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27 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2864 Math ui issues CONF --- TeX style formula input whould be welcomed 2013-02-07
7081 General ui issues ACCE --- Put mouse focus of selection in the middle of drop down list boxes content 2013-02-07
7373 General ui issues ACCE --- Colorpicker resizing ; but for increasing "viewable area" (also colorpicker redesign) 2013-02-07
9392 Calc editing issues CONF --- Pressing the "delete" button on a selected cell should not necessarily bring up the "Delete Contents" popup dialog. Excel also does not bring up a dialog on deletion of a cell. 2018-08-28
10166 Writer code issues CONF --- Reference/bibliography management is sorely lacking 2017-05-20
10173 Draw ui issues CONF --- Apply button to dialogs 2014-05-03
12581 General chart issues CLOS DUPL customizable chart defaults 2020-04-16
13939 Base code requirements CLOS IRRE Support binary fields (like images) in OO.o database 2013-08-07
15690 Installa ui issues CLOS OBSO install over older version 2018-08-13
17387 gsl code issues CONF --- PDF-export should support handouts, notes, etc (impress - WYSIWYG export to PDF) 2013-02-07
20105 General code issues CONF --- Adding a custom color selector (easier addition of custom colours) 2013-02-07
20318 Base code issues ACCE --- Q-PCD Database-25: new form controls (multimedia and hyperlink) 2017-05-20
28526 Draw viewing wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Allow anti-aliasing of drawing objects 2009-02-09
29040 Draw ui issues CONF --- Re-organize color palettes by dragging to re-arrange. 2013-02-07
29232 gsl www issues CONF --- New Component Request - Desktop Publisher 2013-02-07
32117 Base code issues CONF --- SQLite SDBC driver for OOo 2020-07-08
33295 Calc ui issues ACCE --- error values in MATCH range match to 0 2017-05-20
35545 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Float tables/graphics across page boundaries like LaTeX 2017-05-20
36505 General ui issues CONF --- Renew color palette - Make a new default color palete for all OOo components. 2013-02-07
40504 xml external issues CONF --- User defined Parameters for XSLT Filter 2013-02-07
40778 Calc formatti requirements CLOS DUPL Calc cell formatting buttons (font & bground colour) not 'sticky' 2013-08-07
49360 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Vertcally align frames at each other 2013-02-07
51370 Writer formatti issues CONF --- too few border line widths 2013-02-07
52922 Impress ui issues CONF --- Clicking on resize handle shrinks spreadsheet undoably 2017-05-20
61320 Draw save-exp issues CONF --- Thin lines are not exported correctly 2013-02-07
61375 Impress save-exp issues CONF --- Video support in PDF 2013-02-07
62948 Installa code requirements CLOS FIXE auto-update feature for OpenOffice please 2009-07-01
27 issues found.