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21 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
100229 Base code issues UNCO --- In a date field (with no default date registered) in a form, the current date isn't displayed 2013-02-07
30523 Writer ui issues CONF --- Introduce grouping and multiselection of Writer fly frames (frames, graphics, OLE objects) 2017-05-20
24923 Writer ui issues CONF --- Borders as graphics 2017-05-20
62843 General scriptin issues CONF --- Ability to use JavaScript in pdf-forms 2020-05-06
62973 Impress ui issues CONF --- Saving the marks made with pen during a slide show 2013-02-07
64400 Build To GNU make issues CONF --- Test Summanry 2017-05-20
73008 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Conditional Formatting 2016-05-23
89197 Writer editing issues CONF --- Tablet PC Request > Ink Comments 2013-09-12
99218 General code issues CONF --- Changing shape text by API does not set doc modified 2014-02-01
100464 Math ui issues CONF --- Two new symbols needed for Formulas 2018-12-30
102009 Calc ui issues CONF --- You cannot change the position of a note in Calc using the "Move cursor" 2013-01-29
103928 Base code issues CONF --- Possibility to write and read description for table, form or reports 2013-02-07
104443 General ui issues CONF --- Export in the ics format (iCal format) 2013-02-07
109773 Writer ui issues CONF --- [Notes2] Cannot change default style of a comment (font, size, ...) 2018-11-12
71468 Calc code issues ACCE --- More possibilities to specify permissions on protecting a sheet 2017-10-17
76193 Calc code issues ACCE --- Timefield shows h:60 instead of h+1:00 2017-05-20
96462 General ui issues ACCE --- Assigning a macro to an event - textboxes should be editable 2017-05-20
108303 Base code issues REOP --- [DBF]: Primkey can not be set for existing columns via GUI table editor 2013-01-29
97972 Impress code eric.bachard CLOS FIXE Added drawing features for OOo Impress 2017-05-20
105204 Base ReportBu issues CLOS DUPL Show checkboxes instead of text "true" or "false" for a boolean field 2017-05-20
97762 Base code needsconfirm CLOS IRRE Exporting a base table into CSV text file: Unicode code replaced by ? sign 2010-11-29
21 issues found.