Fri May 14 2021 14:14:50 UTC
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15 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
90415 Impress viewing issues UNCO --- Please include presenter screen in default install set of OOo 2013-02-07
3545 Writer ui issues CONF --- Easier Cropping and rotating of images 2017-05-15
10864 Calc ui issues CONF --- Border/Backgroundcolor button on toolbar is not 'sticky' 2013-08-07
37652 Writer open-imp issues CONF --- set default options for pasting images from HTML content (embed graphics instead of linking them) 2015-02-18
43595 ui code issues CONF --- Please complete implementation of OOo 2 GUI in OOo 3.0 2013-02-07
89609 Draw programm issues CONF --- enable macro recorder in Draw 2013-02-07
97081 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Impress: color tool changes on image are lost when saving as .ppt 2013-08-07
97459 Impress programm issues CONF --- enable macro recorder in Impress 2013-02-07
64822 General chart issues CONF --- Select one, several or all data series 2013-09-25
87672 General code issues ACCE --- autocorrect limit. acor.dat with entry 65535: Loop and/or loss of acor data 2017-05-20
101224 General code issues ACCE --- common autocorrect replacement table for certain languages subgroups (i.e. en-US, en-GB) 2017-05-20
19935 Draw ui issues ACCE --- Tool for measuring angles in draw objects 2013-02-07
112141 General ui arielch CLOS FIXE Reintroduce color codes for mime type icons 2017-05-20
110942 Base code marc.neumann CLOS FIXE Dataview and Grid controls display error with Sqlite ODBC driver 2017-05-20
104412 Writer save-exp openoffice CLOS DUPL WW8: export will dump 33th column of a table 2011-03-04
15 issues found.