Testname: Functions: Base parameter of LOG now optional

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Oliver Craemer

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Valid for version: OpenOffice.org_3.1

Test purpose:

Verify that the LOG function works correctly

Known issues:

Preconditions of test:

The test describes the english version. Localized version have to choose the localized functionname

Test documents:



Function Wizard Status: Preliminary -

  • Open new spreadsheet document
  • Select cell A1
  • Open function wizard by INSERT-Function
  • On tabpage Functions choose category All
  • Choose function LOG
  • Press NEXT button
  • Verify that the BASE operator is not Bold (for optional)
  • Enter 3.62 for number
  • Press OK button
  • Verify that cell A1 now shows 0.56
  • Close document

Load/Save Status: Preliminary -

  • Open testdocument log.ods
  • Verify that cells H7,H9,H10,H12,H14,H15,I7,I9,I10;I12 and I14 are green
  • Verify that cells H8,H11;H13,H16,H17,I8,I11 and I13 are showing Err:502
  • Save file to *.ods (Version 1.2)
  • Save file to *.ods (Version 1.0 (TOOLS-OPTIONS-LOAD/SAVE)
  • Save file to *.xls
  • Save file to *.sdc
  • Save file to *.sxc
  • Close document
  • Load all saved files and verify that the cells H8:I17 are showing the same result as before
  • Close documents





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Functions: Base parameter of LOG now optional

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16.12.2008 Testcase specification created Oliver Craemer