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17 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
14348 Calc ui oc CLOS DUPL map point in numeric keyboard into decimal separator when are different 2003-09-08
15601 Calc code oc CLOS DUPL Wrong numeric-keypad decimal separator in Calc! 2003-09-08
13803 Calc ui bettina.haberer CLOS DUPL It isn't possible to change default decimal symbol or digit grouping symbol chars 2013-08-07
3157 Calc ui falko.tesch CLOS DUPL Decimal separator 2003-09-08
22152 Calc code falko.tesch CLOS DUPL Q-PCD affiliate: Dot in the Num-keypad on a (french) locale 2006-01-11
12954 Calc ui oc CLOS DUPL decimal number input with keypad in french version 2003-09-08
20799 Calc code oc CLOS DUPL numeric pad: Dot (.) does not get translated to comma (,) in number defined cells 2003-10-07
23553 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Spreadsheet editor doesn't obtain the locale-ized decimals separator from the OS, defaults to comma 2003-12-15
25219 Calc code spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Confusion with point and comma 2004-02-09
29379 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS DUPL keypad comma 2004-06-02
29701 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Accept numeric pad's decimal point as locale decimal point 2004-05-31
41987 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL use dot key in the numpad as decimal separator 2005-02-04
44516 Calc editing spreadsheet CLOS DUPL OOcalc ignores locale when using numpad decimal separator 2005-03-29
47105 Calc configur spreadsheet CLOS DUPL customize keyboard 2005-04-10
30483 Internat ui stefan.baltzer CLOS DUPL decimal separator and dot keycap in num pad 2004-07-12
7467 Calc ui stephan_schaefer CLOS DUPL Q-PCD relevant: Dot vs. Comma in int'l keyboard layouts 2013-08-07
31963 Calc ui spreadsheet CLOS DUPL Incorrect Numerics for Russian regional settings 2004-10-29
17 issues found.