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19 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
68053 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Copying table or table parts 2006-08-01
20854 Native-L www andre.schnabel CLOS DUPL Feature/Design Bug: Kopieren zwischen Writer und Calc 2012-02-01
13316 Writer ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Copying and pasting multiple cells from a Word table to a writer table 2009-01-16
14333 Writer code bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Tables: Interoperability between calc and writer 2006-08-01
26014 ui ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Copy and paste from calc to tables in Writer 2006-08-13
82519 Writer ui eric.savary CLOS DUPL Paste should replace selection 2008-02-02
110978 General code issues CLOS DUPL Move data from Calc to table in Writer 2017-05-20
42010 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Unexpected result on 'paste spezial unformatted' to multiple table cells 2005-02-04
49266 Writer ui michael.ruess CLOS DUPL copying from calc spreadsheet into writer's table incorrectly 2005-05-20
63351 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS DUPL incorrect data copying betwen "calc" and "writer" 2006-03-20
68651 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL cell contents from Calc into Writer table 2006-08-15
70504 Writer formatti michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Copying and Pasting values in the pre-defined tables 2006-11-24
76862 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Bad word to writer cell cut and paste 2007-06-04
85455 Writer code michael.ruess CLOS DUPL import calc-data to writer-tables needs enhancement 2008-01-24
89727 Writer save-exp michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Copy data from Calc to writer doesnt work 2008-05-21
94279 Writer editing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Paste cells from cal into write 2008-09-24
98259 Writer editing swneedsconfirm CLOS DUPL Not pasting cells in the right way 2009-01-19
65750 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS DUPL Copy & Paste calc -> writer 2006-08-01
72398 Writer open-imp eric.savary CLOS DUPL Copy/Paste Tabs table FROM Notepad TO OOoWriter 2006-12-13
19 issues found.