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Testname: File properties selection

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Stefan Baltzer

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Valid for version: StarOffice8 PP8

Test purpose:

Verify that the values of File - Properties... - General are selectable and can be copied into the clipboard

Known issues:

Preconditions of test:

- NONE -

Test documents:



Select File - Properties

Status: Preliminary


- Create a new Writer document
- Save document
- Modify document
- Save document
- Print document

Repeat for the selectable fields in File-Properties Dialog:
- Type
- Location
- Size
- Created
- Modified
- Digitally signed** (see note below)
- Last Printed
- Total Editing Time
- Revision Number

- Insert-Fields-Other... (set respective field into document)
- Read the field content from the document
- Compare this string with the respective one from the dialog "file-properties..", Tab "General"

** Note: For "Digitally signed", such a document can not created by an Autotest,
so a prepared document might be feasible.





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File properties selection

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13.04.2007 Testcase specification created Stefan Baltzer