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11 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
77257 Installa ui issues CONF --- File Association Manager for Windows version 2013-02-07
3692 Writer code issues CONF --- Implement 90 deg text rotation in table cells 2019-06-27
11831 gsl code issues CONF --- print pages in specified order 2017-05-20
13791 Writer ui issues CONF --- Text flowing around table should not require frame 2017-05-20
17245 Writer ui issues ACCE --- Delete columns may delete two columns 2013-08-07
65866 Calc code issues ACCE --- COUNTIF, SUMIF don't handle array as range 2017-05-20
64851 Calc code issues ACCE --- sum precision differs for inline and cell arguments 2017-05-20
7553 General code issues REOP --- Performance issue opening document containing Internet reference 2017-05-20
51662 Internat localeda erack CLOS DUPL Read separators and formats from Windows Regional Settings. 2017-05-20
22762 Calc ui niklas.nebel CLOS DUPL Page preview for Selection 2017-05-20
102464 General ui thorsten.martens CLOS FIXE When file is read-only because of rights OOo 3.1 says it is opened by an unknown user 2017-05-20
11 issues found.