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15 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8275 Draw formatti issues CONF --- more border types (dashed, dotted, etc) 2013-04-19
18507 Writer code issues CONF --- OOo inserts extra bullet points and has spacing problems in Word documents... 2013-08-07
24070 Writer ui issues CONF --- Items on ruler (i.e. tab stops, paragraph indent, table borders) should snap. 2018-02-14
28913 ui code issues CONF --- Need list of regular expressions in UI to ease "Find and Replace" 2013-02-07
33723 Calc editing issues CONF --- NF-DATE: Ability to turn off Number Recognition for incomplete dates in Calc 2015-02-20
52095 General code issues CONF --- Option to NOT store thumbnails in documents 2013-08-07
59181 General ui issues CONF --- improve Template Management dialogue 2013-02-07
64190 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Input field displaying ignores non-breaking space 2014-02-19
66588 Calc code issues CONF --- SQL-Statements within Calc (not using external data sources) 2013-08-07
68515 Calc programm issues CONF --- Calc - Subtotals can't be automated with the macro 2013-08-07
76250 ui ui issues CONF --- Meta issue for "Special characters" dialog 2021-08-16
76518 Draw editing issues CONF --- Useful: Measuring lines following objects 2013-02-07
20878 Writer code os_ooo RESO FIXE Q-PCD Show spaces at end of a wrapped line in Writer 2013-01-07
51662 Internat localeda erack CLOS DUPL Read separators and formats from Windows Regional Settings. 2017-05-20
70519 gsl code thb CLOS FIXE Support cairo canvas backend also on Windows 2009-07-20
15 issues found.