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13 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2131 Calc formatti issues CONF --- RFE: ability to merge cells already merged 2013-08-07
3545 Writer ui issues CONF --- Easier Cropping and rotating of images 2017-05-15
10865 Calc ui issues CONF --- Moving/Copying -Single- Cell using click-n-drag 2017-05-20
15378 ui ui issues CONF --- Crop option to have the picture actually cropped and new image placed in document 2013-02-07
15379 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Add ability to resize inserted pics (save pics with reduced resolution) 2019-04-06
21588 General chart issues CONF --- export chart as postscript, image (PNG, BMP...) or pdf 2016-05-01
23963 Impress ui issues CONF --- Copy/Paste Browser Images into Open Office Presentation/Drawing 2017-05-20
43460 Calc ui issues CONF --- Create Chart interface for DataPilot 2014-02-09
71009 General code issues CONF --- Offer configurable options for file/graphic compression 2013-02-07
96813 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Changing the decimal place lose the defined unit of a number 2013-01-29
60586 General ui michael.ruess CLOS FIXE implement filters for Office Open XML (aka OOXML, aka MS Office 2007) 2010-11-11
62948 Installa code requirements CLOS FIXE auto-update feature for OpenOffice please 2009-07-01
103195 Calc formatti spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Remove or insert column eventhough selected range is merged 2009-06-30
13 issues found.