Sat Jul 4 2020 16:29:45 UTC
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10 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
125339 General ui issues CLOS DUPL Scrolling with touchpad has problem 2014-08-09
125243 Draw ui issues CLOS DUPL two-finger gesture scroll to left does not work properly 2017-05-20
125053 Calc programm issues CLOS DUPL No matter what direction you swipe horizontally, it always scrolls to right 2017-05-20
125028 Calc ui hdu CLOS DUPL Attempt to scroll spreadsheet left actually scrolls right 2017-05-20
125005 Writer editing issues CLOS DUPL Left Horizontal Scrolling Using Trackpad Scrolls Right Instead 2017-05-20
124993 General ui issues CLOS DUPL Open Office 4.1.0 programs does not respond properly to the two finger left swipe- trackpad 2017-05-20
124956 Calc viewing issues CLOS DUPL Calc: Scrolling in OS X to the left will cause the application to scroll at rapid speed to the right 2017-05-20
124878 Calc viewing issues CLOS DUPL Spreadsheet location jumping to random location 2017-05-20
124873 Calc editing issues CLOS DUPL Problems with pan using Magic Mouse 2014-05-27
124803 Calc viewing issues CLOS DUPL Scroll behaves incorrectly when using trackpad 2017-05-20
10 issues found.