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23 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
17497 Writer ui issues CONF --- Macro recorder does not recognize mouse click to shift focus from graphics 2013-08-07
17747 Writer programm issues CONF --- Macro recorder does not record graphics layer 2013-08-07
18339 Calc code issues CONF --- Macro recorder ignores column select 2017-05-20
23186 Calc code issues CONF --- external references to macro function calls are broken 2013-08-07
26116 Writer code issues CONF --- Closing Macro Recording in a different document 2013-08-07
26262 Writer ui issues CONF --- Undoing a macro run should undo the entire action 2013-08-07
68515 Calc programm issues CONF --- Calc - Subtotals can't be automated with the macro 2013-08-07
87799 General code issues CONF --- Macro Recorder disabled in backing mode 2013-07-30
94072 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Macro recorder: Changes to table borders are not assigned 2017-05-20
102902 General code issues CONF --- recorded macro for sort not working 2013-01-29
18011 Writer ui issues CONF --- Macros to change border of tables don't work for HTML imported tables 2017-05-20
20046 General scriptin issues CONF --- [Meta] Macro Recorder Meta Bug 2017-05-20
38013 Calc viewing issues CONF --- MACRO'S FUNCTIONALITY WORKING NOT PROPERLY 2017-05-20
17984 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Macro: Dialog "Format->Page" needs to record attributes 2017-05-20
18035 Calc code issues ACCE --- macro recorder in scalc not recording all border selections correctly 2017-05-20
28323 Writer code issues ACCE --- Macro recording/replaying problem ? 2017-05-20
79935 document Online h christoph.lukasiak CLOS FIXE Limitations of macro recorder like Issue 77654 should be mentioned in Online Help 2008-05-21
26265 Writer code joerg.skottke CLOS IRRE Macro recorder does not record "Insert > Fields" items 2013-08-07
26735 Writer ui joerg.skottke CLOS DUPL macro recorder records incomplete macro 2013-08-07
28952 General ui joerg.skottke CLOS WONT macro using insert object formula 2004-10-26
30013 General ui joerg.skottke CLOS FIXE record macro for paste special does not work 2005-02-22
41623 Writer programm joerg.skottke CLOS WONT macro recording of navigation next does not work 2005-02-01
47043 Writer programm joerg.skottke CLOS NOT_ Can't record macro to simply change a font. 2013-08-07
23 issues found.