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Bug 41238 - NPE when converting wm to regular java dir
Summary: NPE when converting wm to regular java dir
Alias: None
Product: javaee
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Code (show other bugs)
Version: 3.x
Hardware: PC Windows XP
: P2 blocker (vote)
Assignee: Petr Jiricka
Keywords: RELNOTE
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Reported: 2004-03-24 00:30 UTC by Ana.von Klopp
Modified: 2007-08-03 08:49 UTC (History)
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Issue Type: DEFECT
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StackTrace for NPE (2.57 KB, text/plain)
2004-03-24 00:31 UTC, Ana.von Klopp
Error page created by Tomcat server (41.72 KB, text/html)
2004-04-14 23:22 UTC, Ana.von Klopp

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Description Ana.von Klopp 2004-03-24 00:30:15 UTC
I was following the web services tutorial and 
erroneously created a web module and then realized 
I was supposed to build a jar file of the current 
source first. 

I copied the files from WEB-INF/classes to the 
root of the web module and then unmounted 
WEB-INF/classes. I then attempted to delete 
META-INF and WEB-INF. Got an exception.
Comment 1 Ana.von Klopp 2004-03-24 00:31:21 UTC
Created attachment 14108 [details]
StackTrace for NPE
Comment 2 Ana.von Klopp 2004-03-24 00:31:37 UTC
This is in RC1. 
Comment 3 Ana.von Klopp 2004-03-24 00:45:42 UTC
Actually, this is worse than I thought - I get an NPE whenever I 
select the directory after that. I had to restart the IDE to make that 
go away. 
Comment 4 Marek Fukala 2004-03-25 09:07:06 UTC
Ana, I agree there should be a way how to make the filesystem 
non-webmodule, but in my opinion, deleting the WEB-INF folder or the
deployment descriptor is quite rare and abnormal case and hence it is
IMHO not a P2. 
Comment 5 Ana.von Klopp 2004-03-25 19:51:37 UTC
I can't think of a method *other* than deleting the WEB-INF directory  
to turn it into a non-web module :) so I don't see how this is a 
corner case. 

Do you think it's unusual for people to create a web module when they 
needed to create a regular directory? Maybe it is, I don't know. (But 
at least I have done it before - see issue 40099 where I complained 
about something else in that context - back then the IDE didn't get as 
screwed up as it does now though. 

The point is that if you do make a mistake that requires you to 
convert a web module to an ordinary directory, basic IDE operations do 
not work. A user can reasonably expect to be able to unmount a 
directory from the file systems tab (it's a UI action), and to delete 
a directory (likewise) without the IDE getting into such a state that 
it needs to be restarted. 

Instead, we'd have to explain that they need to exit the IDE before 
doing the delete from the command line. 
Comment 6 Marek Fukala 2004-03-26 08:06:02 UTC
I still thing this is very unusual case. The *other* way I mentioned
could be something like a new action Tools -> Cancel Webmodule.
Anyway, IMO this discussion is useless since we wont be likely able to
fix this to 3.6. In 4.0 the existence of a j2ee project itself will
-fix- this problem (I hope noone will create a j2ee project by an
accident and try to convert it to a j2se project by deleting a bunch
of files ;-) ).
Comment 7 Ana.von Klopp 2004-03-26 15:59:42 UTC
I am a little worried that we speculate what users do and do not do 
this way. 

I have said I think it's OK to waive it privately, but Ann has said 
that there might be release criteria that prevents this: that we can't 
release the product with a known NPE. If that's the case, then it's 
irrelevant what UI actions may be introduced or removed in the future. 
The only thing that matters is that the UI action is there and doesn't 
work. We've been wrong before when we guess how people go about 
Comment 8 Ann Sunhachawee 2004-03-26 17:35:08 UTC
I've been given the impression (and agree with) that we should try to
catch all NPE that we know of and can reproduce. Otherwise, it just
gives the user a bad impression of the product. If we're lucky, they
file an issue. If we're not, they may abandon the IDE.

The bug might not have to be completely fixed but at least the NPE is
caught somehow and perhaps the user gets an error dialog or something
telling them how to proceed. I guess in this case the user has to
restart the IDE.
Comment 9 Petr Jiricka 2004-03-29 10:05:22 UTC
Yes, we should try to at least catch all NPEs and display a friendly
message, but not in high resistance mode. The fact that the exception
appears is not a showstopper, hence we should not fix it now. I will
ask for a waiver.
Comment 10 Jan Chalupa 2004-03-31 15:15:33 UTC
Waiver approved.
Comment 11 Patrick Keegan 2004-04-01 17:37:40 UTC
Chris, one more in the relnote parade....
Comment 12 Chris Kutler 2004-04-06 22:55:26 UTC
For the Release Notes

Online help topic "Changing Web Module Filesystems Into Standard
Filesystems" is incorrect.

If you follow the instructions in this topic, the IDE will output Null
Pointer Errors (NPEs) when you try to open files for editing. Use the
following instructions instead.

1. Unmount the filesystem.

2. In the operating systems file manager, move any files under WEB-INF
that you want to save, and delete the WEB-INF directory. Do the same
with the META-INF directory. You must rename or delete both of these

3. Remount the filesystem.
Comment 13 Ana.von Klopp 2004-04-14 23:22:18 UTC
I changed the behaviour of the monitor to include the text as 
described, but I don't think it's enough. I will attach the resulting 
page from Tomcat in the next message. 

The problem I have is that the text combined with the stack trace 
makes it look like it is the MonitorFilter that is causing the 

I think that this text needs to make this clear, or otherwise I'll 
just get a bunch of bugs logged against the monitor. 

I would prefer to start the message with: The HTTP Monitor's server 
side component has caught a java.lang.StackOverflowError. This happens 
when an infinite loop in the web module... 

The way things are, it looks like the message comes from the Tomcat 
Comment 14 Ana.von Klopp 2004-04-14 23:22:56 UTC
Created attachment 14399 [details]
Error page created by Tomcat server
Comment 15 Chris Kutler 2004-04-15 00:31:13 UTC
I think you posted to the wrong bug, but your revised text is ok with me.
Comment 16 Ana.von Klopp 2004-04-15 01:03:59 UTC
Ooops, disregard my last messages!
Comment 17 Petr Jiricka 2004-06-28 13:37:59 UTC
This appears to be fixed. In NetBeans 4, no unexpected behavior after
deleting WEB-INF and META-INF is observed.

Comment 18 Dan Kolar 2007-08-03 08:49:10 UTC