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14 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
77257 Installa ui issues CONF --- File Association Manager for Windows version 2013-02-07
8275 Draw formatti issues CONF --- more border types (dashed, dotted, etc) 2013-04-19
11831 gsl code issues CONF --- print pages in specified order 2017-05-20
18179 Writer code issues CONF --- Table: Draw table manually, resizing the table more flexible 2017-05-20
19291 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Split Windows for single document 2014-11-04
26919 Calc code issues CONF --- Calc fails to colour cell references while editing formulas 2017-05-20
34183 Math code issues CONF --- Intuitive UI (input) 2013-02-07
47151 gsl code issues CONF --- Free RGB Color Selection without adding to color table 2013-02-07
98111 gsl code issues CONF --- Cancel button should really cancel printout, not just stop sending more pages 2013-07-30
67620 Writer viewing issues CONF --- Make ToolTip for page/chapter on Scrollbar configurable 2013-02-07
93997 Installa code floeff+ooo CLOS FIXE Portable OOo: formulas distorted (problem with opensymbol font) 2017-05-20
5608 Writer viewing issues CLOS FIXE Navigation button on OOo for hyperlink navigation (provide browser-like back/forward buttons) 2016-07-01
95753 General spell ch stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL Can't add misspelled word to dictionary of username contains national characters 2013-02-24
59171 Installa code CLOS IRRE Shared configuration lost during update 2013-08-07
14 issues found.