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25 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
25942 Calc ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL standard date format not taken from the system properties 2008-08-20
41097 ui ui e.matthis CLOS IRRE Styles and Formating vs Stylist 2005-05-23
28420 Draw ui issues CLOS OBSO Drawing objects not named automatically in navigator 2017-05-20
59391 Installa ui markomlm CLOS WONT Integration Setupguides to Install-Packages 2011-02-10
59025 Writer ui michael.ruess CLOS FIXE UNDO for insert frame moves cursor position to top of document 2013-08-07
3031 Calc ui niklas.nebel CLOS DUPL Graphics linked to cell don't move with cell 2013-08-07
67403 Infrastr Mailing non-migrated CLOS FIXE has intolerable delay 2009-12-14
44262 General ui requirements CLOS FIXE The shape drawing buttons on the draw toolbar should remember the last shape drawn. 2007-09-28
48676 General spell ch stefan.baltzer CLOS FIXE Remove or expand limitation on User dictionary 2013-02-24
57707 Infrastr Mailing stx123 CLOS IRRE Remove open document file format from user lists 2008-05-17
48179 Impress code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Cannot step back slideshow animations 2014-04-25
4219 gsl code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Make Maximum page size 2m x 2m 2008-09-16
8664 Calc ui issues CLOS WONT header or footer do not support images (logos), viz non textual format 2017-05-20
70127 Infrastr Mailing non-migrated RESO FIXE Reuse SMTP connections 2009-01-19
40437 Impress ui issues ACCE --- Preview of slide transition in the slide sorter doesn't work. 2017-05-20
10634 Writer code issues ACCE --- Graphics and other objects don't stick to their paragraphs 2017-05-20
3243 Writer ui issues CONF --- improve justification by condensing spaces as well as expanding 2017-05-20
5156 Math ui issues CONF --- colors in formulas 2018-09-04
11827 Calc code issues CONF --- Sort does not touch cells with embedded graphics files 2017-05-20
47895 General code issues CONF --- Export digitally signed PDF documents 2018-08-04
59363 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Heading 2 as follow of Heading 1 will produce wrong outline numbers 2017-05-20
60651 Impress ui issues CONF --- Slide transition preview should also work in the slide sorter view. 2017-05-20
68287 Writer code issues CONF --- sections in headers are duplicated but can't be altered 2013-08-07
62592 Impress ui issues CONF --- task pane in slide view doesn't reflect transition 2017-05-20
28422 Draw ui issues UNCO --- Add functionality to the navigator in draw 2013-02-07
25 issues found.