Tue May 11 2021 08:17:23 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
119373 Installa ui issues UNCO --- Request for AOO binary distribution in generic Linux tarball format 2013-07-10
58572 Calc code issues CONF --- No native support for TRUE/FALSE primitives in calc. 2017-05-20
119272 Installa code issues CONF --- user directory file size grows to 160mb due to bundled extensions 2017-05-20
62456 Calc ui issues CONF --- Calc statusbar does not stay hidden 2017-05-20
119330 Internat ui jsc RESO FIXE British English (en-GB) translation for 3.4.1 2013-07-10
112141 General ui arielch CLOS FIXE Reintroduce color codes for mime type icons 2017-05-20
105522 Calc editing issues CLOS DUPL resizing and copying doesn't work in readonly spreadsheets 2017-05-20
119177 General chart issues CLOS DUPL Paste Chart Area loses its contents 2013-07-15
8 issues found.