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20 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
10865 Calc ui issues CONF --- Moving/Copying -Single- Cell using click-n-drag 2017-05-20
12686 General ui issues CONF --- Tabbed Document Windows 2019-02-01
23078 Calc code issues CONF --- calc should open delimited text files no matter the file extension. 2017-05-20
25483 Writer ui issues CONF --- Unpredictable vertical scroll jumps when drag and drop of selected text exceeds top or bottom edge of document contents area 2017-05-20
49362 Calc ui issues CONF --- DDE link cannot use relative file paths 2017-05-20
54377 General code issues CONF --- table user defined number format not saved correctly 2017-05-20
72324 General ui issues CONF --- custom global date formats 2013-02-07
72921 Installa www issues REOP --- distribute installation package as .tar.gz 2017-05-20
35913 Calc ui oc CLOS FIXE reference to content with explicit newlines in cells 2013-08-07
37201 ui ui arielch CLOS FIXE File > Recent Documents should be deletable 2016-04-09
70479 document Manuals gerry CLOS FIXE misspelling: Java Media Framework 2008-05-17
77434 Infrastr Website issues CLOS FIXE Website pages unviewable on 17" monitor 2009-04-12
86116 Calc configur issues CLOS IRRE Tool bar icons not recalled when software re-launched 2017-05-20
66919 ui code ivo.hinkelmann CLOS DUPL Export as PDF dialog is missing labels en-GB build 2008-11-05
79665 Internat code ivo.hinkelmann CLOS FIXE Please add support for language variants to the rsc compiler 2013-08-07
46511 Calc formatti oc CLOS FIXE Calc/Spreadsheet general format not displaying as Qpro, Excel, Lotus 2017-05-20
86115 Calc configur spreadsheet CLOS IRRE Document styles not shown in Tools Customise dialogue 2009-03-28
72559 lingucom other stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Dictionary configuration deleted at upgrade 2009-09-15
69468 General code thorsten.martens CLOS NOT_ Keyboard unicode input (Ctrl+Shift+NNN) fails 2009-04-01
44102 Installa ui requirements CLOS FIXE Where are the install files? RPMs are useless 2013-08-07
20 issues found.