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19 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
35860 Draw editing issues UNCO --- User-defined connectors 2013-02-07
4484 ui ui issues CONF --- Resizable dialogs 2013-02-07
17230 Writer code issues CONF --- HTML to PDF Export does not insert page breaks 2013-02-07
21588 General chart issues CONF --- export chart as postscript, image (PNG, BMP...) or pdf 2016-05-01
35292 Writer code issues CONF --- can't delete cross reference 2013-08-07
7726 Draw code issues CONF --- All shape boundary points should optionally work as glue points 2013-02-07
18809 General chart issues ACCE --- Export chart as htm from calc sheet 2013-02-24
33847 Impress editing issues ACCE --- Copy + paste of slide in slide sorter does not paste at insertion point 2018-08-16
34510 Draw ui issues ACCE --- copy/paste of objects in the slide sorter bar should work like in PPT. 2017-05-20
37213 Draw viewing issues ACCE --- should not move them to topleft for which does not have (0,0) in svg:d or draw:points 2017-05-20
12719 Impress ui christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Support for multiscreen displays (dual monitors) 2006-12-12
37778 Impress code christian.guenther CLOS FIXE Animated shapes don't respect Z order during animation 2007-09-09
12836 gsl code eric.savary CLOS FIXE PDF Export: exported file does not retain links to external URLs 2004-11-18
48409 Writer save-exp eric.savary CLOS FIXE [MWEx] Export to MediaWiki 2013-08-07
27745 Calc ui frank CLOS FIXE Basing autofiltering on the result set, not all rows. 2013-08-07
10384 Writer open-imp ooo CLOS DUPL filter to import pdf files 2013-08-07
50804 Impress viewing thb CLOS WONT Custom animations (motion paths) break connectors 2013-08-07
42959 Draw formatti wolframgarten CLOS FIXE svg:stroke-opacity had a opposite value 2006-02-20
44888 gsl code wolframgarten CLOS FIXE Wrong text placement in EPS exported drawings 2005-04-01
19 issues found.