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17 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
26446 Math code issues CONF --- inherit font size of formulas from paragraph 2013-02-07
34093 General chart issues CONF --- Force linear regression curve to go through zero point (origin) or other Y-value defined 2014-01-14
38217 General ui issues CONF --- Missing options in Dialog Customize 2013-02-07
41502 Math ui issues CONF --- need scalable slash 2013-08-07
43030 Draw editing issues CONF --- "Text anchor point" does sometimes not work correctly. 2013-02-07
61089 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Make index page number clickable 2016-07-22
81362 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Text not correctly flowing back after opening document 2014-01-30
9370 Writer code issues CONF --- Off-margin page background 2020-01-26
42299 Draw code issues CONF --- inconsistent drawing tool behaviour 2013-02-07
42648 ui ui issues CONF --- Too Wide Column in Shortcut Keys Assignment Dialog (Customize) 2017-05-20
22753 Writer code issues ACCE --- Image Cropping with jpeg preview ok but on the page wrong 2017-05-20
24267 Draw code issues ACCE --- Export to any graphic format leaves white border on bottom and right side of image 2013-08-07
44321 Impress code issues ACCE --- problems with zoom toolbar 2017-05-20
4260 Writer code issues ACCE --- Proposals for Bibliographic facility enhancements. 2017-05-20
972 Math ui michael.ruess CLOS FIXE Alignment of baselines of formula and text in writer 2011-03-14
30215 Calc code oc CLOS FIXE Support 1048576 rows (was: Further thoughts on row limits) 2017-05-20
4756 General ui CLOS FIXE Expand shortcut possibilities (Use of <Alt> key is not offered) 2010-05-16
17 issues found.