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13 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
20921 Writer code bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL Centering page in Writer 2013-08-07
29905 Writer ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL page is off-center in the application 2004-06-10
13650 Writer code h.ilter CLOS DUPL center page horizontally 2003-09-08
71474 Writer ui Mathias_Bauer CLOS DUPL Document should not be left aligned 2006-11-13
40840 Writer ui michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Document not centered on screen 2005-01-18
42099 Writer ui michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Writer - Documents are not centralized on the screen 2005-02-05
47726 Writer viewing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Page should be centered, not left justified 2005-04-28
57015 Writer viewing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL print layout page should be aligned at center (useability) 2005-10-31
76234 Writer viewing michael.ruess CLOS DUPL Page postioning in Word Processor 2007-04-11
39679 Writer formatti requirements CLOS DUPL Center page on screen 2004-12-30
50137 ui ui requirements CLOS DUPL Center the Document on the Screen (instead aligning it to the Left Edge) 2007-02-03
54372 Writer viewing requirements CLOS DUPL Centering the page when viewing 2013-08-07
63078 ui ui stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL Horizontal alignment of page is to left instead of centre in Writer 2006-03-12
13 issues found.