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23 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
54322 Base code issues UNCO --- File/print is missing from table relationships screen 2013-02-07
8275 Draw formatti issues CONF --- more border types (dashed, dotted, etc) 2013-04-19
15379 Writer save-exp issues CONF --- Add ability to resize inserted pics (save pics with reduced resolution) 2019-04-06
18651 Writer code issues CONF --- mail merge images fields 2021-02-13
20348 General code issues CONF --- Q-PCD EaseOfUse-MIB-01: AutoCorrect replacements of ordinal numbers has to be international 2019-09-17
20819 General chart issues CONF --- add polynomial regression type 2017-11-30
27439 General ui issues CONF --- Capability to edit OOo OLE object in separate window 2015-01-12
42655 Calc editing issues CONF --- Time values entered in a formula are converted by OOoCalc to decimal numbers. 2013-08-07
52755 Impress installa issues CONF --- .pps files should open in presentation mode as with PowerPoint 2016-03-17
70373 Draw editing issues CONF --- New way for connecting curves and polylines 2013-02-07
72424 Base code issues CONF --- Enable editing of data in queries or table view 2014-06-30
77605 Base code issues CONF --- RPT: in report output the field height doesn't adapt to the content 2013-08-07
90630 ui ui issues CONF --- Ugly background of buttons in Start Center 2013-01-29
96813 Calc formatti issues CONF --- Changing the decimal place lose the defined unit of a number 2013-01-29
107318 General ui issues CONF --- Collecting StartCenter improvements 2017-05-20
9370 Writer code issues CONF --- Off-margin page background 2020-01-26
51485 Base code issues CONF --- change order of fields using Table Designer 2014-06-05
82509 Writer editing issues CONF --- Can't insert multiple rows in a table 2013-08-07
20808 Impress code issues ACCE --- No transitions in Flash export 2017-05-20
25022 Writer ui issues ACCE --- footnote symbols in headings are shown in navigator 2017-05-20
115180 General code thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE OOo does not find Java 6 update 22 2017-05-20
105204 Base ReportBu issues CLOS DUPL Show checkboxes instead of text "true" or "false" for a boolean field 2017-05-20
8664 Calc ui issues CLOS WONT header or footer do not support images (logos), viz non textual format 2017-05-20
23 issues found.