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21 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
53233 Base code issues UNCO --- Combo box to automatically update underlying table if value entered does not exist 2013-02-07
13257 Base code issues CONF --- Form combo box to have multiple columns 2017-05-20
14673 Calc code issues CONF --- use http references as values in cell formulas 2013-02-07
15382 ui ui issues CONF --- Ability to resize a group of selected objects to the same size. 2013-02-07
15498 Writer ui issues CONF --- Change default for page style order: Left Page should follow Right Page 2013-02-07
19518 Base code issues CONF --- drag and drop with ranges in Database View 2013-02-07
23839 Calc ui issues CONF --- Underlines in user defined number format, accounting underlining 2017-05-20
29896 Base code issues CONF --- ignores MS Access record locking 2013-02-07
35238 ui ui issues CONF --- Change behavior of Cancel in Autosave dialog 2013-02-07
18737 Writer code issues ACCE --- spellcheck rejects uppercase version of word after lowercase added (capitalization) 2013-08-23
13314 Draw ui bettina.haberer CLOS FIXE Increase accuracy for dimension lines 2006-08-11
24969 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE [RFE] Presentation should play a sound file over more than one slide 2008-02-28
13154 ui ui h.ilter CLOS FIXE PDF Export: wrong order of "Save as" and "Options" dialog 2007-05-11
47142 Writer formatti h.ilter CLOS FIXE font size 10,5 shown as 10 (in combo box) when selected 2013-08-07
14932 Installa ui issues CLOS OBSO Choosing location of user files. 2019-07-23
18731 Infrastr Mailing non-migrated CLOS NOT_ Unsubscribed user should be added in reply-to field 2009-11-05
29990 Infrastr Mailing non-migrated CLOS FIXE limit size of messages 2021-05-27
14007 Calc editing requirements CLOS DUPL Allow moving rows and columns via drag and drop. Microsoft Excel allows to move rows and columns. Moving columns is not the same as a copy and paste of the data. No empty columns should be left behind. 2013-08-07
4219 gsl code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Make Maximum page size 2m x 2m 2008-09-16
14454 Base code frank.schoenheit CLOS DUPL [RFE] allow to bind image controls to text columns containing URLs 2013-08-07
16788 ui ui issues CLOS OBSO navigator and stylist won´t dock to each other 2017-10-21
21 issues found.