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27 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5156 Math ui issues CONF --- colors in formulas 2018-09-04
18462 gsl code issues CONF --- mirror printing - partial printing 2013-02-07
26446 Math code issues CONF --- inherit font size of formulas from paragraph 2013-02-07
40747 General ui issues CONF --- Two seperate commands both named Insert>Formula 2014-09-30
45128 General www issues CONF --- Silent Failing is Bad Practice (Font fallback and Glyph Fallback) 2013-02-07
49971 General chart issues CONF --- Histogram chart 2013-09-25
51429 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Search and replace w/o color changes cell color 2013-08-07
57616 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- WW8. Writer's tables do not support spacing between table cells 2013-02-07
58515 Writer formatti issues CONF --- add line styles ondulated 2013-02-07
62130 Writer ui issues CONF --- ui for wrap around picture is different in context menue and properties dialog 2017-05-20
78493 Writer configur issues CONF --- missing possibility to define new hyphenpoints in hyphenation dialog 2014-03-11
79878 ui code issues CONF --- OO.o can not select modern font faces conveniently 2017-05-20
87710 Writer ui issues CONF --- Add control for "typefaces" to Formatting toolbar 2013-02-07
103342 Calc editing issues CONF --- replace changes font style (also of other words) 2013-01-29
104749 General chart issues CONF --- Area chart with real X-axis wanted (XY-Area) 2013-09-25
5266 Draw formatti issues CONF --- Formula not resizable 2017-05-04
65335 General ui issues CONF --- Enable windows keybord key "context menu" where 'shift F10' can be used 2013-02-07
69811 Infrastr Bugzilla issues CONF --- Allow more votes per component 2013-02-07
39762 Internat ui issues CONF --- wrong german translation for 'non-breaking hyphen' 2017-05-20
11928 ui ui issues ACCE --- Dialog Compare document... is titled "insert" instead of "pick a file" or sth. 2017-05-20
44243 ui ui carsten.driesner CLOS DUPL undo/restore icons labels are not understandable (can't undo) 2009-11-10
55700 General ui issues CLOS NOT_ Hidden directories can'r be opened in Linux 2017-05-20
111228 Infrastr Bugzilla issues CLOS NOT_ Cannot vote on Issue 45128 2010-05-22
82182 ui ui jimmac CLOS WONT Improve icons for font-color 2012-03-26
23402 Internat BiDi Joost.Andrae CLOS DUPL OpenOffice should indicate when it is using font/glyph substitution/fallback 2009-04-25
33449 Installa ui olaf-openoffice CLOS FIXE OOo needs a constant install directory / folder (Update installation should not use a new directory) 2008-04-30
54944 gsl code requirements CLOS DUPL Provide way to mark forced font replacement 2010-04-28
27 issues found.