like explicitly
un-iconifying all windows that are iconified) with
mixed results - it worked, but the focus was in
the wrong place, and the z-ordering of the windows
was different (which, b.t.w. is how it appeared to
work in NB3.4).  In the end, I just commented out
the calls to the method - I lose the nice little
ability to hide all the windows by iconifying the
main, but that's not really that important to me.

In the end, perhaps it would be best to provide a
configuration option to enable/disable this behaviour?
Comment 1 Marian Mirilovic 2004-03-20 10:27:20 UTC
reproducible on Gnome, I don't know what we will do for virtual
desktop in the future , but will be nice to improve behaviour of
(de)iconifying windows after switching virtual desktop .....
Comment 2 Milos Kleint 2004-03-25 13:44:42 UTC
hmm. doesn't happen to me on my Redhat's KDE.. what options do you use
in KDE for it to happen?
Comment 3 Milos Kleint 2004-03-25 13:45:49 UTC
Created attachment 14147 [details]
some of my KDE config options - screenshot.
Comment 4 lsanders 2004-03-25 14:04:44 UTC
I've got pretty much the same taskbar settings as you show in the
screen shot.  The only difference is that I have the "Show window list
button" unchecked.  It does appear that we are running different
versions of KDE - I am using KDE 3.2.1.  I wonder if they changed the
behaviour of Desktop Switching in the newer versions?
Comment 5 Milos Kleint 2004-03-25 14:24:41 UTC
I didn't manage to reproduce when I unchecked that one.
What JDK version are you running?

It can be that KDE changed behaviour, I will try to investigate once I
install mandrake10 on my home linux box.
Comment 6 lsanders 2004-03-25 14:28:27 UTC
$ java -version
java version "1.4.2_04"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_04-b05)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_04-b05, mixed mode)
Comment 7 Marian Mirilovic 2004-03-31 06:14:16 UTC
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Comment 8 avenet 2004-03-31 10:17:13 UTC
I got the same problem:

I am using nb 3.6rc1 in "Seperate Windows Mode" on
linux red hat 9 (gnome 2.4).  When I change desktop, all the
windows (editor, file explorer, output) except the
main window (with all the menus) get automatically

It is very erratic.  At times no windows get iconified, at other time
 all windows except the main and editor are left open.

This is not the case with nb3.5.1 !

I'll try and see if I can find something on gnome/kde sites.  

Comment 9 Marian Mirilovic 2004-03-31 12:52:53 UTC
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Comment 10 Marian Mirilovic 2004-03-31 12:56:32 UTC
Milos, please look at it , 4 reports in last week , I can reproduce it
on Gnome :
- run IDE
- switch to SDI
- open form (have opened more than one separate IDE's window
- switch to another virtual desktop
- switch back to one with NB opened
-> only main window (sometimes Filesystems window) is opened , all
others are iconified without possibility to waking up by IDE , if I
want to see iconified window I must switch to them by Ctrl+Tab ....
Comment 11 Milos Kleint 2004-04-01 06:40:53 UTC
Problem: GNOME for some reason (unknown to me) iconifies all the
windows on non-active desktops. Not only that but also in an
unpredictable order (at least I haven;t figured the algorithm there). 
What our window system does in SDI when the main window gets iconified
is this: minimize itself and make all child windows invisible. that
way we 1. hide all child windows + preserve their frame state, eg.
when a child window was iconified, it stays that way even after the
main window get uniconified.

If I disable the said mechanism, I will have to reopen around 10+ bugs
dealing with bad shortcuts, focus, window behaviour etc..

trying to figure a workaround here. It indeed renders the IDE unusable
when using under GNOME+ SDI window mode in Nb.
I haven't found any workaround in Gnome to disable the iconification
of windows on desktop switching..
Comment 12 Milos Kleint 2004-04-01 12:58:53 UTC
fixed in trunk (or rather workarounded).

the code attempts to maintain constatent state using timestamps and
filtering out the computer generated (GNOME) window events.
Comment 13 Jan Chalupa 2004-04-02 07:14:08 UTC
This should be released noted for 3.6.
Comment 14 Patrick Keegan 2004-04-05 16:07:13 UTC
proposed relnote: 

When using the IDE's SDI mode on some Linux window managers, IDE
windows are inappropriately iconified when you switch between virtual

Workaround: Use the IDE's MDI mode.
Comment 15 Milos Kleint 2004-04-07 13:13:07 UTC
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Comment 16 Milos Kleint 2004-04-07 13:14:55 UTC
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Comment 17 Marian Mirilovic 2004-07-28 07:40:16 UTC
verified in [nb_dev](200407271830)
Comment 18 Marian Mirilovic 2004-07-30 10:07:42 UTC
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